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I don't know what up everybody it's your boy omelette in the building and today we are doing something different we're going to be doing a question and answer but this question and answer it's not that ordinary we are doing something different but first of all let's introduce my guest and look who we have here mama Jean are you doing this again my hands are kind of sweaty because I'm very nervous asking these questions right now so today's video is going to be what questions you should not ask your mom again what you should not ask your mom so guys hope you guys are not too sensitive about the topic I know you're not supposed to ask these questions that is why I am asking these questions everything will be good hopefully after this don't get mad don't get me mad I'm going I'm ready to go yeah yeah well I just don't want to spoil my mood okay I am looking yeah see she got arrested going to a duel Kiki like a pre-wedding type of vibe and she got already looking all nice and everything look at daddy daddy did you get lucky wanna have some fun fun fun indeed I can be good no okay I don't have time the first question i'ma go hard how many boyfriends have you had um on to the series series 5 demoted or oh sweet heaven your daddy is the eighth one they seriously of course I was a hot baby help me [Laughter] also guys I got these questions from you guys from Twitter so are the next question and did you ever have a romantic moment with Papa D mhm oh my god shake a romantic moment with Papa yeah there should be one it's been freakin 25 years with 125 God first of all he's not a romantic person this is a bad luck for me and romantic I'm very romantic maybe I have to take it in okay rain check on down one do you fancy any of my friends and who meaning do you like any of my friends like like like do you like any like I know I like my friends like oh you feel like good-looking hot like yeah I was not yours but I live hello what nobody's friend uh Sam oh my oh my god man what was such a beautiful handsome boy I always wanted him to be as my boy whenever I see him outside and how this time I told buddy he's so handsome he's so and so and when he said after mama I got it you like him I got it it's so cute yeah and you're rich on is really cute yeah yeah okay okay next question is Shah Rukh Khan or Papaji who you go back to not go okay short son doesn't have a success but his face or poverty or whatever no no okay let me tell you your Shah Rukh Khan is no comparison to papaji's face Papaji is more handsome more I had some good guy looking I mean he is so handsome that whenever you know a hip wash his face or his shape hurry button looks really you know handler like fresh and her beautiful skin like you know like Patong oh yeah yeah so but I mean that is his outer beauty yeah inner beauty zero oh my god if I have to choose with shadowkhan because I heard Shahrukh Khan is not romantic too but the rich are king of romance no no no he is not in real life but the thing is the way he take care of his wife and kids the way he loved I kind of see my father in him so that's why I love him always remember boys and girls whenever you see the quality in a man like your father always go for that man always because you love your father you love the quality of your father and if you see some similarity to the man of the father then go for it mama gave advice thank you I'm late if one of your child turned out to be gay what would you do oh my god I'm going to book ass I'm going to cut this is fine when the second I know that's a controversial answer but you know how they see moms are and I'm just going to leave it at that can I sleep over at Angie's house it was at this moment that you knew she go read my lips no freakin way ok ok ok guys last question this is a big one did you ever kiss someone before your marriage oh my god have you ever did that what do you mean I'm asking you have you ever killed a get the hell out – you don't know this I know what was listen how did you kiss somebody before you married mom's dog I won't have I should have freaking your dad and I would never bury him if I knew he's such a bad kisser oh my god Harlan have you ever kissed anyone no no no good this isn't my interview this isn't my interview so so I cannot okay fine fine you don't know me and him don't wallow ok sit up it does the day makeup okay you take it because if you guys want my question in it to mama G's going to be questioning me about stuff like that and this video get six thousand likes I will do a question answer I'll answer all your questions so any question you've ever had and I have never answered I'll answer lies in front of the camera please I'm gay but ethically jayegi but the Ricki balunia alright guys hope you guys enjoyed the video not to you guys next time peace okay don't worry baby girl shake and a half hours later come on my hands are getting sweaty now whether you have will be chilly go 2,000 years later yes

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