Pregnant Ohio Mom Poses With 40,000 Bees Again in Maternity Photo Shoot

Pregnant Ohio Mom Poses With 40,000 Bees Again in Maternity Photo Shoot

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Emily Mueller dressed up like Cleopatra, using live bees as a headdress, in a maternity photo shoot that included painting herself gold. If you thought that was daring, she also held an 8-foot python. Last year, Mueller was photographed with 20,000 bees swarming around her baby bump. She wanted the photos to cherish her pregnancy. Sadly, her baby son was delivered stillborn.’s Leigh Scheps ( has more.

how about doing something like this for your next maternity photoshoot Emilie Muller dressed up like Cleopatra and used bees as her headdress to complete the costume look that included painting for self gold right decided on some over-the-top ideas this time around to really bring home this last baby for us because this will probably be the last time we do this and we just really wanted to make it fun and if you thought that was daring he or she is holding an 8 foot Python it was part of a Garden of Eden themed photo shoot you may remember Emily's story last year she was photographed with 20,000 bees swarming around her baby bump she wanted the photos as a keepsake to cherish her time pregnant with her son sadly the baby was delivered stillborn now she's pregnant again and so she's up for another photo shoot in honor of her recent pollination with the help of photographer Kendra Damus knowing that she's comfortable around bees and knowing me very well I felt very confident and having her come take the pictures three doctors told Emily who is a beekeeper that it's safe to be around so many bees he runs the Mueller honeybee rescue in Ohio this time around there are about four pounds of bees roughly 40 to 50,000 of them we using a swarm of bees is a lot easier to work with because the bees are very gentle they don't have anything to protect and they honestly kind of treat you like you're just an object and sip on you or rest on you so it's not you're not a threat to them Kendra seems to be easing up to it I know Emily for a long time so you know yesterday they're sitting on me and I'm just afraid of squishy I'm not afraid when they sit on me but I know that if you push them you're gonna get stung Emily was dull once in the I usually I don't swell very much however because I was posing for the Egyptian shoot it I had to leave the stinger in to hold still for the pictures and so once all the bees were off of me my I just began to swell she hopes these photos help raise awareness about how important these insects are keepsakes that are all the buzz unleash ups for Inside Edition calm you

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