Online Childbirth Education: Lauren's Experience

Online Childbirth Education: Lauren's Experience

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When you’re having a baby, you want to be not only comfortable as your delivery day approaches, but also confident. Confident in your care, confident in your knowledge and confident in your mothering skills. And gaining all that confidence means a whole lot of training and education.

The only question is, who has time for that?

The Aurora Women’s Pavilion recognizes that moms-to-be have very little free time on their hands. That’s why we now offer online childbirth education at our 12 birthing centers throughout Wisconsin. Your entire learning experience can be managed from your home, on your schedule, when and where you’re available. No need to travel to a medical center, no need to worry about rearranging your schedule, and definitely no need to stress!

In this video segment, Lauren shares her learning experience while pregnant with baby Lexie. As a busy working woman, Lauren didn’t want to spend her weekends in a classroom. Fortunately, Aurora’s online courses allowed her to work full-time, enjoy weekends upnorth, and still gain the knowledge she needed to become a mom.

Know what to expect — while you’re expecting. Register for the online childbirth course at your local birthing center today:

If you have questions, please call 1-888-524-8555.

my name is Lauren pawlowski and this is Lexi she's four months old and were from Franklin Wisconsin but after his dr craft and dr. Kraft gave me the option of either going to the hospital to do where the classes there and when I said I was a little bit busy to do that he gave me option of doing online birthing classes I send up for the online birthing classes because the time where I should have been taking the classes was in the summertime and i was working long days during the week and i like to go up town on the weekends and that was when the other birthing classes in the hospital were so i chose to do online classes for convenience the material that i covered was a lot more than i expected actually they had a lot of videos they had options to click on different sections and find out more they had numbers on there that we could call and ask if we have additional questions they also sent a booklet in the mail so if I didn't have access to the computer I could take it along with me and read that it gave me a little bit more preparation I guess and helped me kind of to see what was coming even though I don't think you can fully prepare no matter what kind of classes you go to or what kind of things you do um for the process but it definitely gives you a little bit more of an idea what to expect so it was all together a good experience that went through things from what to pack for the hospital to the different parts of labor and what to expect during that and how you know when they go to the hospital or how you know when you're in labor the breathing techniques anything that you would need and it gave short videos of a woman actually giving birth they talked about c-sections anything that you could possibly go through or have questions about were in the online class I would definitely recommend the course to other pregnant women she's doing really well she's smiling although you don't see it no and she's enjoying her tummy time during too bad at things and she's been rolling over for quite some time now although less now I think because she's a little bit bigger now but lots of fun a lot more fun now than she wasn't first few

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