REAPER QUEEN PREGNANCY MYTH BUSTING SCIENCE! (Ark Survival Evolved Aberration Pooping Evolved 24)

REAPER QUEEN PREGNANCY MYTH BUSTING SCIENCE! (Ark Survival Evolved Aberration Pooping Evolved 24)

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Welcome to Ark Aberration! In this episode of my Ark survival Evolved Aberration series I head out with my friends Stub and Selvalis to do some reaper queen myth busting. Can you get pregnant while on a mount? Enjoy!

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hey guys over here and welcome back to another episode of Forex survival evolved here on the poop and evolve aberration server hope you guys have an awesome day so last time we left off we failed miserably at getting the artifacts and adepts Drax and I went down into that second cave and we totally got owned man and I haven't really recovered yet like I need to craft a whole lot more element and stuff like that to put another suit together and and all this stuff but the good news is that I still have something to show y'all today even though I have so much recovery I'm just gonna put together some hazmat suits and I'm gonna go out with sale I don't know if y'all know sale sale vollis as well as stub and we're gonna try to do some myth-busting on Reaper teams supposedly you're supposed to be able to get a impregnated on the back of a mount like own a dyno and I've heard mixed reports I've heard some people say you can't do it I've heard some people say you can't so we're gonna play around with it and then see if we can get somebody impregnated it's tough so we're gonna go down to that trap that xB not built and and and watch it go down sell ballasts and stuff Oh y'all let me tease everybody like that a little high note I just hit we are hey do something masculine cute at that that cockatrice behind us cockatrice I like the look of the thing I think we should keep a spot called in a cockatrice it's gorgeous and it's gorgeously eatin my bud so we're at xB and eyes Reaper tainment pin to try to that's right get pregnant again we're gonna have the Maury Povich Show right here in the gutter or Saturday night right so what were you cuz you're in the Philippines so I'm just I just meant it was four okay so the first thing I gotta do oh he's coming out I got to pop down this charge like y'all I'm gonna put we want a sheet I got a pop down this chore like I hope it's a she if we translate we're doing it wrong oh yeah all right get the funky monkey coming every week I'm ready what even are those thing did I turn on the chores legs uh yeah yes okay it should be on next open it should be on maximum come on just let everyone know we have a queen that happened to just pop up in our trap yeah convenient yeah i yeah i lure hiden i learned it let's see is it on maximum as we're trying to get to zero oh my god that thing's big okay make sure that you diners on passive by the way just in clean sewing just no no you have to be off of it just back off a little bit oh my all right dogs all right so I think you have a decay the whole time if you wanna if you want to come closer here and put your magnifying glass on when he starts getting bloody stub like only one of us go you've got to be kidding me I can't use the magnifying glass on the spinal oh okay that is BS all right well this is not panic here it'll be you know work we're gonna have to eat this thing for like days oh I don't know am I even hitting it right now No nobody or any of us hitting someone got a hit so for the folks at home I am on a super tanky spinal I bred up whose purpose is to just eat the hit all right stop though stop stop stop stop he's getting bloody oh that's not close I'm sure right but I just don't want triple hitman because if we all do it going in for a look she is at oh I had it 1,200 out of 4719 1,200 or 12,000 12,000 sorry all right oh let's stand behind the light getting ahead get a look on the right that's actually kind of hard probably pretty close now uh come on come on magnifying glass for that 4k oh no for case all right so cease and desist while I find my pants oh okay don't worry we got we got things all right we got things we got them oh no one oh no I didn't put down a we got on leaping bags right there buddy we got sleeping bags don't fret I didn't put one down you should still be on the use window no those are personals really the bags a sleeping bags person oh my god oh well he's he's there actually he's like he's he should be right there so if we turn off that light we'll be able to figure out if he's there or not but he's supposed to be able to impregnate us or she's supposed to be impregnated from the saddle right that's what drags need to confirm that yeah tell you what I'm gonna do here I'm gonna turn off this light is it a red glowy word it'll be some kind of it's no red angry pinkish glow all right I'm gonna hit it a few times yeah sorry guys it's kind of well uh I'm actually gonna need like Oh No okay he's got the red glow so stuff just stand around and let him hate got me it got me whoa he got me all right he should go away I think oh it pulled me off but it didn't impregnate me oh it did or do you have like a little a timer going down no in like your no no so that failed it actually grabbed me off it did what it was supposed to do but I don't have the Reaper baby hmm okay I saw it fail before on people so it can grab you off your mount I just don't know if it if that was was supposed to happen or work yeah that's okay well I'll tell you what cell let's get you back over here and we'll give it another breath you got you got him yeah all right no no I mounted all right good mount now XP XP XP exploits on okay we got a we got a like we got to get to my base oh I don't have a what what is going on oh yeah it should break you down to like holy nuts show nope I don't have I don't understand I'm gonna go look on the forums real quick and see if there's like see what's going on because fresh complaints about this something's broken okay now stop did it go through the whole animation with you or do to just pick you up briefly I've never done it before I mean it had me up for a while it was probably did the whole thing like its tail Clegg you saw you saw I saw the explosion of blood that's the trick if you get to the explosion blood that's the part I saw it like and yeah it just didn't and it was the best I was drunk it was a party what do you want it wasn't stuck this time either no gate was in the way and anything and stuff was off his mouth yeah I know now the only thing is I got a deal what we should go gate we're not gonna trap this one we're just gonna go just all right here ya go do it right you're spontaneous like bruh it's gonna be ugly it's gonna be like pilot dumpster what he what pretty much [Laughter] it's so hard all right I think the bad jokes I want to say right now all right all right so this one no no gate we're just gonna I actually need to eat like it got to turn off your lights turn off the lights should be off lets off all right here we go all right Oh – too much much auricular yeah yeah yeah I know when when when when when it when it started to get bloody and the lights weren't off I think I hid it for another 13 or did somebody hit it for 1,400 it took I do 14 well I've got I've got one here I've got your Dinah psyche aunt tell what's going on with its light all right well we need more yeah switch it up we can do that right now actually yeah no I want my dog back here y'all go for you my god dog switch your room oh your props that can we tells I can tell when that's on and off yeah this no one get call thing ain't very bright I gotta get like next to rocket look I'm hoping to get one reason one back birthdays all right where'd you go hi it is but I don't think it matters I'm just bringing it yeah at this point let's just watch it oh hi Z yeah bring it in the open oh it's a it's a hundred pro perfect oh wait we got another country we're gonna try the open team again okay so as soon is this like super bloody everyone stop attacking for a little bit yeah nope free-range banging here in the in the alleyway out I don't all right um oh but you still need to move I top yeah and it's more dough needs a little bit okay now it's slightly off you turn the light off lights are off I think all right now we can attack without oh it's red it's red good it's red okay um oh oh not a please ow I am pinned I am going to get irradiated no pants loves shirt juice yeah I got a beds pants oh come on oh I got the pants on ouch metal shield broke another minute oh oh this is gonna be a diner shield up irradiated put beds okay yeah I'm foot bands buddy okay thanks man um I'm not sure I'm gonna make it though gonna try ouch Oh lost my shield I'm gonna die oh oh it's got me it's got me good I oh no no it's okay as long as it's – oh you got no suet it's okay it's okay if you die yeah good I had the timer all right all right um it's okay the timer comes with you when you die just don't get any more radiation like don't spawn back down here right go back to your pace or something yeah I'm not gonna make it back to my stuff all right I'll bring everybody stuff out everywhere just Z please kite are you can take his glow things I got I got the glow thing I can get back down there I got no no no because the radiation like that's the only thing that can cure the baby right it'll take it or it but I'm saying I've stabbed no just just your face will come to you exactly ok we'll we'll meet you but you you want to watch from the safety event I'm telling you I'm just gonna like as soon as I can find the materials to put a smithy down here I'm just gonna go in there with it oh no it's gonna eat you what you do is we're gonna spider-man from the sea oh you know what I'll just use gladiator pit no even better I'll just climb up I will be smart and I'll just hang from the ceiling like it this Booya feeling like a chandelier I am getting right here we all got very different about side oh god this is so like ghetto I know I love it see do you see what I'm doing oh you playing Tarzan on top I'm playing Tarzan on top no I got you know it will not jump my ass oh we actually have limited experience with this so I used a pheromone at about 30 seconds and then I got imprinted it good I start drinking you're not supposed to drink when you pregnant okay so that's what you need to do tripping off the walls so it 30 seconds left take the pheromone Z and I I don't think need to take pheromones no that's just for imprinting right yeah it's real dirty you with the pheromone control it woods yeah but you need to claim it haha safe thing I'm safe so like face like as soon as you can get next to get next to Z you you keep that alien away from me I'm gonna just stand up here so no you get on the ground stand like right there and face and face face those double doors no aim it'll take em away from us let's take off your clothes – you Tramp we want to see it happen oh god we got 30 seconds 18 okay so take your typical brew as soon as it comes out then you have to claim the baby okay yeah take it take it take you use the pheromones yeah creeper king 175 we go God hey just go no it's here it's here don't okay lights off oh gosh me oh oh is no haha whose whose it bite now me I'm safe in the madness get me now your terrible thing oh god it can go on top of the box I mean I'm in the trauma ward I got like my little my little clear box with the gloves that I could touch it with but no but he can't touch me type stuff uh-huh so what 175 is not bad in history no wonderful and it's okay we got it we got a do because I think that one the the 220 outside is not leveled like once this thing's done growing up we gotta like compare the stats to that this one is after the buff from the patch and you don't think it would have the facts you'd know they note whenever they buff stuff it's never right okay only that stupid flyer nerf oh it went for stub yeah hey sub can you see what percentage on its gonna do this till it goes juvenile ya know it's just like no era nope we might as well just wait until this thing happens it's slow oh yeah it's like not even 1% oh yeah it shouldn't be that bad but yeah it's gonna take it's gonna take some time it's also gonna need meat yeah regular old me yeah I mean yeah people afterwards gonna be like oh it's on 5% cuz they can pause the video I don't have any meat ah don't you hit me I brought you in this role I take you back out uh let me see if I could grab meet with my transfer gun or actually stub you try to see if you control me twitch transfer good or do you have a transfer button I got me what about is it sin that it's on the tribe got me at that one remote like transfer meat to it from yeah anywhere that you got it from should be fine Reaper king white belly to white eye white belly red fin I'm kind of cute or a demonic beast yeah kind of cute for you know what it is okay okay sure 13k health 315 melee 1488 stamina not bad now I heard someone say that they their stats changed when they pulled a mature so I need to look at the outside by the way Bob panic room is flawless flawless except for your trapped inside of a cage still oh no nameless I don't have my what happened my my light emote got unbound it's been happening to me a lot lately too ya know like somehow earlier it must have unbounded okay so this Reaper King has not been trained at all it has okay this came out at 2:20 it's got only 11 K health a lot more stamina but less melee so so yeah they definitely buffed they've definitely buffed these things cool well good Stubbs I'm sure you're gonna make a great dad for it we'll see you don't mind don't mind the fact that I'm setting a nice fire right now or a host finna parent I think I mean the parent call it what you you're the father though Maury said you are the father mother well that is gonna be it for me I'm not a nanny thing so I hope you guys enjoyed the episode and we'll see y'all next time you

23 thoughts on “REAPER QUEEN PREGNANCY MYTH BUSTING SCIENCE! (Ark Survival Evolved Aberration Pooping Evolved 24)

  1. You can get taken off of a mount, it's definitely possible. I believe she was aiming for my buddy, but I think she missed and got me instead. It worked, he ended up as a level 147.

  2. The imprint gives all the massive hp stat boost. Unlike other tames where they get 20% extra hp upon imprint, a reaper at 100% imprint gets a 100% boost to hp and 20% to everything else. My 205 reaper went from 13k to 26k once imprinting was entirely finished and from 300 to 360% damage. Imprinting is absolutely required to get a decent reaper king, especially when their hp per level is below average % wise at 2.7% of the total. The buff a few days ago also gave them a % boost per point in damage, it's now 1.7% (up from 0.85%) and they buffed dr from about 25% when not in the light to 80% when not in the light for a maximum of 86% when unaffected by a light source.

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