Rah Digga on Getting Pregnant by Groupmate, Joining Busta Rhymes' Flipmode Squad (Part 3)

Rah Digga on Getting Pregnant by Groupmate, Joining Busta Rhymes' Flipmode Squad (Part 3)

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In this clip, Rah Digga reflects on having a daughter with Young Zee of The Outsidaz, where she ultimately worked through her pregnancy en route to signing a production deal with Q-Tip. From there, she recalls how the music stalled around that point but the relationship led to a meeting with Busta Rhymes, where she went on to reach stardom with the legendary Flipmode Squad.

you had a baby with your group mate young Z mm-hmm was that planned $1 no actually we were broken up and that that was just like a result of birthday sex I don't have a new boyfriend yet it's my birthday let's get it and yeah then she happened okay so you get your deal mm-hmm with a label again I get my deal with Elektra Elektra Records hmm okay and then in q-tip is I guess managing you or signed cubes or signed to him I actually signed so I signed to a production deal with q-tip and at the time you know unbeknownst to me there was a lot go well now that was seeing in all the documentaries it was a lot going on with with tribe at that time he and Fife had started I guess drifting apart and I know at that time I believe q-tip that might have been around the time like he converted to Islam there was a lot going on I do remember there I do remember him having a big house fire where like he lost all of his masters and stuff so there was just a series of unfortunate events that happen like right after I sighed he did give me time no cuz that no I was I was literally still pregnant when I got to deal with Elektra so you know about a year goes by I have the baby I'm kind of doing the you know the the home mom thinks so he didn't really press upon me too much to get to work but I never stopped working like I was always like even through my pregnancy I was still performing the the entire time so he didn't really have to do much to get me back in the mix if any thing it was you know it was me who was like you know what's up what we doing I need some beats and things and I think um I don't I think at the time he may not have been mentally prepared to deal with like an artist as you know yeah because q-tip isn't have a history of signing a bunch of people right he's really just been like a solo record and and I was a very beasty young lady especially when he came you know let's go was bus well I guess after you got signed and you got you got the money from your deal um you know since you had your daughter you didn't really splurge on a bunch of stuff no but but I guess you made a bunch of investments during that time but you're still living off of today yes those investments if I could ask well I tried to think of things that uh that I knew people would always need so like toilet paper but I just you know I it didn't do anything big and booming for me but it is like you know a stream of income like I think I invested in like toilet paper and toothpaste like I found some like small things to invest in meat what stocks or or actual companies mmm sex stocks okay good yeah okay and um and also I real estate you know that was something I've been doing from from day one and I've been uh you know purchase a home flip and purchase a home flip you like that's something that I was doing from the beginning of time and you know every so often I'd flip and you know get a chunk of money and yeah that uh that is definitely um you know kept me afloat throughout the you know the ups and downs of music money yeah tell me about it so you're set you're signed to q-tip and you get your solo deal but I think most people know you for the busta rhymes flipmode squad right head the heads know me as the outsiders but the world yeah you know more or less always associate me with football so I guess Buster saw you at the lyricist lounge and know that that was q-tip q-tip saw me at lyricist lounge now how I get with Busta about a year into my situation with tip and things are you know getting a little strained between us because I want it I always loved a q-tip production like he's to this day he's still one of my favorite producers and when I I would you know go to him for production and I just felt like it wasn't like hardcore enough for me and which is weird because this is the music that I love listening to but when it comes time to rap on it like yeah he's more like a jazzy yeah groove kinda I didn't you know I didn't understand that at the time like I love everything he does like why aren't these beats working for me it it wasn't until like later on in life when I really like fully understood my aesthetic that you know these aren't really you know what you might like doesn't necessarily translate and so what well you know what works for you well I didn't learn that so later but I kept trying to get these beats from q-tip and it just didn't you know it wasn't yeah you know wasn't him for me and I think at one point to probably put a bug and Buster's ear like yeah I've got this girl you know she's got the best bars ever she totally gets on my nerves please please do something with her like I would just hate to see you know her talents go to waste and at the time Busta is putting together flipmode squad they're fresh off the heels of rampage wild for the night and I think I think to everyone you know the energy that Buster was bringing was a little more you know in line with the way I was coming as opposed to a tip so I was able to switch from q-tip – Busta without losing my deal on Elektra Records because they were since they were both under you know the the we are umbrella I was able to make that transition still keep my same you know deal arrangement and um and I guess not you know not take an L as far as my contract went so sort of the flipmode squad album come out first or your solo album flipmode squad okay that's what I thought let slip most fly came out in 98 and there was already lord have mercy like Laura had mercy was first up ramp well rampage was out there was spliff I don't think I think spliff may have been new to Ryman at that time like he was you know he started out as like head man but yeah buses hype man and then just being around rappers you eventually pick up a pin and there you go so there's rampage there's Lord there spliff baby shame and now I come into the full blast like I feel like we signed on so flipmode literally like the same day so this happens prior to prior to us officially being flipmode Busta is putting together a crew joint for disaster strikes because when the end of where at the end of rampage going into disaster strikes he wants to put a crew song together and and before you know before the paperwork was even official we did that record and the song we could take it outside I think the world was just so taken aback that I had this line in there about burning him sees like Betty grandson referring to Betty Shabazz and it was like you have the unmitigated go like that like I think people were you know people were intrigued like well who is this little firecracker potty-mouth chick and yeah I got like all the accolades and in the world for that but I think when Buster saw that it wasn't like okay like this chick is fearless like she don't give a fuck she'll say whatever and and I think that's that really like sealed the deal with myself and flip oh yeah no I remember you had the music video where it was like a like a cowboy kind of theme or a Spanish that was oh cha-cha-cha okay I cha cha cha cha cha cha that was dope now when we're doing the singles for the flipmode album we didn't want it we didn't want to do a single with all six of us on one like we were trying to you know we were trying to stick to the you know 16 hook 16 hook format so came up with the idea of having two different singles and really the record the record was supposed to be everybody on the line outside which was busta rampage and Lord because Lord was supposed to be first up Busta was on that record so internally that was supposed to be the record setup lord have mercy and then rampage was already out you know rod digger split star baby sham we're the newest of the fold so that was kind of like the flip a side me I'm gonna call it necessarily call it a b-side you know truck we're trying to treat them both as singles but it was definitely the other record that was supposed to be like to take off that everybody you know everybody banked on that especially with Busta being on that record but what ended up happening was digga digga you know that became like such horrible from that record and I mean just you know just the overall joint it went further than the intended record so that ended up being like the official flipmode squad first single

37 thoughts on “Rah Digga on Getting Pregnant by Groupmate, Joining Busta Rhymes' Flipmode Squad (Part 3)

  1. Yooo i respect her even more for what she did with her money….that shit made me happy because regardless how the industry fucked her she still won at the end of the day….love this!!

  2. Rampage lived near my college in the late 90s early 00s for some reason.
    West Chester Univ of Pennsylvania.
    He use to be at our college radio station. He had a show there. It was kind of a podcast before podcast existed. But it was on our college radio station

  3. Rah Digga mostly talking about being smart with her money and being down with Flipmode yet the title is "Rah Digga getting pregnant by Groupmate" lol…Vlad still up to his tricks again

  4. So because of a few lines, Lord Have Mercy didn't take off like he was suppose to… crazy how different hip hop would've been had he been given the green light to be out first and how differently we'd look at him today. VERY INTERESTING. Lord Have Mercy had GOAT qualities, could've easily been something.

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