pregnant with the guy who cheated on me | Cornelia

pregnant with the guy who cheated on me | Cornelia

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►pregnant with the guy who cheated on me | Cornelia
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so so I never thought that I would show anyone that clip that you just saw and I didn't think I would ever talk about this really and there are very few things that I'm hesitant to talk about and this is one of those things but what I have learned is that being open and vulnerable is what connects us and creates it creates sympathy and understanding and unconditional love so here I am I'm going to talk about it so I learned that I was pregnant a couple of months after I broke up with my last boyfriend and the reason I broke up was because he cheated on me I can't believe sorry that I'm laughing but I can't believe that this happened to me it's so surreal what the fuck happened like it's so so crazy I go to bed one evening and I just knew I was pregnant and I was so happy my entire life I wanted to become a mother I love children I've had this getting emotional now um I've had this vision of my future being a mom building a family but the second after I looked at my ex I would be having this baby with a guy that had been humiliating me disrespecting me going behind my back cheating on me lying to me my life is nothing but average and I feel like I've been saying my entire life and people in my life have been saying that and it's the last time I'm gonna make a point out of that my life is filled with these crazy stories because I feel like that is what makes them happen over and over and over again because that's the story I'm keep telling myself that I have a fucked up life and crazy shit happens so that's the last time you're gonna hear me say that maybe there's one more thing I haven't told you about and so maybe after telling that story that's the last time I'm gonna say it because I am done with these types of things I just want my life to be beautiful and and it actually is I know I'm fucking grateful for all of these crazy things that has happened to me yet it has made me stronger a more a deeper person I guess I have empathy for every fucking person because I understand what it feels like going through something but that's enough now I'm ready to have a happy life if you want to hear the entire story it is linked down below in my new podcasts brain dump with Cornelia feel free to subscribe to it on iTunes Spotify stitcher thank you for being respectful I'm gonna keep the comment section closed on this one I know it's a very controversial topic a lot of people will have opinions about this the reason I'm sharing it is because I want to share my story you know hope that it will help someone and that it can spread some awareness that's it I love you remember to subscribe to this channel as well I will be back with normal videos very soon be kind wait

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