Prenatal Bedtime Yoga – Sleep Better During Pregnancy

Prenatal Bedtime Yoga - Sleep Better During Pregnancy

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Use these easy yoga stretches before bed to increase your comfort and get the best sleep possible. When you’re ready, here are two more ways I can help you…

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hi everyone this is Maria our wealth with birth bless today I'd like to go over a bedtime yoga routine that's really going to help you get the most restful sleep that you can turn your pregnancy now sometimes during pregnancy there can be areas of your body especially the hips and back that can get pretty uncomfortable over the course of the night doing these sit this simple yoga sequence before bed is going to help you get more comfortable and allow you to have a deeper more restful sleep so go ahead get into your pajamas just like me get nice and comfortable and let's do this together so we're going to start with some deep breaths right from your belly and as we inhale once you just like let your shoulders come up and all the stress of your day whether there's been work stress or family stress I want you to just kind of pull that up into the shoulders and then as your exhale let's just let that go let's do that three times together so here we go I need the shoulders dropping as they drop just letting all that stress go and again and letting that stress go remember we're breathing nice and fully from the belly so here we go let's squeeze a little shoulders up and hold them a little bit this time and then exhale let it go feels so good now as we're stretching I want you to really focus on taking nice deep breaths from your belly it's going to help teach your body to go into what's called the parasympathetic nervous system which is really going to help settle you down now the stretches we're going to do are for the back and for the hips because those are the Troublesome areas so let's get into all fours this is a stretch that's called cat stretch so we're starting with all fours and as we exhale we're going to curl our body up to the ceiling and then we're going to inhale back to flat back and curl the body up we're gonna do everything in sets of threes and then flat back and one more time this is so good for our body now we're going to start moving so we're just going to start by drawing some nice big belly circles these are vertical circles so you're dropping your navel then lifting it over to one side then dropping it back over to the other side this is creating a lot of space for you and for baby once you've gone around three times you're just going to reverse that and this is a posture that is just so yummy so just really let it feel good now that we've taken care of our back with those two movements we're going to take care of our hips we're going to start doing hip circles so these are sort of more of a forward and back type movement so you're leaning back then over to the side and forward and this is just another really juicy pregnancy movement so good for the body and after three times you're going to go ahead and just reverse that circle all right now we're ready to move a little deeper into the house so for this we're going to bring one foot up fire by our hand close to her hand and then we're just going to start to turn coming to move slow so you can see me do this we're just turning around and what I've got here is one half of a squat and a squat is such a good pregnancy movement this isn't just a nice gentle one for before bed and you can see I'm just kind of gently Rocking this is a great movement it's really going to open up the base of the pelvis the lower part of the hips feels really good if it feels all right for your body you can even come down onto your elbows if that feels way too squishy to stay right here once we hang out here for a little bit we're just going to come back around and I'm going to show you the other side that's going to help you understand the movement so again I'm bringing one foot up by my hand then I'm rotating around dropping my hips I've got that half squat right here I'm going to rock a little bit and hang out here and open up the hips alright then we're going to move back we've got one more hip stretch that is just the icing on the cake this one's called pigeon we're going to bring our one knee forward I'm going to put it right between our hands I'm going to settle it our hips down as much as well go now we're going to bring that foot over to the midline so it's crossing the midline this is a posture called pigeon we're going to hang out here we're going to rock a little bit once more is it if it feels comfortable go ahead come down onto your elbows breathe nice and deep if that feels too uncomfortable then help yourself by props so you can grab a blanket or maybe a foam block or even two depending on how much height you need and you can just rest those elbows on your prop and this is a great place to hang out even for three minutes even up to five minutes wonderful hip stretch and remember we always want to do both sides if you feel like you need a little bit more support you can also use a blanket underneath the hip so I'm just going to double that now going to take my blanket that's going to provide just a little bit of cushioning and support there if it feels good when you do it that way and go ahead if you don't feel like you need it that's okay too remember we're always following our body's wisdom and yoga so again coming down if that feels good otherwise just staying up breathing deeply right to baby and then releasing our final stretch we want to do a stretch that's really going to settle our mind because sometimes it's those busy thoughts that keep us from falling asleep at night so this next post is called Child's Pose it's a wonderful flow pose for settling the mind at night so you're just going to take your blanket in fact you can do this without a prop if you just spread your knees set your hips down put your fists on top of one another rest your fists like this alternatively you can do this with a blanket to create some of the height just like so or if you are lucky enough to own a bolster these are wonderful you can bring that bolster right underneath you and just rest your body like so this posture is really going to help to settle your mind and also your nervous system so that you'll slide into sleep much more easily and happily hang out here for five minutes if that feels good for you after that you're ready to just get yourself tucked in for bed now it is really important that you support your body with pillows in a way that you're going to feel comfortable for the longest amount of time possible so I hope you'll stick with me and watch the next video coming up which is all about how to position pillows so you get the best things we possible thanks for joining me today

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