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Q: Who’s in your family?
A: Our family is made up of Me; Rebecca, I am married to my husband Lee & we have been together since 2005!!! We have 3 daughters Safiyah, Florence & Baby Poppy

Q: Where is your accent from?
A: I was born in North Yorkshire then I moved to Scotland when I was 10 & have been here ever since.

Q: Does Lee work?
A: In 2017 Lee gave up his offshore career to become a stay at home Dad. This has allowed me to turn my youtube hobby into my full time job & Lee is loving his at home role, we are all enjoying lots of family time together.

Q: What camera do you use to film?
A: We use the Canon G7X mark ii for our vlogs *

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A: Epidemic Sound

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A: I have created this video with some top tips for starting your own channel –

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good morning everybody whoa what is going on in here we have literally started redecorating the kitchen and so excuse the cupboards this is the primer that's on at the moment so that's why it looks like this but yeah we started or I started at seven o'clock last night when Lee went back to football well I haven't been you got back with more nine o'clock past nine and we were still going was it midnight past eleven and I'm absolutely shattered today I don't know what's going on with me I'm like tired really tired all the time I can't shake it and I've got to go to the gym right now and I couldn't think of anything that I would last want to do so I'm gonna have some breakfast and then I'm gonna go to the gym and gonna take you with us today it is officially the last day of term I can't believe it sapphire is about to go into primary for after the summer and Florence it has her very last day at nursery and then it's tied school to somewhere Oh blows my mind but anyway I'm running late so cereal Sofia are you dressed how are you feeling on your very last day of term whoa right that's great so p3 does it mean good best year so far school or not yeah yeah and best teacher that's so nice what you're looking forward to most about breaking up right sit still puffy sorry don't do it again please I'm just testing today is your last ever day of nursery why make don't remember there are school holidays right so far you could have said let me start on your back please money going to my world mm well granddad arrives today you can't have smooth when she's darling because you've got curly hair I know it's Florence even if I put that in it that's not breaking your hair straight your hair is curly curly pulling me because I'm just trying to get it's really hard no you know we go to UM easy really nice hedge I said no you need a nice top are you so mean you had your salute and I'm not very good okay taking like a little tree mom I have to be darling I want to hear your three favorite things about being p3 Oh fun party yeah I get them that's what care there with some good answers and what are you most looking forward to in some holidays yeah don't we school run done and now I am heading to the gym I've got the fear because I'm just so tired I'm just not feeling it but I am if we got good morning guys I've got the two kids but about to hear a nice walk whilst it's dry because looks like we may have rain again and so we're gonna go a little wonder wrong with kiddos Jim done and then I met a friend for a coffee which was really really nice and now purchase climbed into the back of the car and won't get out this is like a regular occurrence at the moment and like she won't get in the car to start with and then screams when we're on our journey because she wants to get out and then it's not funny mommy yes papi you're philia hi papi are you gonna get out the car yeah should we gonna get a biscuit come on then what biscuit well would you like a biscuit Oh brilliant come on then bribery with food my number-one parenting hang never mind all these fancy things that you can do oh ok farmer just bribe them with a biscuit right can you shut the door Oh bit windy isn't it but we'll take that wipe you got your hair I painted the kitchen or doesn't it look such a mess seeing inside all the cupboards what do you think of it so far why are you growling at made you want this biscuit no you're not having anything from up there would you like a biscuit well flora answer was just saying that she thinks I need a haircut what do you think actually look like Beavis from Butthead don't know or from beavis and butt-head do flu don't need one just a little bit it's a bit cooler well if I was to keep my hair like this coward fed watered and off to take Florence to her last ever day of excited me yeah got something right Tanya I know it's paint oh no that's a bit of egg for a poppies lunch okay thanks blow are you excited for your last day you ready to be a big girl at the big girls school you're not gonna be by yourself all day all day today oh oh you'll soon get used to me not being there though you'll be with all your friends and you've got a lovely new teacher don't you yeah you're sad right sit up properly that in poppy are we getting out of the car why Thank You papi yeah now we're getting out of the car yeah why not yeah it's time to get in the house should we go in the house yeah should we get out of the car Yeah right mummy's coming to get you out the car okay yeah can't believe that's Florrie for her last ever nurse research session honestly it's been like the quickest time ever she's had the best time at the school nursery it was something that I didn't do with sapphire yes yes you're coming out of the car let's put this here a second come on biscuit face come on come on I even though you're hiding I can still see you puppy yeah I never put sapphire to school nursery I just kept her a private nursery and I really regret doing it not not doing it or doing it and I'm probably will definitely be going to the school nursery it's just so good for them it's on-site they go end up going up to school with all of their friends that they've made and the teachers are fab and they like do visits back and forth to the school so if you ever are in a predicament whether to go stay private and you have the option or to go to the school nursery I would so come on so today I'm wearing my do not do not worry t-shirt lovely so cute isn't it and I get asked about this so so often both of these were sent to me as a gift from Carrie Elizabeth jewelry and I'll link her page down below but she just has the most stunning jewelry this especially is my favorite and this is just so easy to just leave on all the time and because I'm like totally hippie-dippie these days I love the fact that it's got like a star and a moon on it especially with all this and eclipse yes we're going in the house it's nap time you take this Teddy can you look after this no never mind growling at me come on let's go and unlock the door quick quick quick let's run should we have a race Ready Steady Go okay pop you have a race Ready Steady Go come on Kate yes please come on right I'm gonna have to carry you then never mind the growling let's go come on hope mommy's hand you want up good catch me first okay so I've got an old t-shirt on and some leggings and I'm going to continue painting the kitchen and I'm just going to show you a bit of what I'm doing because I am actually doing a like kitchen transformation video obviously but yeah I'm gonna what I'm gonna start doing now is going on to everything that's being primed with the first quart of paint so exciting okay so that is the color so the first layer of color has just gone on had some serious painting going on while this one slept and that like so annoying when he does that and just down tools then the granddad's arrived I always get the fear on the day when he's driving up from England cuz he's an old Manny and it's a long way he's just arrived doesn't hey your puppy's being very shy won't we be watching granddad have you been watching the violent though but granddad have you who do you think is gonna win come on Colin I haven't watched last night's episode so don't give anything away Irish girl Maura you think she's gonna win no who's you think it's gonna win just say it granddad it's alright Tommy and Molly I don't know I'm not watching it yeah I missed last night's though do you think Tommy and Molly are going to win I know yeah no no Tommy and Molly are cute though aren't they no you're thinking a me of a mean Curtis Tommy the wrestler Tommy fury and Molly that wears a hair in the bun on the head no she hasn't granddad no she did not are you being serious you're talking about Amy and Curtis Oh granddad no you're not granddad you telling the truth anyway it's all over social media today that Amy's left the villa I know but she's left today she's come out the house yeah you watching love island yeah tell me and Molly what that what good are you gonna say hi to gran dad yet no no good boy go say hi to gran deeply come on nice cut off with Grant I didn't eat didn't take long and she gave me a crystal and dad has just left it's so funny puppy is so funny with him are these lights yeah papi like takes ages to walk up to him and it's always like by the time that he's going back home that she's like granddad but we did that in my under an hour so that was progress I'm just about to make some dinner we're having a spaghetti bolognese tonight and as a little like start of summer the kitchen looks so much better already and he has little start of summer end of year present I bought the girls a big balloon band kit to share I'll link it down below it was an absolute bargain off Amazon and they've been upstairs for like an hour playing with this loom band kit and I'm hoping that that's going to be the thing that's gonna keep them friends over seven weeks off and so hopefully that can be something that they can do together because flurry is not quite there we're doing it by itself but sapphires really gonna teach you how to do it and also bonus points it keeps them entertained and occupied so we'll see how long that lasts I've also got one card er a big old stack of play-doh arriving as well and sorry I'm about to ride it yeah just little things to keep them entertained however I can hear them arguing bright girls we aren't even on dear one of the summer holidays what are you arguing over right right sivaiah that is true Florrie is not your servant so if you would like the door shift you jump up and shut the door the babes are in bed and we're back to it Everywhere's had a second cart now and it's looking good someone you're really good you can see how light is actually gonna look like when you look there coz that's had two coats and so has that I think it just is lightened it up so much already hasn't it and now I'm gonna go watch last night's love island because I never watched it last night because I spent my whole evening in the garage painting from 7:00 p.m. until half past eleven so I'm gonna watch it and catch up and have some goodies because I've tried to curb my evening chocolate habit but just today it's the weekend and kids just broken up with some holidays I went lame and out to the shop smells like please can you pick up some goodies and by the way they're all in here because these hidden them from the kids but Oh love island finished I think Donnie and Mike and Michael are gonna get back together Danny and Michael here name's Danny isn't it was it I think I'm doing my clicker feedback yet oh yeah Danny's a good lad so is that okay Oh shows how much I'm paying attention to it well bees a good lad as well you actually are I really like it is that the norm mmm baby like we're gonna hit me that's what's easy guys


  1. This is the first year I’ve watched Love Island and I have to say I’m really enjoying it. Never thought I would. I’ve chopped and changed who I like since it started and since I’ve got to know everyone (as much as you can in an hour everyday lol). I thought Amy was so brave to do what she did, bless her and I really hope she meets her special someone. Who knows, maybe she & Curtis will get back together again one day. I also think Michael & Amber were a lovely couple and I’d really like to see them back together. I cannot bear Anna. She is horrible & so selfish and I won’t forgive her for treating Ovie so badly who is such a sweet guy. Of course I love Anton (my wee man from Scotland) but not really sure his mum would like the girl he’s with 🙄
    Tommy & Molly-Mae have grown on me more and more. Very sweet couple.

    I’m loving the light kitchen. Makes such a difference. Wood was beautiful in its day but it is so old school now and makes everything look so dark.

    Biggest congratulations to Lee for getting his job back offshore. You’ve had such a lovely time being together and I know you will miss him but it will be lovely having that time when he’s back on shore. It’ll soon pass. The thing is you just look so happy and you’ve got your beautiful smile back which I’m so pleased about. You didn’t deserve to be treated like you were by those vile people but you can have the last laugh and they’ve actually done you a favour 😘👏

    Can’t believe how much Poppy is growing up. She is utterly adorable and so cheeky. Florrie is as sweet as ever and even Fiyah is growing into a lovely young lady too. Your girls really are so lovely and an absolute credit to you and Lee.
    Sending you all the biggest hugs ever 🤗 xxxxx

  2. Do you think maybe you’d be able to do a video on how you get through a school holiday day with the kiddos? Ideas what to do with them etc? My little boy is 6 tomorrow but he’s not very independent so wants my attention 24/7 so a whole day is quite loooonnng 😄 xx

  3. Wow that little mention of storybook glen, I went there for my 8th birthday while spending the summer holidays visiting our family in Aberdeen I imagine it has changed a lot since then 🧚🏻‍♂️

  4. Loving you videos, you seem so much more yourself, lovely to see. Love the girls, poppy growling and Florrie saying she’s not Safiyah slave made me laugh 😂 xx

  5. I work in a school nursery and 100% agree with you! It makes the transition to school a lot easier and they’re already familiar with the setting.

    I absolutely love your family vlogs, they’re my favourite to watch ❤️ xxx

  6. So funny my little girl is more of less the same age as Poppy (end July 17) and she won’t get out of the car either and climbs over all the seats, unfortunately she isn5 the best eater so bribing with food doesn’t work 😳

  7. Your grandad is hilarious as if he’s been watching love Island 🤣 he’s amazing!!
    That’s great to know about school nursery, Ive just made the decision from September that my little boy will go from a private nursery to a school one for his funded hours 💙 it’s reassuring to know that I’ve made the right decision 🙌🏼 xx

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