OUR MUMS DO OUR MAKEUP!! | Sophia and Cinzia

OUR MUMS DO OUR MAKEUP!! | Sophia and Cinzia

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THE RETURN OF FIONA AND ANGIE!!! This was fuuuuuun! Enjoy everyone!! Lots of love xxx

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34 thoughts on “OUR MUMS DO OUR MAKEUP!! | Sophia and Cinzia

  1. I love watching the videos with your Mums! They are so wonderful to do this with you, just love them both so much. Would like to see how Sophia and Cinzia would style their Mums, in full make-up and clothes. You both have such great fashion sense, maybe a clothing haul for Mums. Just an idea?…

  2. Omg I literally can't with your mom using her hands to put on the foundation I was cringing thw whole time , that teqnique was something else! 😵😂 I seriously had to fast forward through it I was having to much anxiety

  3. Probably one of the most entertaining vids from you both! Cinzia's facial expressions crack me up, Sophia's sarcasm, Cinzia's mum pouring the foundation in her hands, Sophia's mums comment about letting her natural beauty shine through, Cinzia's mum wondering what Cinzia was going to say when she said "blow dry" loooool the list goes on!….. V.Funny x

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