33 thoughts on “OH SAD BABY LIZZA, Lizza Falling In Sleep Unconscious/Best Mom Having Good Care On Baby

  1. she is such a good mom, when the baby lets one little cry, mom hugs her up and starts finding food to make milk for the baby. please feed this mom real good while you are bothering her. they need rest. when you have a baby you have to sleep when the baby does.

  2. Oh my goodness, even her little voice is super high pitched, i really think she's got drawfism. Right down to her little squeaky high pitch voice. That little bitty Mac attack was just too adorable.

  3. Stop telling lies on your titles. They sleep,no unconscious. They can wake up. They can't even sleep for you all being up on them all the freaking time. Thats why the mom be do tired,running from the VOS.

  4. この親子はほんとにかわいいわ!親子で一生懸命生きてるね‼️人間も見習いたいね。ホッとする❗️暖かい気持ちになれるわ。素晴らしい‼️

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