Nazar | Mother's Love

Nazar | Mother's Love

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Achchhayi aur burayi ke beech ki is ladaayi mein, hogi kis Maa ki jeet?
Nazar Mon-Fri at 11pm only on StarPlus.

41 thoughts on “Nazar | Mother's Love

  1. starplus i have a request and i hope uou really make it true .πŸ’–i love starplus but since im in japan ,icant watch any serials from starplus .colors are always putting it on youtube and i hope you will also do that .i really tried to watch it on but they dont use international credit card and i really want to watch this serial and kasauti so please listen to us international fans please

  2. Vedashree ne to ansh ko davansh banane SE bacha liyaπŸ˜’ but ab vedashree pathar ki ban gyi hπŸ˜“πŸ˜±..I really hope ansh juldi SE piya ko Laker aaye apni maa ko thik krdeβ˜ΊπŸ‘

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