Royal Cornwall Hospital Trust Maternity Tour

Royal Cornwall Hospital Trust Maternity Tour

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A walk through video, showing the Maternity services available at RCHT, including Wheal Rose, Delivery Suite, Neonatal and Wheal Fortune.

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hello and welcome to and Princess Alexandra maternity wing today we're going to be doing a short video tour of the unit going through antenatal postnatal and delivery sweet my name is Emily region and I'm one of them returned to court records to work on the unit there was a short stay carpark just there where you can say for about thirty minutes you will then need to move your car there is a parking spaces outside with pay and displayed but there is obviously limited spaces and the main car park is just outside of the main entrance to the hospital if you are an inpatient staying longer than 24 hours there is a permit that you can purchase we have to get one of the midwives on the 10th floor actually sign that out the day and take it to the Q Park heart which is in the main car park right let's go into some center unit welcome to the main entrance of the maternity unit if you arrive at nighttime you have to use the intercom system here press one for delivery suite and that will let you into the main building and then from there you can go to which ward you're meant to be on here this is the main reception where your report if you're coming for scan I'm now going to take you down to will Roseville which is the antenatal wood if your currency – has been that's here on your right and then if you carry on down the corridor it comes brings you onto will raise ward hello welcome to wheel road I'm Kelly one of the midwives working here today I'm just going to give you a tour of the unit when you come in you'll be introduced by our Ward Clark's here this is our midwifery office and then we have single beds rooms this is one of our single rooms so maybe you come in for blood pressure problems induction of Labor preeclampsia and then when we come into a four Bay Award for induction of Labor this is the reward we're going to this is where you come when you've been deuced and share it with its unusually quiet today we share it with other women and then we have facilities toilets in our bathrooms you can have a fascicle induced we can use the bath in Falls and we can put nice lighting in to make it as relaxed and comfortable as possible for you so we are we're roast for since 8 – what we've got 12 beds and three of those of single rooms is our bereavement room it's called the Daisy suite and it's all donated by Ella's memory and it's actually really really lovely under the circumstances that there are so we had two bathrooms and you can labor in the bathroom because they're deep enough for you to leave the labor in here it's quite nice for pain relief when you've been induced for visiting times are 10 until 10 o'clock at night for partners and – till 8:30 from everybody else children are welcome to come in but obviously you've got to respect the other people in the wall so we look forward to seeing you on our wards soon and congratulations good luck we're now back in the main reception of the maternes we're now gonna go to the first floor to see delivery suite you can either take the list or the stairs to get there we're now on the first floor of the maternity unit we have mayonnaise unit over here that will be relocating to where will fortune used to be which is just over the other side of the corridor this is where delivery Street is and I'll press the intercom to get in you have to do the same for wheel Road and obviously we're fortune C press they hear you here to visit and here to see and then they'll let you in hello welcome to trellis delivery Suites my name is Rachel and one of the midwives here and I'm just going to show you around and show you some of our facilities here today so we'll carry on and go in and so this is in our entrance to delivery suite it's a tree of life with all of the hands from some of our staff that work here it's nice as a personal touch and a warm welcome to the unit and as a splash of color around and I'll go ahead and show you one of our smaller rooms now so you can see and you can have a look down your corridor as well just at the main suite they're putting in to room 5 now this is one of our smaller in song delivery suite we've got six here and as you can see there's a bear and there's a CD player in the corner you can bring your own music to listen to there's a television in every room as well and we also have additional birth equipment that you can use such as this here an inflatable cub which is a nice horseshoe shape and you can use it to get into different positions to enable a really active labour and each room also has a shared toilet between the next room as well and so I'll take you around to our bigger rooms we've got three of those they're just down the corridor just like following me as you can see this is the main corridor and just a bit further down there are our theatres there's two of those on the unit and then we have three other delivery rooms and one shared toilet fires are down on the right hand side we'll just go in and look at a larger room so as you can see is a little bit more space in these rooms and they're good for multiple deliveries and if you need a bit more space in labor as well and we've got other equipment such as the birth mat on the floor that's available there's a good poster on the wall in each room which has examples of different labor positions that you can get into if you need some inspiration and we've also got plenty of birth balls available as well and there's new lighting in every room as you can see which is quite nice to set the tone and help you really relax and in your in your labour and each room here also has plenty of room for and for your birth partners we usually encourage up to two of those Furber and so this is one of our bathrooms with two available on the suite it's really good if you're know if you're having a low risk pregnancy and you want to use water as a good form of pain relief and we encourage all of our ladies to the upper mobile and use water if they'd like to and other methods of pain relief available you're welcome to have an epidural pethidine and there's gas on there readily available on the unit so just around up that was our quick tour of the delivery suite here at your list and thank you very very much for watching and we hope to see you soon would give you a warm welcome here on the suite when you come back to main reception then take a left down the corridor gets the will for two more which is the postnatal ward we'll go now okay we're now at the end of the corridor if you take it right into here this is where we're all fortune warded so we'll go in there now and have a look I welcome to a fortune world it's now been recently located to the ground floor of the maternity in rather than on the first floor when you come to visit anybody have to press the intercom system which is on the door here say who you are and who you're to visit and they'll let you on through hello welcome to wheel 14 ward I'm Lizzy one of the midwives and we just recently relocated to the ground floor and along the left-hand corridor rather than on the first floor like we were and we've got 25 beds on this ward five for better days and six side rooms so I'll show you them so this is the nurses desk and just on my right here is one of the side room this one has ensuite facilities and all outside in the very much the same so this just gives you a rough idea you might be offered a side room if you're a long-term patient or if your baby's on the neonatal unit and if you have a cesarean or you're just staying in a short time you'll be on one of our for better days this is one of our four bedded Bay's your partner's welcome to be with you between eight o'clock in the morning and 10 o'clock at night and anybody else between 10 o'clock in the morning and 10 o'clock at night we ask that it just siblings that come to visit the baby onion here in hospital so the other reason you might stay with us is for breastfeeding support after your baby is born and we're all trained to high standard to give you support with that we look forward to welcoming you on will fortune ward I'm here to tell you about our new alongside birth center it's going to have four rooms and three water pools and it can be just here where they Nino tuna is now and the bear center will be an ideal choice for all low risk women want in a normal bar and they will be able to receive midwifery leg care there so that's the end of our tour and we hope you enjoyed and we look forward to seeing you when you come in to have your baby

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  1. For the post natal ward, what is classed as short term and long term in terms of staying in a single or 4 bed ward? I need to stay 48 hours after due to gestational diabetes, would I be in a private room?

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