Parent humour – it's mum story time!

Parent humour - it's mum story time!

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One for all your parent humour lovers! Back by popular demand is mum story time with the UK parenting blogger Motherhood: The Real Deal and a reading of the Ladybird book ‘How it works’ – The Mum.

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hey Ron is Talia from motherhood the real deal here today with another mom story time because yes you out there the viewers have asked for another one so today I have chosen to read a little bit of the ladybird how it works for mom for your entertainment I love this book it makes me chuckle so much so I'm going to read you some of my fave pages so you mama out there are you sitting comfortably have you got a cup of tea that hasn't gone cold yet good then let us begin this is a mom a mom has two very important jobs to do one is to look after her children the other is to do everything else as well hmm sounds familiar mama being a mom being you even it's full of wonder sally wonders if her left shoulder whatever stop smelling of sick yeah oh gotta love that milky puking smell on your shoulder hey the mom gets lots of help from her little buns daisy is helping to move the laundry basket away from her mom she has done this 14 times in the last five minutes yes because you know so thoughtful you're trying to the laundry aren't they not bella has made it then out of the clothes era Bella's mom does not need the era she's been far too busy doing things to bed let's wash any clothes Bella's mom wonders what the record is for the number of days song has worn the same bra hmm two weeks three weeks a month just saying oh yeah talking of coke up to tea louise's cup of tea is going cold okay with six other cups of tea or services around the house when the vacuuming is done Louie's hope she will be able to find the time to throw them away have you managed to finish a cup of tea today out my mother when she was single Debbie had nightmares being left alone and I wanted for the last year someone is caught for every two minutes and watched her every time she has taken a bath Oh on the toilet Debbie now dreams are being left alone and unwanted even for just a few minutes when was the last time you managed to go for a little toilet break by yourself hmm don't forget your scarf Scott says his mom Scott hasn't forgotten his scarf in years he is 46b and so momma's older I hope you enjoyed today's mums storytime and he gave you a little bit of a chuckle if you want to check out some more entertaining motherhood musings I do hop over to my blog

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