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Heyyyy! It’s JoJo!! Welcome to my vlog channel! i upload here EVERYDAY! So make sure to subscribe RIGHT NOW!! i love you guys so so much and i will see you tomorrow!

what can I say now hey guys good you know I am just so delighted to hear that so angry if you guys you know what it's going to be a great day when you were just sitting down enjoying a big garden thing of Goldberg Oh Baba yeah come get the goldfish they go there you go enjoy Merry Christmas is going to be a great and ethical day and I need to bring you up to speed because we have done is something today already that you don't know about so let me tell you about it we went to our very first NFL football games nothing really fun so we went to the Raiders game so we're here right now at the Vader's game we lose I just got your like five minutes whole again Universal Studios that's where we should go right now as you go fly and love on it fly we just got here we have no clue what to expect this is our first NFL football game ever like I've Nev enjoy my family's never been to one and it's actually pretty cool I mean look at this they got lots of food here that's the standing over there but look at all their food that is what I'm said but I mean the big cheese with this tackle box they got a fresh pizza I mean it's just pretty happening and I'm really excited so let's go look at this I got a wonderful truck I'm deaf people waffle dog I'm getting a waffle dog that is awesome so uh this is the waffle dog it's literally a hot dog wrapped in waffle and then I was I got a plane – she got what's it called me nice nice y'all love it delicious step off this mo yep not so it is smiling delicious [Applause] [Applause] they just gave us people to dig into the superball and I right now so I'm gonna turn it back to you children salute I didn't know this but my brothers have longer I know right and he actually blogged when he went to take my fan mail to the Pope's office yesterday and this happened yesterday morning I had no idea about it but yeah guys it's Jaidyn I'm heading to the post office right now to ship out all of judges fan mail responses to people who sent her fan mail if you guys want to send her a fan mail here's her address good look at all these letters that people up sent her look at all this fan mail she's responding to come on guys send her some fan mail now all of these responses from Joe Joe two people have sent her fan mail she loves to respond to people who sent her this mail it's awesome how she does all of this I mean the man's got some blogging skills am i right I know you guys and now I am back here with my goldfish and with Bobo who is still hanging out on the table having a two goldfish yeah today is just getting started it is New Year's Eve oh it's 2018 for you happy 2018 it is still new easy for us I am NOT in focus like I was in it still there is new for us and we are just gonna have a fun little family game night because we are all tired I'm literally in my pajamas right now but huh it's good so unless both see what's happening in the kitchen because I hear lots of things happen I'm not gonna lie oh my god there is lots of things happening in you know we got a cop Reserve and something have to bake in we got some grease looking thing we got some BP looking red thing and some cheese with butter I think that butter ones out important or what did I say cheese yeah what are you making up new means being mad for it the more I eat the more you the more you to somebody a beautiful 7 by 7 purple flickering and I was kind of scary or have a cry haunted anyway you guys let's get this day going let's watch okay I'm running everybody I think it's run all those are on oh yeah babe we got we stop the life right there you are yay did it go in just taken a wet washcloth and just kinda you know make it in one blow blow dryer all the way but that's kind of what I was going for for this look so next week next I'm going to be taking some hair gel and just squirting it into my head and I'm sewing that I always want to give spiky hair all around oh my god I'm so cute I'm so excited oh my god it was actually so it just does just not gonna be really I'm not in love with it you like this look calm down okay you do that and you know I'm going for the sleek businessman luck here we go look of the day and it's time to do it it's washed out the second one we got a little spiky schmohawk type thing and I also meant to be a joke but he just looked like it was a really cute baby pictures like visitor they're like in the baby bottle look number four you guys I'm not gonna lie this one's cute but I like the first look even better so I'm gonna put you back in the bracelet and then I'm gonna go downstairs and do a mom and dad think of it okay are you guys I just got in there max like government-wide when just constantly you know downstairs and reduce your my friends is do they think so who knows one hair that's really bugging me oh you guys you ready – yes and Nick you okay you love it you love it you like it don't ya yeah I love it and Jane rode convincing him all loving yeah but you guys comfortable of you like I seriously you look cute I don't know but I I don't love it do you like it do you like it I love it you're next Oh awesome oh my god I'm sorry no bow but I'm also doing my mom you kinda got a makeover because she got her hair cut I got it oh you did oh yeah we saw your mess in the sink you got hair in the sink because I had to use the other thing is my dad and then ready myself oh I love his hair if you guys love is here right now smash that subscribe button smash it smash it 3 2 1 hit it hit it oh wait why do you need it you're gonna subscribe you guys dad what what happened I do make over listen I'm gonna do subscribe right here anyways I'm gonna come in did you get ready are you ready put your seat belt on insert the metal clip into the buffle and then secure to fasten to tighten first let's buckle those belts this floor channel this channel right here we have gained get ready for 20,000 subscribers today mine's 1 I honestly have no clue why or how I think people are just starting to find out about the vlog Channel but like go on into 2018 with the best 3 receive inators and we are awesome and we are strong we were powerful we believe in ourselves and you know that's just what makes us awesome but you guys like nothing insane so number one thank you but number two just look at this literally twenty thousand subscribers and it's only 9 o'clock so um for me to you um thank you I love you but for me to you also subscribe you guys I seriously I just I love you guys um I want to take a moment I like kids serious and I just I want to talk to you all for a second I don't get serious often but let's get serious let's cue the serious music right here in three two one oh it's a lot more serious ok get happy music yet oh yeah I like this better ok but we do need to get serious though to the cutes dude not the Curie's music thank you serious music okay this is better well then grab a chair and then we'll talk music we see we just have fun I don't want to say what an amazing your 2017 has been I have a 2017 highlights video coming out on my main channel on Wednesday which is in like on the 3rd it's the 3rd I know what's the third this is going up on the first leg nothing wrong but the next day oh but wow I don't even know where to begin with 2017 like it was just amazing I cannot wait to meet 2018 she or he is going to be amazing and so many wonderful things are just gonna keep happening but it's like I saw this thing online today it was like 2016 it was the caterpillar 2017 was the cocoon and 2018 was the butterfly and that is seriously so true because like 2016 was great I was a caterpillar and then 2017 was awesome I was blooming and then 2018 I can just feel it it's gonna be a bitch and you know that is actually that's my goal for 2018 is I just want to take what I have right now and I just want to make it ten thousand times greater amazing bigger so I need you guys help with that but I know you're seeing it I know you got my back cuz of course I got your back but seriously like it's just I just want to say how much I love you guys and how thankful I am for everything that has happened to me in 2017 is just so amazing it's so crazy I'm Wow I just it's just I mean amazing like just wow so now um you already know I'm not gonna blabber on about 2017 because 2018 is gonna be here and it's nine o'clock ten o'clock eleven o'clock did you like that non-vocal Jojo I like that was kind of fun and just since 2017 was the best year of my life I need to end it with a bit should i prank someone that'd be fun should I give away something I kind of like pranking people better but I also love giving things better but I also really like to prank people but I also really like to give people kick compromise how about if it's a how about if I give voice stuff tomorrow and if I prank people today all right I'm gonna think of a prank and I don't know if you're gonna see this prank today tomorrow the next day but I'm gonna prank something and even if I prank someone no or something and like oh me I'm just gonna say that that was my end of 2017 because I can't think of it on the spot and I need a plan I need it to be good okay I'm thinking kinda have this thing where my number just got leaked but it's leaked out already so I think I just think that I'm gonna leak it to you guys eventually because you know what's already leaked so I might as well just leak a little bit more and then just have a little bit of fun with it I want to think about oh my gosh I need to think about this all right you guys so now I'm gonna shut you off and I'm gonna go I don't I don't actually know what I'm gonna do but I just gonna go watch you to me so I recently just got verified on Twitter so now I have that category thing where it's like my verified people you guys yes you just followed me on Twitter right scum just followed me please roast me no I'm just getting please don't believe that but I mean if you want to it's fine I'll take them subscribers any day um Thomas Sanders followed me on Twitter look and Paul and a Shane Dawson I am just wow so excited and all the training you're just one more thing before you show this game Robin go like that oh I haven't liked basketball today or yesterday so tomorrow I am going to be playing basketball a lot of the day because I think we're gonna be home most of the day but boy oh boy mind decided because I've missed lay around oh my subway oh I can still ride that tonight though got like a word gotta go focus gotta go I don't know I might take a nap I don't know what I'm gonna do so Joe Joe gave me a makeover earlier in the day and I had not a lot of fun doing that so we're gonna go get Joe Joe back or any other makeover today and Jack help you yeah you can't actually what do you want I'll take a log ey my Avaya new your new youth better deal what okay we get woody I didn't agree to this what are you doing you did fire earlier so I'm getting back to do my anything well you kinda did wow I don't know what he's doing right now but I'm just gonna kind of go with it because I don't know why oh this is me and my hair down hi okay Jaden oh my god what are we doing this is a breather Lester if he is going to get a vacuum I saw her yeah she's most definitely vacuuming my new hairdo that my brother decided to give me I don't know why but uh what whatever it were is definitely something I haven't even seen the back of it what's it look like oh my god that is in very young my hair I tell Jane you can get a makeover and this doesn't strike you like this and get my hair back like that and uh yeah you guys 45 seconds like can't believe my sentence over nothing like whatever but we survived oh my gosh you guys what a night and what a day I can't even change that I can't even believe that in 2018 night yeah I'm still saying somebody's crazy Zaza let me clarify something I'm really quickly before I end this vlog oh no no I was brown and it was down up week left but that's not actually happening obviously I used to when I was little I used to have brown hair and also – I'd never wear my hair down so I was just kind of click bait you know I like bait but anyways you know my hair will not be brown for a very long time if ever and my hair will not be down for a very long time if ever really a bar today I love you guys so much you enjoy my messy bed don't you right there anyway so I like it so much peace out bye everybody

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