PARENTS that are SO STRICT its funny

PARENTS that are SO STRICT its funny

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PARENTS that are SO STRICT its funny

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Hello Citizens of Azzyland…. I’m Azzy and welcome to another amazing reaction video! Sometimes Parents can be so strict. I know moms and dads do it because they want us to be ok in life but sometimes it can get really annoying. Its not like we are out of control right? I hope this video at least makes you feel better because I have gather some of the worlds strictest parents right here.




where you at Sam's take a photo takes photo looks innocent in them what's Sam smoking Kaveri Sun it's juice this is what mom has like she needs a photo she needs proof I don't know what to say about this did you screw up or was mom just born with trust issues when your mom randomly enters your room at night and you only have a second to think of a sleeping position and you're just like play dead and you're like oh no it's just a natural position it is how I sleep do I breathe do I not like how will she know I wasn't sleeping moms know everything trust me she knows you she knows you weren't sleeping coz you left for tonight on she knows you're playing for tonight when you're supposed to be sleeping this is me mom I did you as a friend That moment when mom adds you as a friend the party is done the party is over the party is Philippe now you got to be a good boy you can't be posting where you were posting before mom added you now this is what you have to post ready to begin class and learn I love school school is great Bible study and singing to Jesus it's 9:13 p.m. and it's time for bed not gonna still be awake after this tweet and play for tonight or go out and party I feel like this is so unbelievable even mom won't believe you she knows you're on to something if you're going to bed at 9:00 p.m. hey mom you need some help no I got it I do everything else in the house anyway y'all gonna miss when dead this is the worst you're just trying to be helpful you just wanna help and then you get clap back damn mom I just wanted to help you go easy on a girl when you're trying to convince your mom that she's wrong this is literally every time it's like talking to a brick wall moms are always right even when they're wrong like they don't want to listen my mom is the most stubborn woman ever like I'm just like mom I'm trying to tell her something she's like no not here this guy's sweating you guys want to know why he's sweating because five hours ago his mom left the house and she was like while I'm gone I want you to do the dishes vacuum the house and mow the lawn but now she's five minutes away from home and you're like damn did I really need to play video games for five hours why didn't I just do the chores and then play the video games and the reason is because nobody likes chores and now you're about to get it mom mom walks in the house after work mommy and then your mom goes I saw I told you to clean the kitchen just when you thought you're gonna get showered with love and love and more love and now here's being shit on because you made a mess always messes over love's from when your mom wants proof that the parents are home so you Google a random woman online are his parents there yes sends a picture of a mom cooking dinner mom is making cookies I like that it is thanks dad this girl is crappy Rock DAF no wonder her mom thinks she's up to things she is up to things if you are already this good at line hmm I got trust issues with you girl the same kind of like a little address when your mom's on the phone with a relative and says oh he's right here do you want to talk to him I know this feeling it's like it's always this relative but like you haven't seen in like 10 years and you're like I don't even remember what this person looks like what am I gonna talk to them about like you want to talk to them because you want to be polite but at the same time you go on the phone with them and you're like I don't really know you I haven't seen you since I was five I don't even remember meeting you I don't even know what color hair you have anymore is this awkward conversation of like hi how are you I'm good what's new nothing okay glad you're good bye do you want to talk to my sister okay here's my sister and then she has exact same conversation with him that you had with him and when all your parents do it's complain that you sit at home and play court right all day this is what you say to them I could be a drug addict do you realize how lucky you are I guess this is true if the biggest issue with your kids is that they're playing too many video games could be worse could be a lot worse as long as they're kind of doing something else at least for an hour of their day so this person changed the word no to hell yeah in their dad's phone so now if they ask for something that they know their dad say no to the bats gonna say hell yeah so let's see how this experiment went hey Dad can I throw a party this weekend don't you need friends to throw a party well that didn't go as planned how did the dad know why didn't he just say no why did he Orosz me like that that did not go as planned it was like the only time you really want your dad to say no and he didn't do it when your relative offers you money and you pretend like you can't take it at first okay this doesn't happen to me anymore because I'm an adult now kinda not really mentally and Adam but I'm adults I guess but when I was younger my grandmother when I was try to give me money and I'm not gonna lie I would like to feel bad like I wouldn't want to take it but you're also kind of like you still kind of wanted so you're like oh no grandma I can't take it and then you're like okay fine but then you see it and it's only 50 bucks and a video game is $60 and then you're like is there another ten in there when your mom says you got five minutes or she's leaving and you think she's joking but she finally snaps and leaves us and now you're when your mom looks calm in public but you got that secret grip when mom is holding you with that kungfu grip you know you're screwed hashtag growing up with strict parents when your parents don't let you go out but complain when you stay in and do nothing if this isn't the troops I don't know what it's like what do you want me to do I'm not allowed to go outside but then you're complaining when I'm inside you just want me to just go into there's a tornado and this man's mom makes him mow the lawn damn my parents are strict but not this strict they're like you didn't mow it before we're not taking any excuses last time you were sick now there's a tornado go out there mow that lunch this guy's all like thug life so we got the microwave over here okay over here we got everyone sleeping and it's 3:00 a.m. and you're making some food you don't want to wake everybody up right before it gets 0:01 you gotta stop that microwave like no my mom trying to be my friend after she yelled at me about dumb stuff isn't this kind of the truth about anybody when someone's trying to be your friend after they were mean to you and you're like no but I end of the day you shouldn't be mad at your mom she's your mom after all you've got to love her and cherish her she love you and cherish you but on the real note lease over here if she doesn't work on her promise she's gonna have some real bad back issues mom's be like you got something in the mail today and it's open it's already open this used to happen to me all the time it's like they give you the mail and they wouldn't say anything but it's opened it's like I see that you opened it why are you reading my mail it's not like it's important that just like why do you need to read it parents can be so nosy but I guess maybe they're worried maybe they think we're like doing some like crazy like black mark and black magic except I don't know what they think we're doing maybe they think we're like we failed school this is like a letter I don't know what it is but they always be opening our mail and I confronted my parents about this once and let me tell you don't do that because you know what they said to me they said do you pay the mortgage no bullets our mail okay to shake your mom when you're driving is she's the passenger like she thinks she's gonna die she's like but no no hit that first you're like that person literally it is so far into the distance they look like an end when you call your mom back after she called you five times and she's let loose why did you pick when your mom sees us spoon in this thing all hell breaks loose better not just put your dishes in the sink and leave them I know my mom will get mad at me for this but sometimes you've got things to do like video games and stare at a wall staring at a wall is always more fun than washing the spoon mom can I borrow five dollars what happened to that five dollars I gave you in 2007 like they think you'd be saving all this money of course we're spending at all we're not responsible can we get McDonald's we got food at home my mom would always say this my mom would I say if we got food at home but sometimes you just don't want to eat the food at home like symptoms of food at home is disappointing but you know what if mom knows best because McDonald's is not good for you IIIi like their faces and other faces when I was chubby and then and then I wasn't and then I went to university and then I was chubby again and then I wasn't but now I've like learned how to like enjoy myself and indulge and have the things that I don't have the things that I like like chocolate there's stuff that are bad for you but then at the same time be healthy you know just as long as I'm not eating cake for dinner it's okay it's okay cake want to know what anyways guys I hope you enjoyed this video love y'all so much stay awesome Stacey and don't forget to be nice other bye

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  1. Me : Mom I’m hungry
    Mom: what?
    Me : I said I’m hungry
    Me:(yells) I said I’m hungry
    Mom: 1st of all I heard u the first time and 2nd of all don’t get an additude

  2. i lost weight because i had 1 bar chocolat a week [sorry if its spelled wrong] or cake if works like is it doesnt dislike ok thx if commet tell me when you lost weight and how thx for reading

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