PIXAR Family Dinner at Disney Social Media Moms Celebration | beingmommywithstyle

PIXAR Family Dinner at Disney Social Media Moms Celebration | beingmommywithstyle

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And we’re off! Our fun at Walt Disney World for Disney Social media Moms Celebration begins at Coronado Springs, with a brief mix and mingle round up of influencers and then a family dinner sponsored by Babybel & Pixar!

The girls had tons of fun interacting with the characters! We are super excited that Toy Story Land opens at Disney’s Hollywood Studios on June 30, 2018!

Watch all of the videos from Disney SMMC here:

Filmed February 20, 2018

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in the hallway following everyone that's wearing to get to the correct direction the initial of it [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] oh my gosh we are so excited to our tea biscuits open see this past year preparing for this very special week and what a week we have in store for each and every one is the world George a habit greenness [Applause] thank you and good evening everybody and thank you for coming to Walt Disney World we're thrilled you're here to join us for our ninth annual celebration I'm a big fan of all the great work you all do and I couldn't be happier together to have you experience well everything that we have in store for you over these next few days the world of Avatar last year now with the help of construction crews and firms from throughout Central Florida we are in full stride as you can see even here at Disney support our Springs if you include the work already completed at animal kingdom by the time our 50th anniversary rolls around we will have opened two hotels a new sky liner transportation system more than a dozen new attractions and three new theme park lands Endora was the first to land and the other two are not far behind it in 2019 we will open a new land at Disney's Hollywood Studios that celebrates the most durable franchise in motion picture history think about it the Star Wars saga is now in his fifth decade as an icon of our age our new land will do justice to the popularity of that franchise Star Wars Galaxies edge will invite our guests to visit a remote outpost on the edge of wild space they will take part in a battle between the first-order and the resistance they will also highlight the Millennium Falcon it's going to be awesome that all new land will be up and running two years before our fiftieth anniversary and I know you are all well aware of our entirely new land based on the Pixar classic Toy Story that will open on June 30th of this year a major theme of Toy Story is that while people grow up the change toys never do in their world they remain constant and then of optimism their outlook and their devotion to the children they love this summer you will be able to visit that world Toy Story land will welcome you to Andy's backyard to enjoy three family-friendly attractions I guarantee it will be fun for every generation let me just wrap things up by letting you know how much we appreciate the very significant role you play in helping us tell our story we are very glad you're here and we're very honored to be your hosts but I have secret Intel words I will share with all of you civilians civilians you are being requested in a fine dining event it's just a matter of moments we're going to be standing up we're going to be having a good time orderly fashion thank you for that picture Oh [Applause] [Applause] I named the kid food we've got different buffets set up in different the cards in the middle of the table and the girls everyone feeling about to send to the military so this is Susan Natalie bro we find the ring Oh we're on a mission to find it you've been searching for a long time digit search and all of the cheese over there let's go eat the cheese Nataly in a pile of cheese yeah can you give him a high-five not me thank you some of camera batteries getting ready to die and I didn't catch ants to charge anything in the room earlier but we were getting ready to head to our room now get to go see it and get our stuff unpacked to me to be up really early in the morning so that is it for tonight did you have fun today I'm sure I need my ass yes do you guys have fun at the Pixar dinner Pixar Babybel dinner yeah me and mom halt all on a camp so we are back at the room we've been back here for a little while I'm gonna do a really quick room tour of our room which is in I don't even know where we're at to be honest with you but we're right it's up Lake area and our room number is 82 43 we have a really nice view of the fireworks when they were at Hollywood studios and I also wore a coaster like the pool area and that's where the main areas are these rooms are nice they're renovated this is one of the two window rooms and they had left the Mickey on here there was the to bed areas it seems like a pretty nice large room we've obviously got all of our junk over here kids are both take showers all of our suitcases down there it's got sliding doors I've got a Keurig right there and then refrigerator which you can actually see what all's in there without me having to open it an ice bucket shelves up there had time for these guys there is a hang-up area right here and then this shelves are nice it's kind of like being on the cruise where we have different areas to put all over shoes finally there is more shelving over here so if you've got a lot of stuff to stow away it's handy and the showers are nicer renovated so that is the quick tour of our already starting to be worn in room but it's cute this is about basically the main theme' thing or just the Three Caballeros here on the mall but I do like like the kind of clean aesthetic of the room it's nice

20 thoughts on “PIXAR Family Dinner at Disney Social Media Moms Celebration | beingmommywithstyle

  1. One hint I do everytime I go on vacation, I take something to store all little items in. I bought this collapseable thirty-one tote. It has 2 sides, big enough to put cellphone and tablets in one side, You can take one of the hotel cups, and put them inside of the side, and put jewlery, or any other little knick-nack that you gather that you do not want to loose.

  2. Cards for the military that is a great idea and I love how even the kids are doing them with words and pictures I bet that will brighten their day 🙂

  3. So sorry Dan lost his ring….prayers it turns up yet….very nice renovated room, we stayed there in April and just missed getting one, work was in progress, but it was still very nice tho'. Great video as always Di ! Thanks!

  4. Okay. How can I become a social media mommy.?!? I was married, honeymooned and go to Disney, minimum, once per year. I know the ins and outs and I would LOVE to be apart of this!! I feel like I could be an incredible asset to this organization.

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