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Time to get packing for our Disney Land and Sea Adventure! We are heading to Walt Disney World and on Disney Cruise Line for Disney Social Media Moms Conference! Here’s a look at the clothing and Disneybounds that I’m bringing with me, along with conference wear and also regular vacation clothing!

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** This is not a sponsored video. We are traveling to Disney as a part of the Disney Social Media Moms Conference group. All opinions are my own.

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hey guys it's time for vimana style and it is that time to pack my suitcase now so this is my suitcase that I'm bringing this is American Tourister and it's got a cute Mickey print all over it I've got all of our little packing cubes that I didn't use for the girls down here and so I'm gonna be packing the majority of my stuff and these this is our wet bag that I will bring far swimsuits but I am going to do something a little bit different this time I'm gonna get everything laid out to do packing and I'm gonna try to show you some of my Disney bounds that I'm doing on this trip as I'm packing and there's a Mickey's very Merry Christmas party map still in there from our last trip but I'm gonna lay out my outfits as I'm packing so you guys can kind of see those and I'm also gonna try to do some outfit videos this time some dedicated ones I've been meaning to do that the past few trips and then with kids it gets hectic and you know how it goes so I'm gonna try to make a sorted effort to do that this time but my packing cubes I have laid out over here this one I generally use for undergarments and then I use these larger ones for the rest of my clothing these are like to use for dresses these really long ones because I roll the dresses and then I just put the dresses in one long row the other thing about this trip because it is land and sea is I have to bring a lot of shoes with me so at the parks I need tennis shoes and I have to trade off between tennis shoes every day just to kind of save my feet and also you know you're sweating all kind of good stuff yeah I let the shoes air out so I have to bring a lot of shoes with me for this trip so I'm hoping everything should fit in okay but it is a lot of clothing it's a week and then two travel days so it's a little bit longer than usual so I'm gonna get everything laid out and and show you what I'm bringing it's a lot of changes of clothes because some nights I'll be wearing clothes during the day then changing for dinner so we're just gonna get everything out here and start pants so here are some of my clothing outfits laid out here and I'm gonna show you real quick outfit by outfit kind of the idea obviously I think you kind of tell hopefully some of them this is my Snow White Disney about I'm gonna wear this to meetings one day I love this little skirt I got it on cloth and it has pockets it's really super flowy and it works perfectly for either snow white or bail and then this outfit I'm gonna wear to one of the dinners the first night I'm probably not gonna wear the ears cuz I don't want to be I don't want people to think I'm like intimidating or anything but I wear this when I'm around the parks but this is my Maleficent Disney bound it's just a purple dress with a black cardigan and then I have some really cute green earrings actually one of you guys sent me a couple years ago and I'm gonna wear those green earrings and so that will be my Maleficent Disney bound and then on the conference day I'm actually planning on wearing this Moana dress it's got this really cute Moana print here on the bottom we're doing the main conference days on the cruise ship so I thought it'd be great to do a Moana print dress in the cruise ship I've got this flowy cardigan from White House Black Market and that will be my kind of conference outfit that day with my cute sparkly shoes and then this will be another day more casual for meetings I just have this little flowy top that I think I can't remember where I got it in Illinois somewhere then I got this cute little top from Hot Topic it's got the different princesses on there and I'll just wear that with some casual capris or something like that this I will wear with shorts I have this mulana kimono from Hot Topic and then the ocean is Colleen shirt and I'm planning I'm wearing that just for like jean shorts and that's gonna be my castaway key outfit for the day we're on the island and I'll pop my bathing suit underneath this obviously but we're gonna do like some group pictures and stuff so this is what I'll probably be wearing in that so it's a little bit loud and then I got this Disney Cruise Line sweatshirt this was on sale on Disney Store calm so I ordered this just to have to be comfy or thrown over outfits if it's colder and just to kind of wear around on the ship and I love the print on this so cute so I had seen this on our last cruise and I didn't get it and I was kicking myself and it popped up on Disney Store calm on a day when they had free shipping and it was on sale so I just figured it was meant to be and I thought that was really super cute then they just have a couple casual shirts who kuna Matata and then second star to the right and straight on till morning I'll just wear for casual things or you know around the resort room or when we're in the parks and then I have a couple of just basic dresses to wear two dinners I've got this one that's from Macy's this is just one of my favorite dresses in general I can Disney bound like different things like finding Dory and stuff with this if I put a yellow card again but in general is this one of my favorite dresses and in this dress I'm actually it's kind of like a Rapunzel I consider this a Rapunzel Disney bound because it looks like the floating lights and then of course the purple but it's really floaty and it's long and kind of like I don't know kind of vintage II when it's on me actually so I'm actually planning on wearing this to Tiana's placed and I thought that that would be a fun dress to dance and so I'm wearing that this one is one of my absolute favorites this is my Rapunzel print dress I wish I would have bought this dress and like triplicate from Hot Topic this one has pockets too and I'll just be wearing that to one of the events I love this dress and then this one I'm planning on wearing for pirate night now I did wash this and it seemed to kind of shorten quite a bit but I'll just wear like some capri leggings underneath it and that should be fine so that's my pirate night dress you can see that it's like three inches shorter or something like that than the other than this other dress but that's fine we'll make it work with some capri leggings then this dress I'm planning on wearing on Star Wars night this is my Star Wars Disney bound and my husband and I just as a spoiler alert we were doing it's a galactic desert party at Hollywood studios my husband is wearing his stormtrooper shirt that he got in Mexico and this matches that perfectly so I'm like Disney bounding like either Darth Vader or stormtroopers so we are kind of the dark side and then the kids have these cute little Star Wars shirts they have all the characters on the light side so it's really cute because we're kind of like Disney bounding dark side and light side with the kids being the light side and then I'm planning on on the night that I'm planning on wearing this during the day to meetings we have the dinner animal kingdom so if I want to change I'm planning on wearing this on the animal kingdom night but if I just don't feel like this is really super comfortable this Disney bound is over here so if I'm not all sweaty then I may not change but if for some reason we've done a lot of walking and I'm all sweaty or I just feel like changing that I'm planning on bringing this to where an animal kingdom so other than what's laying out here I'll just bring some casual like basic teas that are just you know plain color t-shirts and a couple pairs of jean shorts my swimsuits and some capris and that'll be it and if you guys are wondering I thought I would share this in a video if you're wondering like why I prefer dresses or how they are comfortable to wear around Disneyworld I think I've mentioned it in other videos these are Powercore running shorts I got these at Target they're no longer available but I've ordered some similar ones off of Amazon that should hopefully be here today they're just running shorts so if you look up running shorts yoga shorts any sort of athletic short that's like longer if you wear that underneath a dress like you can't even tell that it's underneath a dress and it makes it so much more comfortable guys I'm telling you than wearing jeans I love wearing dresses and skirts now into the parks because it's so comfortable as you're basically wearing like Comfort shorts but no one can see them so obviously I wouldn't go running around I wouldn't even wear these to the gym to be honest with you but I will wear them under a dress they were perfect under a dress so I've got a couple extra pairs of those athletic shorts you can find them in the athletic section of Target they're a little bit different now but that's where I got these of the champion brand and I ordered a couple off of Amazon so if I like those I will let you know in a future video those hopefully should work out well I'm gonna start rolling everything up to get it in the suitcase and get to the actual package gonna get everything off of the hangers and start reeling enough to get in the bag and also I think I have a little bit of a shoe problem going on so I'm gonna bring with me and a little bit of an ear problem so these are all the ears I'm gonna be bringing with me as well I think I literally may end up with a suitcase of shoes and ears that's no joke so we'll see let's get the back I'm just filling up all of my t-shirts and putting them over here in a pile and they actually fold down pretty nicely then I'm going to take the dresses and get them rolled up so here's everything all rolled up it condensed down really nicely actually and I've tried to group the sweaters by a things go together I folded them together I've got a couple different cardigans and different colors these two to go with Disney bounds and these dis general ones that can mix and match with different dresses this is my little kimono that I'll put over swimsuits and wear it cast away key and then I've got my dresses here so there's what five there and four there and this is my Disney Cruise Line sweatshirt so I've got nine dresses here and well eight dresses in one skirt and then over here I have a mix of Disney print tees and then three just like plain tees that don't have any writing or anything on them some white capris and a dressy shirt that I could use for pictures if I wanted a couple of jean capris and jean shorts over there and then I also be wearing a shirt with another one of these flyaway cardigans that I could use throughout the trip I'll be wearing that on the plane flight and also a pair of sneakers so I'm gonna start putting these things in the packing cubes and I'm gonna use this one for my undergarments and make sure that I haven't forgotten anything I do have my some suits still to grab out of there but I feel like this is a lot of stuff but I feel like I should maybe grab one or two more things at the same time so anyhow I'm gonna get these in the long packing so in these two longer packing cubes I just have dresses rolled all the way down and then I've stuck in this one I just put the kimono that's folded up here on the top and I'll zip that up and this one has dresses all the way down and I put my cruise lines up up sweatshirt and the top of that one and that's probably how those two will stay and then I have a double sided a little packing cube from Ikea here and I'm going to try to put shirts on one side and then on the other side I wear like undergarment sure it's like a word tank tops and stuff on the other on the underside of my clothes every day so I'll put the under side tank tops on one side and a couple flyaway cardigans on the other side of this like what some of the shaping tanks just in the dresses because that's what I use underneath the dresses just to kind of keep everything go on the right direction and then I have this regular basic tank tops that either sleep in or you Xander Neath this regular t-shirts and then I have some capris and I'll have this in my in a carry-on suitcase that we're bringing with kind of like first grab and go I have capris and a tank top and swimsuit and a cover all cover up that I will have in our check in suitcase but then I've got some casual lounge pants and things like that just to sleep in or hang out in in our hotel rooms so that is pretty much gonna be this and I've got all the t-shirts on this side then it's got a couple cardigans I think we're pretty much hitting the point the girls clothes are getting big enough I need to get one more square set of cubes because I could use like one more big square to put all of my clothes in but it all fit I think in the suitcase I'm actually like feeling pretty good about how much room this is taking up compared to how much room the kids clothes took up I guess I shouldn't say that because I'm not done yet but I'm gonna zip this around and then get everything situated in this big double sided packing cube I'm just gonna put that down towards the bottom and I can put some of my flip-flops here on the sides as well so these are dresses so they're long but they're fairly light cuz it's pretty much just you know Sun dresses so I'm gonna slide those in the top and those fit perfectly and this one can go right on top of that one and then I'm gonna pack the shorts and jeans right here and then I will just have this small bag to go and that will be about it except for shoes which is obviously its own such a way in here but we are gonna have a carry-on bag that's gonna have all of our quick grab and go clothes a change of clothes for the girls and then a set of swimsuits for everyone and then I'm probably gonna put all of our Mouse ears in there so I'm gonna try to get as many shoes in here probably all the flip-flops and sandals in here and then whatever's left over try to fit in that carry-on bag so I do still have a pretty decent amount of room left in here so I'm gonna put some flip-flops down in these shoe pockets here fit the swimsuit that I'm gonna put in my check-in luggage into my little beach bag that I have i got this at american eagle a number of years ago so i'm just gonna fold this down and then stick this up here in this pocket with our wet bag and then the other swimsuit I'll just have loose in our carry-on bag and I don't know if these extra sandals were already and they I don't know if I'm gonna bring those or not cuz I probably already have enough but we'll see so I got everything in I have all of my undergarments here and I did unzip the suitcase to where it can expand just a little bit so that way you can zip clothes a little bit easier so I'm going to zip this around and then I will be off so there is my suitcase and everything that I'm bringing for upcoming land and sea vacation and also be doing a video showing what we're bringing on our carry-on bags and also showing what I'm gonna bring tech wise for the conference and some doing conference events and that sort of thing on this trip as well so those videos will be coming up and they will also be in the packing and prep playlist that I will link down below and as I'm sure you can guess we will have Disney vlogs coming up for you very shortly so that is it for today thanks so much for watching and have a great day

26 thoughts on “PACKING FOR DISNEY LAND & SEA – MOM'S SUITCASE | beingmommywithstyle

  1. I ordered Hot Topic's Beauty and the Beast kimono to wear over a yellow dress for dinner at Be Our Guest….but now I want the Moana one, too! Great video; looking forward to the rest of them!….P.S. I <3 Modcloth, too!

  2. Love love the moana tshirt and kimono! If I order from hot topic do you find you have to size up? I know I do when I order from Hope you all had a blast!!!!!

  3. I love Disney Bounding, in 2007 my niece's first Disney trip… I instructed my sister's family and my husband to dress in solids like blues and periwinkle for when we met Cinderella… my husband thought was cra-crazy, but thank me when our Photopass pics arrived… we continued the tradition and upped our game each year… and now Disney Bounding is been a thing for about four to five years! we Disney Bound, too!

  4. I'm curious about using packing cubes. When you get to your destination do you leave your clothes in the cubes? Also, do the clothes get more or less wrinkled than if just packing in suitcase?

  5. Did you wind up wearing all your shoes lol?  I need to get some packing cubes, they look like great space savers/organizers.  Welcome home, I'm sure you are in trip withdrawal.  Look forward to your vlogs!

  6. I know you're traveling home today and then life will hit, so if you can't answer right away it's no problem. When you wear the dresses at the parks, do you worry about your shoes matching or do you go for total comfort with tennis shoes? The thought of wearing cute shoes in the parks has made me shy away from wearing dresses in the parks. Cute shoes are very rarely comfortable and I can walk all day and night in my Asics. I've tried to look at the pics you share, but the photographers aren't exactly interested in your shoes. Ha!

  7. I have been on a crazy search for that Rapunzel dress! It's been sold out on hot topic for a long time! If you're looking for more shorts to go under dresses jockey makes shorts called "skimmies" which are made to go underneath skirts and dresses. They can be a bit pricey but I always get them on sale and never end up paying more then $8 a pair

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