Pelvic Girdle Pain (PGP) In Pregnancy – Advice & Tips

Pelvic Girdle Pain (PGP) In Pregnancy - Advice & Tips

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A quick advice video with tips if you suffer from Pelvic Girdle Pain (PGP) in pregnancy.

hello it's my refill here the Pilates video just want to give you a few tips about what to do if you're suffering from pelvic girdle pain in pregnancy and this is also sometimes known as it used to be referred to as M s P D which is symphysis pubis dysfunction and but that mainly related to ladies look up pain in the front of the pelvis around the pubis bone and now it's recognized that in pregnancy anywhere around the pelvic ring you can get pain so it can be at the front of the pubis bone it can be back at the sacroiliac joints and the tail bone which is a sacrum in the middle and even the lower back just above and the pelvis can get pain referred there from from the pelvis and when you're pregnant and it's altered you to do with the ligaments and keep your pelvis nice and tight and and a good strong structure and obviously if you're pregnant the ligaments start to relax a little bit due to the hormone relaxin so then lengthen slightly to allow you to give birth easier which is a winner and but obviously then this can put you sort of in positions and postures that can cause pain so really big tip if you suffering from pelvic girdle pain is please please please do everything with symmetry in mind so in your pelvis the two buttock bones at the bottom called your sit bones that you sit on sit on them equally so the left one sit only as much as the left and as much as the right equal weight on both sides don't sit tilted with your legs up to the side on the sofa so you resting on one buttock try not to sit with your legs crossed because that makes your pelvis and even as well so think about a seesaw you want to keep the seesaw level which is your pelvis you don't want it tilt it and lots of things cause your pelvis to tilt standing on one leg leaning to the side cooking leaning to the side and standing in a queue with one leg bend and one leg straight also alters your posture so try and think about symmetry and that will help reduce the pain good look I mean how you get on bye for now

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