Relaxing Yoga For Late Pregnancy | 3rd Trimester Prenatal Flow

Relaxing Yoga For Late Pregnancy | 3rd Trimester Prenatal Flow

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keep your energy up towards the end of your pregnancy with this flowing, but relaxing yoga practice. please always check with your doctor if it’s ok for you to exercise.

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welcome to your third trimester or late pregnancy flow this will be really relaxing and gentle flow so you're going to bring one hand on your heart and one hand on your belly and then start to bring some deep breaths down into your heart and toward your baby in keeping those long deep breaths release your right hand down next to you and lift your left arm overhead for a beautiful side stretch when coming to the other side left hand down right on to the sky stretching to your degree today and then coming to the center bring the fingertips behind you interlace the hands lift the heart to the sky inhale and exhale release now from here hence underneath the shoulders knees can be as wide as the hips or wider and then begin to circle with your hips and your spine so you can make this as gentle or as strong as you need today so especially at the end of your pregnancy you will feel you have low energy days and high energy day so really do what feels nice to you can incorporate your shoulders in your head make sure you go to the other side now so you're just circling out your spine rocking your baby releasing any tension from your back so the weight of your baby on the front will start to pull on your back muscles a little bit or a lot and just make sure you release this with some cat cows or circles like we're doing here slowly coming back to the center and then begin to move your big toes together knees nice and wide and come to a little Child's Pose now if this is uncomfortable because the belly is touching the ground then you can always sit on a blanket or pillow you can have your elbows in front of you maybe your thumbs between your eyebrows just a nice little massage and release your hands and slowly rising back up to hands and knees curl your toes under and mail back to downward dog if downward dog starts to feel awkward at one point or you have heartburn then just stay on your hands in your knees if you're in downward dog inhale lifting the heels high hips to the sky and exhale lower the heels to the earth inhale lifting the hips and the heels and exhale lower one more time creating some stretching the legs circulation through the body and exhale Venus good bring your knees back to the ground if you're in downward dog and then inhale at the heart rise for cat cow exhale round your back lift your baby towards you inhale letting the heart rise shoulders back and exhale round your back lifting between the shoulder blades where it gets a little bit tight inhale to lift and exhale to round one more time inhale to lift now exhale start to walk your hands back to your feet and stand on your feet so you're in a forward fold maybe it feels nice to completely foot forward if your body is getting too big bring your elbows onto your knees or your thighs taking a breath here relax your head and then from there start to slowly come up bring your feet wider than your mat with your toes out and your heels in and then begin to move your shoulders from side to side now we're not really twisting here it's really just upper body moving from side to side the belly stays in the center do that one more time and I'm coming to Center this time hands in front of you bring your heels out toes forward feel free to stay here or maybe place your hands on blocks or if it feels good fold more forward now you can stay steady or if just movement is what you need to date and sway from side to side with the spine bending one knee at a time really connect to your breathing remember that your breathing for two here and then slowly coming back into the center bring your hands underneath your shoulders lengthen your spine and then walk your hands forward so you can softly step back with your feet and bring your knees to the ground from here big toes together coming into Child's Pose stretch your arms forward and then rise back up inhale this time exhale curling the toes under and coming to downward dog again feel free to stay on your hands and your knees or in Child's Pose now if you're in downward dog you can bend one knee at a time and stretch through the outer leg so you're getting again some length and circulation in your legs if you're in hands and knees you can stretch one leg and then the other alternating and then coming to the center from here knees come back down on the ground just like before inhale lift your heart and exhale round your back lifting between the shoulder blades lifting your baby towards you inhale heart goes forward shoulders back and exhale rounding the spine drop your head inhale one more time lifting and now if it feels good to you walk your hands more forward make sure your knees are wider than your hips for anahatasana this makes you feel uncomfortable anyway stay on your hands your needs now if you like a little bit more of a stretch through to upper-body then bring your hands together and bend your elbows putting that wonderful release in the spine keeping a little bit of a lift in the belly so you're not hanging in your lower back and then sliding back onto your knees interlace your fingers behind your back and now open your chest beautiful stretch for the chest here and shoulders and exhale release when your hands on in front of you and slowly walk back to your feet again standing on your feet bring your feet as wide as you like staying higher with your elbows on your thighs or going all the way forward if it feels good making sure to release any tension from the neck and the head and then rising up again coming into goddess pose or yogic squat then this time hands come in front of the chest little pulsations here inhale lifting and exhale sitting deeper try to keep the tailbone long so the lower back is long and hug your baby towards you now release your hands down in front of you and same stretch pressing the heels out staying here heart forward or walking the hands more in line with the feet also this time if you feel like staying steady please do so otherwise make a little flow through the spine through the legs just enjoying this wonderful time to relax for yourself and your baby and I'm coming back to Center when you feel ready bring your hands on your knees your shoulders lengthen your spine and then walking back forward slowly bring the knees to the earth big toes together and sitting back on your heels wisdom pose taking a long deep breath towards the hips and then rising one more time up to hands and knees curl your toes under and come to downward dog or staying on hands and knees long deep breaths through the nose steady hands steady feet and then starting to lower the knees down bring your chest to the sky when you inhale exhale round your back this is such a wonderful but simple movement it's really great to do just everyday during your pregnancy and just one my lift when you inhale and when you exhale begin to walk your hands forward into that hard pose Naha Donna either is staying on your hands or this time on your fingertips to stretch more through the shoulders always notice what feels good never do anything that feels weird or awkward beginning to slide your hands back sit on your heels and now this time you're going to take your arms by your sides into the sky inhale exhale hands through the center in front of your heart inhale lifting the arms to the sides and up keep your shoulders relaxed exhale through the center and down one right heart lifting and reaching opening the heart and exhale staying here for just a few breaths breathing long and deep through the nose and then bring your feet to one side now for the next few poses you might want to have an exercise ball if you don't have that which is absolutely understandable then just take a chair that will work too now you can sit on a pillow or a blanket and then take your ball or chair in front of you your legs are in a nice and wide fee if you're rounding your back here and sit higher on the or blanket now rest our hands in front of you on the ball you can stay upright especially if you're feeling your hamstrings are a little tight today or you can walk your ball more forward or to chair and start to stretch through the upper body now if you still want to do this a little bit more and your hamstrings feel tight you can always bend your knees but make sure that the feet are flexed so that means the toes are pointing up to the sky and also if you're sitting upright you're still getting a wonderful stretch through the inner thighs your hamstrings now if you're walking your ball out in front of you feel if you can release between the shoulder blades so the back of the heart relaxes more towards the earth now you're going to slowly come up if the ball was in front of you or the chair now we're going to rest on it so you can just cross your elbows and rest one cheek on the ball or your arms if you're on a chair you can do this too you can just put a pillow on a chair and relax here now I would like you to breathe all the way down in your hips visualizing that you're sending golden light to your baby and then golden mist into your hips breathing golden light to your baby then go to mist to your hips if your head is turn to one side bring it to the other side so that your neck is even continuing your beautiful movement of your breath towards your baby toward your hips and then come out of the pose very slowly take your bowl or your chair over to one side you can also do this without a bowl or a chair and then reach the opposite arm overhead for a wonderful side stretch coming back to Center to the other side so remember you can just let your hand rest on your leg instead that's absolutely good too and just like using a bowl for a little bit more height and I'm coming back to Center now you're going to hug your legs around the bowl if you're using a chair might not be super comfortable so to make sure you're putting a blanket between the chair and the legs here so also here just resting your arms down in baddha konasana relaxing the forehead or one cheek breathing down to your baby and into the hips especially if you're doing a lot of yoga or pilates then sometimes it means the pelvic floor muscle is a little bit tight if you notice that's you you're really holding tension down under then just use the last few weeks of your pregnancy to consciously release so you can do that on your exhalations relaxing the pelvic floor muscle towards the ground and then we can just slowly release the pose and we're just going to have a wonderful rest in shavasana so lay down on your left side which is always do in shavasana after the first trimester you can bring a pillow or blanket between the knees or let one knee rest on a blanket and maybe stretching your arm out feels nice you can rest your head on your arm or on the pillow and your right hand can be on your baby just make yourself comfortable it's a little bit different for everyone we're going to just relax as much as we can into the ground letting all the muscles release letting the face relax shoulders chest and the belly back hips thighs knees calves and feet let the palms of your hands be solved visualize again sending beautiful golden light to your baby feel free to stay here for as long as you have time for or join me and slowly come back up and take your pillow or your blanket behind you sit down cross your legs in front of you and rest your hands down with your thumb and your index finger touching take a long deep breaths through the nose long exhales through the nose feeling completely at peace with whatever you're experiencing today now that your hands come together in front of your hearts bow your head to your heart and your baby may our babies always benefit from our practice namaste

10 thoughts on “Relaxing Yoga For Late Pregnancy | 3rd Trimester Prenatal Flow

  1. I am 34+3 weeks pregnant and this is the first time i have actually, fully felt calm and peaceful. the poses really stretched out all my muscles that have been sore for almost 9 months 😀 thank you so much!

  2. Loving this! I haven’t done yoga my whole pregnancy, just light stretches and walking, and I’m starting to really feel it. 29 weeks as of yesterday and I definitely needed this 💙

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