Pregnancy Glute Workout | 7 Min Lower Body Prenatal Pilates with Tamara Newell

Pregnancy Glute Workout | 7 Min Lower Body Prenatal Pilates with Tamara Newell

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Pregnancy Glute Workout | 7 Min Lower Body Prenatal Pilates with Tamara Newell

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Pregnancy Glute workout to tone and strengthen the lower body during 1st trimester, 2nd trimester and 3rd trimester. Tamara Newell shows pregnant women how to exercise while pregnant in this 7 min prenatal pilates workout.


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Pilates Instructor and Holistic Nutritional Consultant, Tamara inspires and empowers women to manifest their most beautiful selves from the inside out through Fitness, Food, Faith & Family. She’s created several fitness videos and contributed to PILATES STYLE, HUFFINGTON POST, MSN, ORGANIC LIFE and many others. She received the 2015 Kathy Grant Memorial Scholarship to BASI Pilates Mentor Program.

A former ballet dancer, Tamara trained at the Joffrey Ballet, Rock School of the Pennsylvania Ballet and graduated from Marymount Manhattan College. She’s certified by Core Pilates NYC and American Fitness Professionals and Associates. Tamara resides in Los Angeles with her husband and two children. Visit

Pregnancy Glute Workout | 7 Min Lower Body Prenatal Pilates with Tamara Newell


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Hey ladies Tamara here I have a prenatal glute workout for you today to keep our lower half nice and strong while we carry a baby so go ahead and grab your mat and stay tuned alright guys go ahead and start on all fours you're going to have your hands directly underneath your shoulders and your knees and feet about hip width distance apart extend one leg back press into that calf go nice stretch to the calf and then pull your bump up towards your spine begin to engage the glutes and lift your leg up to about hip height point those toes really straighten the leg as much as possible and we're going to lift it up and tap down do this ten times and eight seven the whole time try and keep your belly pulled in towards your spine so you're really protecting that lower back and four more four three two and one little pulses in ten nine eight seven six five four three two or just two more times tap down and up good now I really think of straightening your leg the more you can straighten your leg the longer you're going to build those muscles and eight seven six five four keep breathing three two little pulses up two three four five five four three two last set of this and lift it up and down now the Tennessee just kind of starts sneaking to the shoulder when we get tired really try and fight by straightening your arms pressing your arms into the mat you may feel like your arms are getting a little bit tired that's okay you're strengthening them as well and four more four keep breathing three two one last set a little pulse two three four five five four three two lift up and hold it watch here you're going to cross the leg to the back and then kick it up think of reaching towards the back corner of your mat we're starting to get into the side and the inner thigh here you may start feeling like your hamstrings burning – so just keep moving through it four more four three two and one keep it straight in a little circles ten nine eight seven six five four three – two more sets cross and up okay it's really starting to burn now keep moving if you need to go ahead and take a break but just come right back into it when you're ready and six more cross and up cross up four three two and one lift circle ten nine eight seven don't forget about that knee keep straightening that leg four three two okay last set over to stretch and cross and up whoo cross and okay I'm really starting to shake here so if you are so online and seven more seven up six lift five four three two one last set of circles and ten nine stay with me eight seven six five four three two and okay open your knees make room for your book as you stretch back into Child's Pose do a little stretch deep breath okay guide to the other side so swing around hands underneath your shoulders reach that leg back lift and up and up eight seven six five four three two and pulse two three four five five four three two and one two more sets and lift keep breathing you through it just think of how great you feel octo we're done and seven six five four three two and lift pulse it ten nine eight seven six five four three two and one laughs it down up tap I think a little bit higher really give it all you got six more six five four three two you got this mama one more lift up pulse ten nine eight seven six five four three to cross it over endless I just hit the wall over and up keep moving and n seven six five and I'm really starting to break a sweat here three two and one lift Circle two three four imagine how to cram the bottom of your toe you're drawing the same circle over and over again – one two and one and cross up cross ah good stay with it keep pulling your belly button in towards your spine seven six five four three two one Circle and ten nine eight seven six five four three two last one and cross oh good I'm really finish strong keep going keep breathing you can do this six five four whew three two and one lift and ten nine eight seven almost there four three two and one done okay open the knees sit back take a deep breath good work it's gonna pay off so go ahead and just sit facing me let's cross one leg over the other a little extra stretch to finish ah take a deep breath and cross one leg over the overt now ideally your knees are one on top of the other but that's okay because you have a bum so only go as far as what's comfortable and you feel it stretch take it inhale and exhale stretch for just a little bit go to work guys really just showing up these short workouts doing something is always better than nothing so even when you're super tired switch legs while you're pregnant even just doing something for five minutes will help energize you help you sleep better at night and just keep your body nice and strong and supple during this really precious time in your life take an inhale and exhale stretch all right thanks and make sure you stay tuned for a few more words from me okay that was a doozy so good job that you're still with me on this one and I just want to encourage you that that was not an easy workout I was sweating and shaking the entire time and trying to talk you through it so I'm glad that you stuck with me and the reason why keeping our glutes are really strong during pregnancy is that it's going to help you feel so much better a lot of lower back pain whether you're pregnant or not is contributed towards having less strong glute muscles so by keeping your buns nice and strong and tight it will help you alleviate back pain while your belly is growing forward so it's not just about wanting to look good which nothing wrong with that but it's also just going to keep you feeling really strong and healthy while you're pregnant as well so keep it up keep doing this workout thanks for joining me and make sure that you subscribe because after this baby is born I'm making postnatal videos and leave a comment below if you want specific videos that I will be so happy to create just for you have a great day you

21 thoughts on “Pregnancy Glute Workout | 7 Min Lower Body Prenatal Pilates with Tamara Newell

  1. My knees hurt and click, so I can't stay that long on them. I am gonna try to do this exercise while standing leaning on the wall, sure it will bring a good result as well. Thanks!

  2. I thought that was a great workout! Quick and effective to start the day off on a good note :). You also looked very comfy during the workout – where did you get the pants and the shirt? I'm looking for some nice maternity workout clothes. Thank you! 🙂

  3. My belly is finally too big to do the non-prenatal glute/thigh workout. But I loved it!
    Will this workout help with pain in the symphisis pubis? I had to take two breaks because I felt like my pelvis split in half! 😆 I would love to conquer this workout!

  4. im 15 weeks tmrw and starting your work outs from today. I used to be physically active before pregnant but wasnt able to continue in my first trimester. thanks for these!love them

  5. Hello, Tamara. I would love you to make more videos for pregnancy pilates (work outs). Which includes all different kinds of body parts and muscles. I also love the way you teach and show and i find ur videos very useful, pity there r not so many. Thank you!

  6. hello Tamara! 🙂 thanks for this workout, i am enjoying it so very much! i had a question please? When I am pulsing and working out the opposite leg, I feel most of the burn is from the opposite leg, am I doing it wrong or relying too much on the opposite leg for balance? Thank you again!

  7. Excellent workout and challenging. I stopped 3 times because I couldn't keep up but when I made it to the end it was worth it. I'm 24 weeks and have lower back pain & this is the perfect workout to strengthen my glutes.

  8. Wow… That was hard! After doing a couple of other short prenatal workouts, I couldn't quite manage the full circuit for each leg, but I'm working towards it 😉
    P.S. I would love an upper body workout with no weights!

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