Prenatal Nutrition Tips – What to Eat Before and During Your Pregnancy

Prenatal Nutrition Tips - What to Eat Before and During Your Pregnancy

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hi welcome to my name is Nick Robinson from a Nick arts comm and today we're talking about prenatal nutrition we've already talked about fertility nutrition and you've probably seen our video on eating during pregnancy and here are some things that we need to add to our shopping list we have here a really good absorbent multivitamin look for something that is naturally sourced read the label and read the ingredients just like you would if it's a food if there are chemicals and your vitamins don't buy them look for an alternative a nice B complex which is essential we also have here some probiotics probiotics are really important in keeping your digestive system functioning optimally and making sure that you absorb the vitamins that you're having a good omega-3 which is also highly recommended for pregnant women and of course water is a staple during pregnancy try to have water from glass bottles rather than plastic it's not worth the risk and there's so many good quality waters available in glass bottles and avoid tap water a lot of communities although they assure you they have good healthy tap water sometimes it's just not the case iron is an essential during pregnancy as your body is working really hard a lot of women suffer from anemia or a deficiency in iron so iron pills unfortunately are sometimes extremely hard to absorb and hard to digest sometimes they cause more problems than they solve so this particular one is a liquid supplement which is made from herbs and flowers and which is much easier to absorb and digest this will not hurt your belly as you go and if you are having a lot of digestive issues a little bit of aloe vera in the morning in your water should help keep your system functioning really well cinnamon can help some women fight nausea if you can't eat your cinnamon if your stomach is too upset and you want to chew gum to keep your mouth clean well there are some drugs out there which are actually natural this one for example has Josie's wax some honey and some cinnamon ginger is also a natural anti nausea it's also very good for your digestion and it's a natural antibacterial and antiviral it ik there's a reason why they serve ginger with your sushi because it really helps keep your system clean so this is fresh ginger you've never seen it before it looks like a root in your grocery store is very inexpensive so you simply peel the outside husk grate it fresh so it's nice and juicy put it in your water it should help control your nausea remember that gluten causes inflammation of the gut it could actually make your nausea worse rather than help it so you want to look for gluten free products for example corn cakes some rice crackers wild rice options that you can cook or if you're looking to add in some protein with your starch we have here lentils and black beans and these are just two examples but there are hundreds of varieties of legumes that will give you some protein as well as the starch that you crave to control the nausea black seeds you can throw on top pretty much anything and will give you a mega 3 some added fiber and keep your digestion running smoothly so well things like adding some citrus or fresh figs for example to increase your fiber intake so I hope these things will help you live with some of the discomforts of pregnancy so you can focus on all the positives

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  1. Cod Liver Oil is advised against during pregnancy due to the high vitamin A content. Too much retinol can harm the fetus. Do your research before you recommend supplements.

  2. Is Centrum Prenatal Vitamins good???? I bought some and the come with two pills ….Multivitamin / Multimineral Supplement
    •DHA Supplement (28 Softgels)
    •Complete Prenatal Multivitamin (28 Tablets)

    THANK U !!!!

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