Postpartum Mother Assessment

Postpartum Mother Assessment

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we're getting out of here today okay how are you feeling today I'm a little tired but I'm feeling okay are you having any pain anywhere no no pain okay I have to be doing your HSM hand me over I went on sports I have not have it okay I got it I didn't your turn okay to start off and visit your vital signs and before I eat the batter signs I'm going to rush me in and also won it on glove okay I'm gonna start off if you temperature breaths for me here and I'm Labor's next I'm going to listen to your heartbeat or there's no signs of murmurs or abnormal next time I listen to your apical toss for one minute I'm over them no murmur next I'm going to take your blood pressure after the boat crash I'm just going to watch your respiration and make sure there by up okay to start off my bubble each assessment the first thing I'm going to do is just am in your breast are you having anything you can turn in your breast area no could I know look okay how do you start a breast being yet not yet not yet okay all right so I'm gonna do is lift up to your dad real quick I'm just going to top him using one hand around your nipple area you tell me if there's any pain when I'm doing that no pain no pain no pain no pain okay Celina sucking tour is her breast area is soft I am examining her nipple tentacles are intact I see no cracking no breadth and I'll just heart or swelling so your breasts look great today part of assessment is going to be your uterus so I'm gonna meet top heating rare fundus which is the top portion of your uterus okay you let me know if you have anything so it's down on your conduct it is to steam your breath below your belicus it is firm its midline which is all accurate like all her things no pain at all nope okay all right next time on is your belt down let's not forget about movement and yesterday yesterday okay all for quad laughs it and off on okay next I'm just going to palpate above your pubis symphysis and when thoughts come you urinated an hour ago Arizona did you change your pad in your native yes okay so I'm just gonna help it you let me know if there's any pain or tenderness okay okay also a good education teaching point here and if you can try to go to the bathroom once every few hours and you're going to do this because if your bladder gets overly full it's actually gonna push your fundus up and the right and it does this then it will cause you to bleed more which is something I'm sure you know I know so if you can't just tie your knee every once every two hours I'll try to do that awesome okay next I'm going to name your pad yeah first I'm going to down below I'm just gonna lift up your pad is that okay yes okay so right now I'm just examining the look yeah it isn't read there are no pot it's about four inches mom six straight line look away bleeding which is completely normal so we are at the one hour rule no okay this is another great education piece the one hour rule is it afternoon change your pad and you've had it on for an hour and you look at it and it's completely soaked needs you to call the physician or verify us and let us be aware of it right okay thank you okay next I'm here to be awed me okay you're looking at it did you have any hemorrhoids by you were and your pregnancy no no how morons okay well your PC on me is there's no swelling there's no redness or ecchymosis their look seems to be no hemorrhoids it is intact so it looks great good and you're having no pain in the area correct no pain okay I'm going to examine in your legs first I'm just going to help you to round and if you like there was any tenderness and gave you feeling for warmth looking for swelling are you having any pain in your legs no pain no pain okay next I'm going to doing the Homer spine so what I need you to do is bend your leg up for me and I'm gonna pull down I need you to be completely Rock okay I'm gonna do a source of flex motion up the back have any pain nope not okay anything there nope okay now we'll do this on both legs and yeah that's it relax for me first effects motion up any pain no pain no pain off okay next I'm just gonna examine your ankles in the seat summer take your socks off okay any tenderness or pain nope no okay right now I'm just looking for emails swelling redness giving cap refill I'm feeling my pulses keep making sure everything's intact put your socks back on for you your bubble age assessment is complete how a difference one not too bad I'm too mad you got any questions for me uh you know I don't okay any questions about the teaching I taught you about urinating once every two hours or letting us know with your past dose within one hour no I think I got it did you got it yeah awesome okay will you have a great day it was very nice to meet you thank you also I'm going to examine my patients emotion so during our assessment she's very proper t'v she was very easygoing open to me assessing her so great about mine thank you

6 thoughts on “Postpartum Mother Assessment

  1. Talk about medicalizing things… two child births here, one caesarian, one VBAC and not once was i treated in such a condescending way. All of this can be done without such a formal and intrusive exam.

  2. pretty good…but definitely want to listen to bowels before palpating fundus. While palpating fundus, you also want to pull peripad down to examine for bleeding, whether it trickles or gushes.

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