Prenatal Kettlebell Workout: Full Body 1st and 2nd Trimester

Prenatal Kettlebell Workout: Full Body 1st and 2nd Trimester

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Full body kettlebell workout to tone your upper body, back, booty, inner thighs and obliques during pregnancy. Prenatal workout that is for first trimester and second trimester of pregnancy to help you minimize excess weight gain, strengthen your total body, and stay fit for labor!

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Ashley Keller is a former World Champion 70.3 Triathlete, Army Veteran, mom of 2, fitness expert, entrepreneur and online personality. She is the creator of Glow Body PT, known for her challenging, hard core workouts, even throughout pregnancy & postpartum!


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You should be in good physical condition and be able to participate in the exercise.

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hey guys Ashley here from glow body personal trainings today we have a full body kettlebell workout for you where we're going to burn a ton of fat as well as tone of everything from your arms to your back booty legs the inner thigh quarry or obliques basically I've got you card so what I'm going to do is grab a kettlebell if you have more than one and then it gets them both today we're gonna have a lighter one with me a 10-pound kettle and a heavier at 20 time cut above so give yourself some variety if you have it and let's get started we're going to warm up our bodies with a light head about doing a figure eight so give me a good horse stance a good squat where you're sitting your booty back and we have a light kettlebell in your right hand you passed that right cut above swing it to your left side the entire time we're doing this Ruby here for a good 30 seconds I just want you staying in that horse stance keeping your chest up driving your booty back I'm putting a lot of weight into those heels so you're gonna activate the glutes wake up our size wake up our shoulders and arms like giving them a good swings make a figure eight good in five more seconds here this whole first I have exercises that we get into after this little warm-up you're gonna be sticking with your lighter Camilla Belle next exercise is tricep press so folks in on the back of your arm where we time to get under arm jiggle during pregnancy and sadly some human late backs we are targeting the triceps good shoulder width distance feet apart you're squeezing those arms up bring them down hinging just at the elbow see your bicep and tricep is staying pretty much in the exact same spot you're trying to think about keeping it as steady as possible and then squeezing through the tricep to bring it up most people can't fit all of their fingers inside of a cut above so usually I have my pinky finger or pinky finger and ring finger hanging out on the sides a normal good squeeze those triceps hinge at the Alabama and get it up there awesome next is a walking lunch it was a gentle rotation so big long lunch steps here is the safest thing for our knees let's just health at your chest and we're gonna be engaging this little police and add to the turn gently to the same-sized side that you lunge forward on so if left legs forward you turn gently to the left good make the most of your space really take as big steps as possible even if that just means two steps in each direction like I'm doing here that's great because these long lenses are awesome for you good step long and turn gently we never want the back like me touching the floor though to make sure that you keep that up good you're stepping into it long enough London I shouldn't pop it is next is kettlebell windmill so one arm up the same arm that's up your foot stations were think other foot faces out at a 90-degree angle we're gonna just fly down our life for a little bit extra stability look got back in your club up and using this ugly stand it up strong this is one of my favorite oblique exercises will really strengthen your body for a healthy pregnancy and keep the extra jiggle to the side a minimum good squeeze it up good nice and strong looking at your weight as its balancing in the air Iceland trap she get out the same thing on their side left arm has your cat about left foot spacing towards me my Jason's with you right slips out at night new to your angle get that arm straight up in the air and slide down that leg nice and slowly using your oblique you stand it up if you want go ahead and touch it and feel it getting nice and high in and tone right there good bending at the waist rate your legs are straight as you slide down stand it up strong we maintain this core strengths are not pregnancy this is so key to regaining it it was partly they're really gonna hold those hats back together so it's very important to keep your core healthy and stronger in your pregnancy next up tricep quest you know the deal same three exercises we're doing one more time before moving on to the next step so your elbows are tucked in you're bringing it up strong good those elbows in you're just changing out your elbow it's like the hinge of the door whereas your bicep and tricep it's hardly moving at all keep it nice and steady move that forearm down and squeeze it up strong you're lowering down a little bit slower then you come up really try to squeeze up with some power and lower down a little bit slower squeeze it elbows are tucked in I don't want to see any of the flaring out keep them tucked into your head wait down at your chest Joaquim lenses long walking like this with your gentle rotation going to step forward into our right lunch and look over to your right side now this will get with your eyes out actually turning with your torso that's okay turn with that torso if your kettlebell we're glued to your chest and you have to turn your torso that's a good way of not not cheating and just kind of looking into the side elbows are tucked in your legs are strong you're doing a self check on your knees make sure that they're not wiggle wobbly but they are staying straight in line with your toe that's pointing forward excellent last time we're doing this your kettlebell my mouse ring start with a left arm up in the air this side this X right foot is queen I give your ease out you're going to slug down that right leg squeezing your league yes your absentee your back is going to thank you community encore is going to help help us prevent hernias back pain a lot of discomfort that really says something about and second is there trimester great job there side shake that out team foot is pointing forward it has the arm does hop in the air right arm right foot 24 left foot out at manager is to one and begin to lie down good squeeze it up strong now be aware that when you are pregnant we have more relaxed and promoted or system flexible than we used today so you didn't take advantage of that but I don't want you to go solo you know they definitely here doing something crazy and end up on your back you realistic about what you know your body's capable of doing without taking into consideration the relaxing hormone makes us food we're flexible and just go to a level that's right for you all right next set is please watch notice I'm picking out my heavier kettlebell grab your heavier one if you have it so the feet are out or nice and wide 43 5 degree angles and you're hanging your hub up at waist height good as you come down I'm engaging my inner thighs as I stand up squeezing that booty getting nice and low your goal is to get your thighs parallel to the floor this is up your breathing and coming you to you press pause take a breather no judgement for me get some water come back to us and you're ready good eyes are burning don't worry we are shifting to back and Ernst machs Oh shake that out next exercise is our bent over about commuting five reps on each side before we switch sides so I want you to go at your your own pace do the most you can with good form stuff into a nice long lunge hand is upside down put that on your thigh just above the name give me 5 4 3 2 1 other side switch legs and this down remember place that on your thigh 5 4 three-two-one your knee is not so passing that front toe really retract your shoulder right towards your spine good and switch all right shut up next up we'll be starting on our left side last exercise we have here is callable swings will be going through this those three exercises one more time and then you'll be done for the next so kind of up swings get your mind right because this is this fat burner and this is what I make it the last exercise on card s so you're squatting down and using those hips to thrust it for it it's all about the power from your hips driving your hip flexors those lower abs using the amount of safeway good squat it down squeezing the gluts up every time you come up the biggest problem I usually see with pedal swings is an arch on the upper back so think strong back straight back throughout great alright back to our plie squats or 15 seconds here catch your breath um you drop down to the lighter weight if you want to at this point slow and controlled here think inner thighs and the way down booty on the way out give me a little self check check that your knees which I've got your feet make sure that your knees are tracking right in line with your toes if you can't go that wise you feel like your your flexibility is limited and the flooring or inner thigh area right me them a little bit make sure that your needs chains on line with those toes three two last one of the day one all right now we have our row so we're gonna not be down to three reps per side so I mean with your left arm this time so right hand right leg place it right here give me three two one switch sets bring that shoulder blade to the sign in to one other side your gaze is just gently down about five or six inches in front of that bright right front foot three two one every single row really counts if you think about engaging your back as well as their biceps to pull it up switch size great job last one kettlebell swings you're finishing today out with a mega fat burner so give it your all give it some power and then feel good about yourself for the rest of day know you think you have a lot of hard work I'm really proud of you good squat it down pull it up strong you bring it up to about 11 o'clock and I never want to cut about all the way up to twelve o'clock above your head but use your head getting the rest there so bringing us do it like in the class let the momentum bring it down and use your power up your hips and your beauty to get it up every time I'm sure you can assign you squeeze it up excellent good squat done I hope that you are sweating and that you really felt the burn if you liked this workout give it a thumbs up below press subscribe and join that the low body PC family I would love to have you and get to know you as part of your prenatal and pregnancy journey so leave a comment below introduce yourself and just remember we're in this together I'm here to support you I love you ladies see you next time bye

9 thoughts on “Prenatal Kettlebell Workout: Full Body 1st and 2nd Trimester

  1. I used your prenatal workouts a year and a half ago when I was pregnant and am so excited to follow your new prenatal plan for my second! I am 8 weeks pregnant, so at the perfect place to start. I love that your workouts are challenging while safe for pregnancy. I stayed active and fit through my first pregnancy and felt so healthy. I am big advocate of exercise during pregnancy (barring any complications). So many women today stop moving once they are pregnant but it is so important for a healthy baby and mamma! Thanks so much for these workouts!

  2. Yes girl, please keep the prenatal workouts coming! Your workouts seem like the right balance between safe and challenging, it’s been hard to find workouts that still challenge me. I’m 26 weeks pregnant and so happy I found your page!
    Do you have a postnatal workout playlist too?

  3. Thank you so much for making these videos!! I did your workouts 2 years ago when I was pregnant with my first, and am so happy you have new ones coming out now that I am pregnant with my second! Definitely my favorite prenatal workouts!

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