Postnatal Review-Lactation Enhancer & Fat Burner

Postnatal Review-Lactation Enhancer & Fat Burner

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*Naturally Increase Breast Milk Production*Safe, All-Natural Weight Loss for New Moms*
Postnatal Fat Burner contains a healthy herbal formula to help increase breast milk supply. Postnatal Fat Burner is designed to help you lose your pregnancy weight – safely & naturally.
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hey-ya so today I'm gonna be doing the product review on this supplement that I've been taking since ever it was about a week old it's called thermogenic post natal by Delta labs and I love it my I only have a couple pills left because I've been taking it for about a month now and so I wanted to go ahead and do my review it's a natural formula that was designed to safely and effectively help metabolize body fat that you gain during pregnancy it helps you safely burn fat while you're nursing your baby it also encourages healthy lactation so it's great because there are not a lot of products like this you know it's pretty important that you lose the baby weight after you have your baby obviously because it can you know being overweight can lead to high blood pressure high cholesterol and other health issues so for me with my other two sons you know I worked out really hard and ate really well and I was able to lose the weight that's me it took me about six months to lose the baby weight with my first two sons and this time I don't have a scale in my house so I don't know how much I weigh but I do know that I'm in a pair of jeans right now at 5 weeks postpartum that I could not fit into until I was about nine weeks postpartum with my other two boys so I really think that has to do with the postnatal because I have not really been working out much I've been doing a little bit of yoga here and there but I'm just now starting to work out again after having my baby right as I started talking about that my baby wanted to eat oh yeah upset either feed me mama oh thank you baby so he's gonna be eating while we finish this review sorry about that so this thermogenic postnatal supplement can help you lose the weight that you gained during pregnancy but it's not a diet pill it's 100% herbal it's all-natural it doesn't contain any caffeine and you stimulants anything that could harm you know be bad for you or your baby or your milk has white kidney bean extract fenugreek marshmallow extract for herbs that a lot of nutritionists agree is a great blend for increasing milk production so it has all kinds of awesome awesome natural stuff in it I love that I can take it and I don't feel you know agitated or jittery like diet pills make you feel and also I know that it's actually good for me and good for my baby because it helps me make more milk I have noticed obviously because I'm in jeans now that I was not able to wear it five weeks postpartum with with my other two pregnancies so I do think that it has definitely helped me shed the weight I still have a ways to go obviously but you know only five weeks postpartum but I do see a difference that I didn't see with my other boys and I wasn't taking the supplement after my last two pregnancies ask for milk production I do have a lot of milk and think that part of that has to do with me taking this postnatal supplement it's not 100% because of the postnatal I also take fenugreek three times a day I have a bottle of fenugreek and I take two pills three times a day so that has a ton to do with it I also eat a lot of oatmeal which helps with your milk production and I drink a ton of water so I am I'm doing a lot of things to help keep my milk supply up taking the postnatal is just one of the things that I'm doing for that but the best thing about this product I think is that I mean how many supplements can you think of that are made for nursing mothers to help them lose weight and with them and help them have a higher milk production I can't think of like one other supplement that does that so I love that there's hardly anything in the market for nursing moms to help them safely lose weight while increasing their milk production so I love that we have something like that because I had no idea something like that existed if you know I wish I'd known with my other two pregnancies cuz they probably would have lost the weight a lot faster and it would have had more milk and that would have been nice this bottle comes with 60 capsules you take two daily you take one in the morning and one at night this bottle that contains 60 capsules is 39.95 if you order on Delta labs calm but I'll tell you a little secret you can get it for about 15 bucks cheaper on Amazon I'm a Shopaholic online I'm line Shopaholic and I do almost all of our shopping online because I'm able just find such awesome deals and coupons and things like that and I love Amazon and you can get this exact exact stuff for a lot cheaper on Amazon but Delta labs has some really awesome other products that you should check out – I'm going to put their website in the bottom description box are you kidding me ridiculous he should win a medal for that one usually in a battle get rid of gas can't you caffeine free stimulant free it's gluten free and it's awesome I really I really definitely recommend this to other new nursing mothers and even if you're not nursing even if you just had a baby and you can't nurse for whatever reason it's still awesome because it can help you lose the weight it's not like you can eat and eat meat whatever you want and take the pills and you're gonna lose the way it's not like that I have been losing weight and I've said I've seen much more my weight I've seen a much quicker weight loss earlier on with this pregnancy that I have with my other two pregnancies and that does have a lot to do with taking the postnatal but also I have been watching what I eat I've been eating a lot healthier I've been eating small portions and I've been staying away from sugar and junk food so that has a lot to do with it I'm watching when I eat I'm slowly starting the exercise again and I mean and I'm taking the supplement those things mixed together have haven't really really helped me yeah in you because it helps make you fuller cuz it helps make you more milk and I also love that I don't have to take it you know with food I don't have to take it after a meal like most vitamins I have to take after I've had breakfast or dinner because they'll make me nauseous but with the post I'll take one right when I wake up and then I'll take one right before I go to bed and it doesn't make me nauseous at all even if I don't eat with it okay so that's about it I love postnatal I definitely recommend it and their link is in the description box if you want to check out their website thanks for watching y'all talk to you later bye

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