Pregnancy Test 3 months PostPartum

Pregnancy Test 3 months PostPartum

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Heyyyyyy everybody!! Welcome to Livin with the Webbs!
We are a young couple Jerrod (28) and Olivia (28) that against all odds we made it work. We are very much in love even though we may argue a lot.. Lol. We have three beautiful babies! Robyn (4) our sassy lil girl, Christian (3) our lil crybaby & Ryann our New babygirl. Jerrod is from Dallas Tx and Olivia is from Los Angeles Ca. We moved around a lot but during our journey we have found our forever home in Texas. It might not always be picture perfect but we promise to always keep it REAL.

We hope you come along this journey with us. We’re happy you’re here! Welcome to the Family❤️
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[email protected]

Vlogging Camera- Sony a5100
Editing Software- iMovie


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