Postnatal Exercise Series | Thigh Stretch

Postnatal Exercise Series | Thigh Stretch

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We’re excited to bring you a postnatal exercise series that you can do at home with your baby. In this exercise we show you Thigh Stretch, which you can do holding your baby. Aim to do at least 5 – 10 repetitions or until you start to get a burn in the muscles at the front of your thighs.
We know it can be hard to find time to exercise when you have a little one and this is why we have these series of easy to do exercises to help you regain your strength and tone. Enjoy these videos? Why not book in for our Mums and Bubs physio-led exercise class? Call us on 8555 4099 or visit for more information and to book online.

Please note that these exercises are suitable from 6 weeks post partum and please stop if you experience any pain.

welcome back how did you go with the last exercise remember that you may not notice any difference initially but you're always adding strength so keep going we hope you enjoy this next exercise remember to lower back through your knees keeping your back nice and straight you should feel this at the front of your thighs if you experience any pain or discomfort please make an appointment with your physio or doctor to discuss as mentioned before this is a series of videos so please stay tuned for the next one and remember you can always contact us at inner strength of Bayside

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