SAVANNAH TAKES PREGNANCY TEST! (When are we having a baby?!)

SAVANNAH TAKES PREGNANCY TEST! (When are we having a baby?!)

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please get two lines equals pregnant one line equals not pregnant [Applause] here's something you guys will never ever see Savannah doing in her lifetime again oh my gosh you didn't not do this when you're afraid it is Savannah's going on a juice cleanse today for some strange reason and she bought all these disgusting juices literally Savannah's looking at every single one of these juices I think you know what the concerts are inside of it but there's juice and then there's this green poop at the bottom of it so I guess you guys are both doing a juice cleanse of that babe ye why are you stuck with all this pregnancy John okay well we're gonna go get some breakfast and we got some big news for you guys what are you doing hey I kept some soup and best beans for those of you who don't know best beans is I have been killing it and just got to level 100 on the game best fiends is a free puzzle adventure game where you collect and build a team of fiends to defeat the slugs by matching same colored objects I wanted to let you guys know that best fiends is having their biggest holiday update ever you can play the Halloween event to win massive rewards including a new character my favorite part is he can even play with no internet connection so I can play a while about the restaurant so be sure to download the game for free and if you download it using my link you'll get five dollars worth of gold and diamonds for free so definitely check that out in the description below so yeah this thing is awesome sorry Gus I track breakfast time [Applause] so every restaurant that we come to I really uh brings her baby and has to strap her baby in just the four of us mom dad every Liam baby no more baby signs Oh [Applause] we have our three have our three month of bursaries and I three days three months of marriage well it'll do you guys now I'm always the third wheel man and bear deeply so here's where I got french toast bacon and eggs we got everybody the kid pancake that's how big this is Savannah's delicious breakfast okay so everything was wanting to play never have I ever because she said that she's never played we told her to wait till we got to the car so we're gonna play some never have I ever never have I ever peed in a pool I have I have yeah yeah you peed in a pool a couple of times a couple times peed in my pants oh I did one time when I was five and day across we were stretching in ballet and ice peed on the floor because she wouldn't let me go to the bathroom I have never peed my pants never never never have I ever kissed a boy have you kissed your dad before not in lips I kissed a boy you what I'm your dad there you kissing the other day with just any other boys I've kissed a boy so we're here and we're gonna get the baby teller or not teller period Oh guys we're gonna be blunt honest with you Savannah's five days later she's ready and we'll talk about that later I started freaking out on like day one cuz I kind of the cycle so I'm thinking Oh Chuck five days but now she's she's like taking us so seriously that she's literally juicing and taking prenatals okay we don't need pacifiers we do everywhere do babies come from cabby Tommy yeah but how do they come out well that's what I'm a pregnancy test because we want to know if I possibly could be pregnant you really want to try it today yeah yeah you open it up and and if you're lucky if you're lucky it's almost like a good trading card I really do you want her to be or not nope no same positive I don't think God wants to pregnant yet but the moment of truth okay okay so we're gonna walk out and your mom's gonna pee on a stick how weird is that so what two lines equals pregnant in one line equals not pregnant I'll be happy oh nice their wagons I'll be you'll be happy I'll be ready you'll be ready it really is so fun and if I get nervous burps I'm nervous yeah you wanted to bring out a lot you do no no no no get yourself you okay babe okay you pee on it yet why do you say like that okay you wait okay guys we have to wait I want to be a 1 like I want babies I do my baby but this is not right now okay just open the door already how we gonna clear babe I'm reading the clear oh my gosh I feel like you'd be so much more excited they can be actually weren't pregnant babe no okay everybody's likes it No are you really not gonna prove it but that's good for you prove it are you know one line no double verification baby man so we really don't kids I promise you guys I want kids we've been married for three months out so not yet Savannah and everything you're like for real ready for kids now if I would have kids now then Savannah woodford will probably be pregnant here is that happen to happen it can happen at any time I kinda wanted to wait a couple years Savannah wants it now so we thought that we just meet somewhere in the middle and we agreed to pick up the conversation after Christmas no but I'm not happening we'll talk about it we already have a little baby thank you guys so much for watching this vlog if you aren't subscribed be sure to subscribe our channel cuz we post every Wednesday and Saturday give this video a big thumbs up thanks and you guys Rock if you're subscribed to every toy can know she has a toy channel which door did gum come from we're gonna shout outs again sorry we haven't been doing them lately follow us on Instagram right here like some of our pictures and the first shout-out goes to you Maddy Sarn Maddy sign thank you following us on Instagram Alexandra glam Bert Alexandre glam Bert thank you guys so much for following us on Instagram we'll pick some people who follow us and like our pictures from every post

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