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Welcome back to another TTC update. In this video I explain my symptoms over the TWW after my trigger shot and second IUI.
I also do a live pregnancy test at the end! Watch the whole thing to see what it says! Again, thank you all for watching and supporting my journey through secondary infertility.
I love you all so much!

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good morning it is early as you can tell my face is probably all puffed up cells and sleeping but today is Friday and I've been promising you guys that I would make you this two-week wait symptom video and I haven't got around to it it's literally in the day before I'm supposed to test and I haven't updated you guys yet so I'm sorry about that it's been a little busy we're on vacation this week so we've been like doing things outside of the home and haven't really been at home near the camera in a quiet space so I could film but I'm here now it's 6 o'clock in the morning on a Friday and I'm getting ready to go to the ocean with my mother for the day the kids are sleeping my husband's sleeping so it's a very good time to show I'm gonna make this really short and sweet because I have some pregnancy tests that I want to look at and those consume me basically and I'm hoping that they've gotten darker I don't know but we'll see ok so anyways my symptoms so around 6 days past ovulation my best boob started to hurt and it was more it's more just like the sides that hurt with the middle of her or anything and then this one caught up and started getting sore I would say he's more sore but this one is an eye sore but they are sore and they're still sore it is ten days past ovulation so they're still hurting which is a good thing everybody has said because they usually don't get sore boobs before my period like ever since I have my charged in December I haven't gotten to our boobs at all cents so this is the first time they hurts and I was pregnant last the next time times that I've had noticing is a lot it's like frequent urination I think I pee I pay a lot but I feel like I have to pee a lot you know what I mean like I'll go pee and then like 10 minutes ARAG I have to pee again so I don't know it could be like on my head I don't know I've been drinking a lot of water so it could be that I don't know I've had some cramping it's not been like crazy but I've noticed it here and there at times of feeling like some dole cramping on this side and then I'll feel it on this side so I guess there's that but that's really it I have I mean I think I felt nauseous maybe once I think this week I think it was like Wednesday night that I was really nauseous and like I kept swallowing my throw-up I don't know you know if that was just me having an off day or pregnancy-related I'm not sure but I did go ahead and I've been trying to test out my trigger and the lines on the pregnancy test are getting fainter today would be eleven days past trigger yesterday I tested with a first response the early one and I got a faint line and it's exciting to see but I also don't want to get my hopes up because I know that this could be selling HCG left on my system I'm gonna try to show you guys I don't know yet but I'll go ahead and enter a picture of what this looks like at ten days past my trigger so basically this morning I am taking two tests an easy at home one and it first response I'll show you guys the results um it's time to look at them so I'm gonna go ahead and look at them and hopefully we can see a dark they're lying I hope it's 11 days past the trigger so I'm hoping that if there is a line it's not the trigger because there should be out of my system he up pretty soon alright so look at the first row I still really think it's not any darker dang it ah so the one the first response from eleven DPO or eleven days past trigger is still fame but it's not any darker than this one let's look at the evil you really know I need to agree there it's actually pretty much lighter so but you would think that if I was pregnant there would be like if you think if I was pregnant by now there should be like the lunch be getting darker and it's not so my guess is that I'm not pregnant it's okay it's not okay it sucks tomorrow is the day that I was supposed to test but I don't think I want to test anymore I think it can't be another failed cycle oh I don't want to cry but but it's so fast right we literally did everything that we could and I'm still not pregnant all right I get it I really don't well me and I hurt I hurt they write they write to hurt it hurts to know about I know it's still early but I mean usually by light that's time the hell I'm would've been getting darker now I'm just gonna wait for my period so now I need to get myself together and go enjoy the day I just not think about it there's really nothing to think of it still work okay guys I'm going to go and finish getting ready and just go ahead and do it this day and try not to be depressed but I will talk to you guys soon hopefully maybe the test will magically turn really dark and positive but I thought that's gonna happen but I'll talk to you guys soon I don't really know what else to say right now I don't really have a plan and I'm just a little shocked but I'll talk to you guys in a problem


  1. Just came across your channel feel like I’m seeing myself in your videos. I have two kids like you but boys age 5 and 3 we have been trying for baby number 3 for 1 year+. I just started clomid this month and am 11 dpt and the line has completely faded so I feel very sad and upset. I can very much relate to what you’re going through. I don’t know many mums like me struggling to have a third and since I have kids already many people can’t relate to the pain I’m going through. Wishing you Lots of luck and just subscribed xxx I was wondering how old you are I’m 33 and only test that came back negative for us is a low AMH. Going for an IVF consult in September to get an idea of our chances but won’t consider IvF until 2020 and more months of trying with clomid and then maybe IUI.

  2. Please don’t be upset or discouraged.. just subscribed to ur channel I know next video u will be pregnant.. My son called it he’s usually pretty good.. i have 3 kids all born November 30 but different years. My oldest has guessed gender for over 18 people and always been right. He said you will have a baby boy so be positive. He is 6 and said please don’t cry God will bless you soon

  3. I can’t believe that this is actually happening everything that you just sad in this video is happening to me
    I took 4 tests it showed positive but really faint line and then the digital showed not pregnant so I don’t know I have to wait
    I hope that you are more luckier than I am and you will have you baby soon.
    Don’t give up hope it will happen

  4. Hugs, I totally understand I had 4 failed iui and 2 cancelled
    Now this time around I’m doing acupuncture, Chinese herbs, yoga, and meditation
    I’m going to try iui again after 3 cycle of acupuncture.
    Baby dust I hope soon you get your bfp.

  5. Hcg will not double for 48 to 72 hours so tomorrows would be darker if u are pregnant, I pray u are.. my line wasnt getting darker for days now it is darker then the control line. Good luck bunny

  6. The boobs thing is a great sign! I didn’t get a positive until 14dpo following two miscarriages and a lot of trying I thought soreness round the sides counted me out but I was wrong!!

  7. I did 3 iui’s with a sperm bank in 2017 through a fertility doctor each and every one failed I gave up for a year.. found an in person donor tracked my own ovulation and first try and I’m almost 6 weeks pregnant with my first, the fertility doctor was tracking my ovulation wrong, I ovulate very late in my cycle, get clear blue digital ovulation test and track your own ovulation with no trigger shot and than try, my doctor had me thinking i couldn’t get pregnant meanwhile i had no problem doing it on my own (soft cup method) don’t give up xoxoxo

  8. Aawwe sweetie don't lose hope! I know exactly how your feeling!! My doctor had to do fertility treatments with her first 2 children, she has pcos. But she got pregnant in December on her own no treatments unfortunately she did miscarry that 1 but she is pregnant again and again all on her own!! No treatments and she's 20wks!! So please don't give up or lose hope it can definitely happen!!! I just found your channel and don't know much about your situation but I just wanted to share that with you to hopefully help you to not feel so down and hopeless. God has his plans for us all and I'm sure he will bless you again with a baby!! Try not to get to depressed. I know how that is! My hubby and I have been trying for over 2yrs now for baby #2, we have a 4yr old almost 5. So I definitely understand how your feeling!! Good luck and I'll pray for you🤗

  9. I had a very fade line, it was almost invisible, I could see it just with a flash light and and I waited some days more and next time I tested it was a positive pregnancy test. I will keep you in my prayers.

  10. Sending love from the Philippines! I have been following your journey recently since I am also new on TTC. 💙 your videos and vlogs have made me smile and cry 😭 Praying for you and your family!! By the way, you are so beautiful 💙💙

  11. There is still time …your body is not like every woman's body , I do have problems conceiving too , soon to be one year…I did had s misscarage in February 2019 …and I don't have any children yet and you know if it's not happening right now, it's not because of you . The plan is different and your baby is waiting for you to be happy in your life, not strressed or scared… It will happen I know it .. it will happen when you don't even try !!! And your baby is waiting for you not the other way around !!!

  12. You’re not out for the month yet. I tested totally negative until 12 dpo then a positive. It just might be a bit too early. Keeping things crossed for you 🤞🏻 xx

  13. It’s not over yet! Lines don’t get darker sometimes for 48 hours. You may be pregnant. If not, and you decide to do another IUI, please do not let them do it without monitoring you. You are spending your hard earned money and could be throwing it away if your follicles aren’t the right size, etc.

  14. Don't get to discouraged yet. There is still a line. At least its something which means its still possible you are very early in pregnancy. I would wait a few days and test again. Crossing my fingers for you!

  15. Your not out till you get your period! Don’t lose hope! Your boobs hurting is such a good sign! Try to enjoy your weekend and test again on Monday ? Sending love and positive vibes ♥️♥️

  16. It’s still early!! I didn’t get BFP until 13 DPO. And my tests before that were completely negative!! Please don’t give up hope. I went and bought tampons and that period never came

  17. Dont count yourself out yet! I wish there was a way i could post a pic in the comments so you could see but i tracked my line progression from the day of trigger until 14 dpo and days 10 and 11 the lines were the LIGHTEST. Even day 12 there was barely anything. I didnt get a dark line until 13/14 dpo. Im not trying to give you false hope im just saying dont lose hope yet!

  18. 11 dpo is very early for a lot of women to be taking a pregnancy test, I would get a blood test, to look at the hcg numbers.. I'm sorry you are going through this…sending hugs💜💜💜

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