Pregnant Women Try Cheap Vs. Expensive Maternity Clothes

Pregnant Women Try Cheap Vs. Expensive Maternity Clothes

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“I love it! I’m so comfortable in this. I feel like it makes my bump look cute!”

Calling all parents who need a laugh break, hacks and advice you’ll actually use, and the viral stories you’ll hear about at the school drop-off. From kids dressing up their dads to reviewing maternity clothes, consider Playfull your go-to playdate friends! We’re all in this together.


Get the clothes here:
Tie Front Textured Maternity Top, $68:
Joe’s Jeans, $188:
Q&A Eyelet Maternity Dress, $138:
Hello MIZ Women’s Floral and Polka Dot Maternity Top, $23:

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Pregnant Women Try Cheap Vs. Expensive Maternity Clothes

we need to figure out what store this came from so I could buy that with a coupon though hi my name is Karen ki Robles and I'm 34 weeks pregnant and I'm Tamiya Griffon and I am 32 weeks pregnant and today we're trying on cheap and expensive maternity clothes so for me it's my first baby I'm super excited me and my boyfriend can't wait to have her so I actually have three boys seven four and two I mean this is our first girl I think with my first pregnancy I was so excited to be pregnant that I wanted that whole like experience like let me go buy maternity clothes but this time I'm like if it still fits I try not to spend more than like $40 on a pair of pants sometimes I can get leggings first cheapest five dollars yeah I think we're pretty similar I just feel like this is temporary I look for comfort good quality and also it has to be a good price point I think I first look for the price and then I'm like okay let me try it and see if it's comfortable and then how it looks alright let's get started okay breezy yes black dresses I feel very comfortable in it although it is a little bit sheer I would totally buy this probably to wear around the house moving it yeah lately lately I don't like take clothing or short answer denim I can't stand it right now so this is good the only thing I would change is the fact that it is a little bit sheared and maybe some like thicker material or it was thicker it'd be perfect so it's time to try on the expensive dress let's do it where those winnings I love it I'm so comfortable in this it feels good and I feel like it really shows like my stomach I feel like it makes my buff look cute yeah I love the aerial it's thick and it fills with quality and the quality is a lot better I'd wear this to work I'd wear this so supermarket oh yeah I'm sticking yeah $12.99 it's nice but yeah yeah it's stay there yeah let's see what's next hi yeah I feel so so good in this for me personally I like this more than the dresses it's giving me support so in the dresses unfortunately it's loose so there's nothing there they stretch so I'm happy with that it has that band yeah and the jeans that is not too tight I don't even realize that it's there they're like fitted but not really I did have the roll things up though when they were down I didn't like them but rolled up they were fine I mean I'm 5-1 and a half so I usually have to have my jeans anyways but besides that it's good I think it's perfect now we're gonna try on some expensive jeans we're back I personally feel a little restricted with these I feel like they're too tight I feel like the band is tight too and I don't like that and it's it's thicker material yes so there won't so much more comfortable yeah the band is much tighter I am more aware of it but I will say I like the style of them I love how they gather at the ankle so we don't have to roll them up as far as comfort I'd go with the other pair I would see 75 70 75 white no that's crazy that's a couple of outfits $40 yeah I would definitely choose the other pair for sure because I'm gonna be tired after like a flight of stairs so and then the other one I feel like I could run in it so time to try on the tops now yes don't worry yes feeling very peachy I think we're doing the girl vibes yes definitely it's very comfortable it's stretchy and loose I kind of don't like the style I feel like it makes me look a little bit older it's cheap to me but yeah Vic which hasn't been aligning with what we were saying before mainly the cheap things were thin right it's a little heavy like unleash your belly right here it kind of reminds me of like a rope that you throw on yes that yeah I couldn't I wouldn't buy it I feel like this I would be so limited to what I can wear what I can wear it with I feel like I just look more pregnant with this than the other pieces I think we should try on the expensive puff now yeah I'm ready for sure so we're back I'm really feeling peachy now yes I'm feeling really good in this stuff I love this yeah no I really nice it's cute I feel like the fabric is good it's breathable it's but it's gonna big it conforms I'm like the last pink shirt it kind of just went and down but this one is more fitted yeah color is cute it's comfortable and I feel like the other top made me look a lot bolder yeah and it wasn't something that I could wear with anything so I feel like this I could wear with these pants yeah I love it maybe I would probably make this a little bit shorter just show the belly yeah I like to show off my daughter yeah like now knowing how I like it like if I saw this online and the price I'm gonna be like ant know right keep scrolling I would say the person's definitely worth it it's more my style the colors cuter I'd definitely buy this shirt now knowing what it looks like on so when you figure out what store this came from so I could buy that with a coupon though personally I'm very happy with the more expensive clothing everything except for the pants I feel like the pants I'm not so crazy about I'd write the cheaper teach online I kind of just like oh I don't need that expensive thing so I wasn't even looking for it but we had a lot of cute outfits that were from the expensive your Ethan we are gonna spend more money on clothes I personally recommend going to a store touch it feel it try it on run with it if you have to do big down just because online shopping can be a little bit deceiving you can even the clothes hanging up we were like oh that's cute and then we brought it on in we weren't really feeling how it looked and then some pieces that I wasn't so crazy about I actually ended up liking being pregnant as tough as it is especially for those who this is not their first baby who are at probably running after other kids too I think thinking about comfortability and accessibility and being able to move should be maybe at the forefront of your minds when you're shopping for maternity clothes just be comfortable forget about the heels wear what makes you happy because at the end of the day trust me it's just not worth it I go out with my hair in a bun and sweatpants and a t-shirt and I'm out and I bet you people still accept you the same way as when you're all done up so do what you'd like to do for yourself yeah make me what feels good and what you can handle because mom's rock

50 thoughts on “Pregnant Women Try Cheap Vs. Expensive Maternity Clothes

  1. I was a little disappointed that two of the cheaper options were from Burlington coat factory since that store is only located in the States – Old Navy and Walmart have some cheaper options for maternity clothing as well (although where I live both of those stores only sell maternity options online. I got a most of my maternity clothes from Thyme Maternity on sale (only located in Canada but they do ship to the U.S.) for less than $20 a piece (my swimsuit from there cost maybe $10). I was big on price, comfort, and durability for my maternity clothes – I looked for clothes I could wear it while I was pregnant and after as well and I still wear most of my maternity wear now despite not being currently pregnant.

  2. …if the pants and belly band are too tight then they are probably wearing too small a size…I grew out of some of my maternity jeans as I hit 3rd trimester. 1 size maternity jeans may not fit you through the entire pregnancy, your jean size can change and that’s OK and normal ladies 😉

  3. I’m 33 weeks pregnant and still haven’t bought any maternity clothes and most likely won’t, even in future pregnancies (this is my first). Sweatpants and normal tops fit just fine

  4. I’m 32 weeks pregnant right now but I’m also a hijabi who’s pregnant in the summer. Best thing you can do that’s cost efficient is go to a discount store like TJ Max or Ross and buy flowy slightly oversized sundresses/maxi dresses that way it’s inexpensive, breezy so you don’t get hot, and you don’t have to layer more than a simple light cardigan for modesty.

  5. Got maternity pants for my first pregnancy, bit realized I would never wear them again. The second time around I just got loose shirts, sometimes a size above my usual one, so I can still wear them afterwards. Pair it with pants or jeans with an hair elastic to hold the button when you just start showing, then go to leggings, jeggings and dresses. Maternity clothing is a pointless money pit.

  6. "Maternity" clothes most the time of honestly over rated. Most people can get away with just getting a larger size top and using different styles. That's what I did. The only pair of Maternity pants I ever got were a gift from my gramma and I swear I only wore them like twice. When I got big I just used a belly support band on my uncomfortable days but that was it.

  7. I don’t like any of these. :-/ Maybe the jeans and tee I would wear but that’s about it. So far I’ve been buying 1 or 2 sizes bigger for regular clothes.

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