OUR FIRST KISS!! (ft. Molly Eskam) | FaZe Rug

OUR FIRST KISS!! (ft. Molly Eskam) | FaZe Rug

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We finally kissed guys…
Today Molly and I had our first kiss on camera! Hope you guys enjoyed the vlog! Let me know if you want to see Molly in more of my videos, I know you guys all love us together! ROLLY FOR LIFE

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OUR FIRST KISS!! (ft. Molly Eskam) | Vlogs | FaZe Rug

FaZe Rug

in front of me right now guys is my dream car my official dream car is right in front of me and if you guys are true fans you know my dream car is I'm sure you guys all know what I'm talking about but we got the rolls-royce ghost here at my house right now oh my god guys this is literally my dream car official dream car if you're a fan you know that the rolls-royce is my dream car look at this I'm in love I'm actually in love check it out oh my god imagine if I got a rolls-royce guys by next year I'm gonna try to have a rolls-royce this is gonna be the vlogging scene right here check it out oh but anyways what's going on guys faze rug here and today are you guys a brand new video and I hope you guys are all having a great day as always and sadly this is not my rolls-royce my cousins are here right now because we're getting furniture delivered we ordered some furniture for the living room the backyard dining room my parents room my bedroom set isn't coming in yet like it's gonna take a month or two to come in because the site that I got it from takes super long to deliver but it's worth the wait because I picked the really nice bed set I'm not gonna spoil it my room is gonna be complete in about two months and that's when I'll make like a full room tour now I have like my mattress on the floor no furniture once that whole bed set comes in you guys are gonna love it but right now my cousins are here and their interior designers but look at this ahh I am in love with this car guys one day in the future I will have this car I'm hoping by next year that's my goal look at how the door is open alright let's go inside and check out the furniture we already got this is for the living room oh oh they get this chair for their master bedroom there's Joe oh really nice nice this is the first time I've seen both of these doors open hi guys all right so this is Wesen and andr say hi guys wanted Galleria show them Galleria collections you want to introduce yourselves thank you so much what do you guys do interior design nice cool cool well if you guys want any furniture accessories anything check out Galleria collection and that is your rolls-royce out front right it is beautiful no way guys I'm gonna take it for a spin if you let really yes I'm gonna drive a Rolls Royce I've never driven one ever pictures I see them in person and I've never driven one so enjoy yes okay I won't crash it hopefully I'm nervous now the pressure is on hey mom what do you do interior design as well yeah I know it's hard for those who don't know how my room looks right now like I have just like my mattress on the floor no furniture no nothing I brought this desk just to put my TV on temporarily and right now we're looking at more bed sets downstairs I have one in mind and I want to get it but this is a permanent thing this is gonna be my new room for years for like my whole life so I have to make sure I like it a lot and make sure you guys like it as well so I got a new youtube banner I've had the same youtube banner for like two and a half years and I finally finally got a new one let me know what you guys think boom I seriously love it a lot look at that the view of my house me right there the pool the two hot tubs and then rug behind me and then the phase logo on my shirt and then my social media and I just think it looks a lot cleaner than the last one okay so something that I just found out about the Rolls Royce the doors closed by themselves okay let me turn the car on what this is what I love the most – alright let's turn on my future car to start stop no way guys I've never driven a rolls-royce she's allowing me to drive it I know that's so cool there's like a button and now I get to drive it yes no way all right she's coming with me just in case I crashed it but I'm not gonna crash it okay hey folks first of course of course adjust your seat honestly people like we're good I'm literally driving a Rolls Royce right now no way does it go fast – yes very look at where your speed is in front of you in your glass mirror you have my ranger you're the only one that can see it that's amazing I don't think I've ever seen a rolls-royce in this neighborhood as well how do I look driving it is it yeah looks great yeah it's perfect I love the double are like stitched all the season right you this is amazing wait I love the way this drives spent huh super smooth guys let me know in the comment section if you could see me driving this car in the future because this is definitely my dream car you guys already know that he's over he's like I don't want to hear it Boz what's up why would I ever want a Rolls Royce when we have this like come on this is ten times better than the rolls-royce bounce kidding but now we're parking the golf cart in the garage and yesterday I was actually taking Bosley in the golf cart you guys have me on snapchat and you don't you guys should add me I'm close to four hundred thousand views but it's the face rug and I was taking him around the neighborhood and he loves it he's actually in love with this car he loves to go on rides but guys oh my god I just drove the rolls-royce for the first time ever and it was the greatest thing in the world hi I'm a car fanatic I love cars so if it seems like I'm overreacting I'm not this is just like my natural reaction one day it's going to happen and it's it's just crazy to say that I can probably purchase a Rolls Royce in the future and I never thought those words would ever be coming out of my mouth so thank you guys for all the continuous support you guys seriously make me so happy any time I think about like all the success on YouTube and how much support you guys give me it seriously makes you want to tear up because I'm like you guys have changed my life in such a positive way and I love you guys so much guys whose car is this who's here right now what Molly Congrats on the car oh my god it's so nice guys if you've been watching me for a long time you'd know that this was my second car ever she got the same exact one why are you copying no guys um what when I bought my Range Rover I ended up selling this car and this is one of my favorite cars I've ever had so you're gonna love it wait can you unlock it yeah oh my gosh I miss this car I might have to like steal it from you okay guys if you've been a fan for a long time you'd remember this car look at this no way I know I just have it is it fine did you buy it for me okay no it's usually come guys this is super nice this is literally my old car yeah I know we do that's right and then I really yeah when we first met I had this car cuz like we met over a year ago how crazy is that we've known each other for over a year now it was like oh my god when I look back at the first video oh wait didn't we both like blow up so bad all right guys here is Molly Eskimo if you want to introduce yourself what do you do I look like side-by-side but we should all put I'll put it on the screen right now before and then here pose for the after we definitely glowed up but yeah I didn't even tell them that you were coming so there's a surprise guys you all love Molly Eskom I love Molly Eskom she's beautiful look at her guys Bosley's not leaving molly alone Bosley stop oh wait of course of course when I turn the camera on watch out he's gonna come back Bosley Molly's right here oh my God look at his face oh he chose him over you I think he's just allowing me to have you like he's like you know what Brian all right guys so there's this one big request that you guys have all been asking Molly a night to do and that is a truth or dare game yeah just let's do it are you ready okay all right so we asked you guys for some truths and some dares for us to do and I gathered up three truths and three bears and we are gonna do them for you guys so I hope you enjoyed this video smash that like button smash that like button guys if you enjoyed and let's get started all right first treat um you guys have all been asking this question and that is do you guys really like each other do you guys have feelings for each other I love friends so much obviously yeah come on guys it's mutual between us I obviously like Molly we have some sort of special connection between us yeah we're like we're not fully together but we're like talking you know what I mean hey you serious what is this we want to make videos all the time and feelings yeah hated each other there was something something so so yeah that's quite say that because we've literally beginning that for a year now like over a year exactly six we met the gardener is super loud guys I'm sorry please wait I think my windows are open that's why so I'm new friends but okay so yeah hopefully that cleared some stuff up for you wrong people probably like on Molly's Instagram pictures I get tagged in every single one alright guys next truth how many boyfriends slash girlfriends have you guys happened so how many boyfriends have you had cuz I don't know we didn't talk about this actually okay Brian okay I've had one other boyfriend Oh only one boyfriend yeah when I was sophomore year basically all right so actually guys for those who didn't know and Molly I've only had two girlfriends in my whole life one in eighth grade not too long ago like easy for you know my neck she was a good person so you made like a better choice after the next one so that's good yeah you're watching this right now no burrito and she's tried hitting me on I swear she's like wow okay um next truth okay what's one thing that you guys hate about each other and then love about each other okay you go first what's one thing you need about me I hate that sometimes knowing mystery sure it's not cheating yeah there's not what you thinking about you but probably maybe not that I don't like to just turn on your most notifications on Instagram 20 people tagged you might be following each other you'll see it yeah calm down guys okay so that and then which doesn't really count but I had to say something and then one thing I loved by you is your super always nice in a good mood he's never in a bad mood I've never hung out with you and you've been like in a bad or sour food yeah that's because I'm hanging out with you one thing that I don't like about you I mean there's nothing really but like there's this one thing I know do you actually okay whenever I ask her to do videos okay whenever I ask her to come over she's always late I don't know how long it takes you till I get ready and stuff but she's always late she's like I'll be there I'll be there at 12 and now it's like 1:30 I'm sorry I think I start like I'll be late not show up at Starbucks I think hey sorry traffic was so bad okay and one thing I love about her is I mean there was anything to like hate but I mean she's beautiful okay I'll take that one I like that those two great aren't perfect all right there we go so those are the three truth the dares oh man there were a lot of crazy they asked us to do but some of them aren't appropriate for YouTube so I get banned from UT all right this is kind of one that we came up with because you know they're like interior designers downstairs and people bringing in the furniture I came up with Molly has to ask one of them for their number yeah so really done you do it yeah I'm probably gonna get tonight they're probably gonna be like I could be able to be read I let's go sundae's wait what's your name what is Sabari means dawn oh you have a girlfriend no he has a wife got nicely rejected so did I get my sea rejected no number for her if you were married could I get a number though if you weren't married would you give her your number no oh you got rejected that's true he's faithful he's loyal so when I get married one day I want my husband to do that yeah exactly shoutout to you let's just say you didn't get like fully rejected but you kinda ya know you definitely got rejected so basically I got rejected it's okay just cried a little bit everything's fine I'm just kidding okay so we're gonna give him another day for it Brian's do because I just did one and we were looking around and there's a ton of water over there and I was like how long you just have to trust us you know like in people yeah they do the water bottle thing like I've tried it and I almost choked and died so okay it's okay I know how to give CPR that's cool all right sure let me take a little sip first okay I'm gonna spill it all on me it's okay okay ready go five one for the line three two one where are you kidding me how do we will do that here I'm gonna try it again how on earth do people do that well just threw up I swear okay thanks laughing sport how's my attempt guys I can't do it that's impossible what if you could do that water bottle thing where you like chug it all in one I don't you just you try it but if you could do it then you're like okay so we came up with those two dares and then there's of course that one dare that that you guys all have been asking like you guys asked for like more extreme months but we can't do that on YouTube the one dare that you guys asked for it is a kiss so I asked are you doing I guess so I got it Wow no I mean maybe we've kissed before off camera oh no so I think I mean it might as well just do it on camera all right that was it that was it those are extreme days extreme extreme like I don't think anyone's done bears like that so extreme so so extreme so I think we're gonna is a nice the like by a smash the like button if you guys enjoyed this video subscribe if you're new check out Molly Eskom you guys already know and scrambling down below her youtube channel as well and new hardware video yeah other than that it's been drugged and Molly subscribe she knew and we're out peace

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