Pregnant Serena Williams Shares Her Mom's Best Parenting Advice

Pregnant Serena Williams Shares Her Mom's Best Parenting Advice

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The tennis star opened up about what she wants to teach her child about her own upbringing.

Serena Williams will soon welcome her first child with fiance Alexis I'm excited about it and the first time mom is opening up about what she learned from her own upbringing on Friday the pregnant tennis champ spoke at a keynote discussion during the blog her 17 conference about the best advice her mom gave her about being a parent quote she taught me about being so strong of being proud of Who I am of being able to look anyone in the face and have confidence she added I really have been able to embrace it and would love to teach my kid that I've always tried to really be myself and to defy that you know what you're supposed to be like in what you're supposed to act like as for Serena's father she says he taught her the value of discipline I think that's definitely true and it's clear from her slang at tennis practice while pregnant you

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  1. My parenting advice, training your kids begins when they are in the womb, as they age teach them not to be soft skinned be respectful of others as you want them to be respectful of you. The scene of this world has/is changing and for minorities we are welcomed even less in todays world so do your kids a favor by not introducing them to the hip-hop culture you want your kids to avoid that Thug Life mentality which has corrupted and handicapped black society. Babies may not be able to respond back but they understand and absorb information like a sponge. Train a boy according to the way for him even when he grows old he will not turn aside from it…..

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