My Strict Parents Put Too Much Pressure On Me

My Strict Parents Put Too Much Pressure On Me

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A lot of parents are strict, and a lot of parents put pressure on their kids to be and act perfectly. Sometimes it’s about getting good grades; sometimes it’s about always behaving just right; sometimes it’s about doing chores around the house. But for Andrea, it wasn’t just sometimes and it wasn’t just one thing she had to do perfectly, it was all the time and everything.

Not only that, but Andrea suffered from depression since she was 14 years old, and that made everything more challenging. Finally, Andrea gathered the strength to confront her parents and talk to them about how she was feeling, but her parents didn’t listen, in fact, being honest with them seemed to make everything worse. You might not believe parents like this actually exist. Their expectations are so high that she has a fear of failure as a student, as a daughter and as a member of the household. They gave her no break, no chance to learn from failure, nothing less than perfect, ever. It made her sick.

Andrea was so shaken up by it, and with all the pressure they put on her, she broke down, hyperventilated and couldn’t stop crying. She thought to herself, “I can’t take it anymore, it’s too much pressure.” Having an anxiety attack, a bit of a mental breakdown. It got so bad that she had to go to the Hospital, away from her parents and all of the pressure, and recover and regain her strength.

Even then, she wasn’t ready to go back home, and so, staying with a friend, she builds herself up, polishes her armor and rises to the challenges she faces – ready for triumph!

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I was diagnosed with depression ever since I was 14 living with depression feels like there's a ticking bomb inside you counting down the seconds until I finally reaches zero then darkness round all over you and there's little to no way out when I was 17 my self-esteem was down I felt so alone I just hated myself for having these problems the fact that I was a junior in high school was already stressful enough but the fact that the environment at school felt way much better than at home it was too much for me to carry my parents all traditional chores had to be done every day the apartment had to be perfectly clean and there wasn't one day I wouldn't be put to shame for not doing things right if I didn't meet my mom and dad expectation I will get yelled at then see new year came along I was afraid of turning 18 because I believe my parents will put more expectations on me I secretly hoped they would forget my birthday they didn't after a stressful senior year I finally reached my goal of graduation but the struggle didn't enter I still live with my parents and the rule applied that as long as I'm under the roof I still have to follow the rules I'll still get yelled at and be put to shame for not doing things right on the first try one evening I got so alone I gathered the courage to talk about how I felt to my dad it was something I was afraid of doing talk about my feelings to any of my parents because I would always end up feeling even worse than when I began everything went downhill after tried to confront both my mom and dad and tell him to please take it easy on me but their high expectations was too much for me when everything failed I began to break down so bad I thought pain not only mentally and emotionally but physically I was breathing too fast and sobbing so hard because I felt so crushed the fact that my parents will not change their ways of applying pressure on me to be perfect that evening I was brought to a hospital by my therapist I spent 10 days in the hospital before I got discharged but I wasn't ready to go back to my parents house I had barely begun to value myself to accept myself to know I am worth something and that I have the right to make choices so I arranged things with my best friend and currently I am staying there until I am ready to go back to my parents to gather plenty of armor against the many struggles I will have to face them in the future my depression is something that makes my life a little challenging but the thing is I love challenges bring it on oh my god we totally talked about the cliff headers I'm all the way shorter than nauseous you

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  2. I hate those parents. If they were my parents, I would seek for help and get support by others. Also, if my mom saw those parents, she would be freaked out and she would maybe yell the poop out of those parents

  3. In other words, the title should be : my parents are probably Asian
    P.s I have Asian parents and their like this. Lol u Americans are just lucky my mom is like get below 80 for any tests, you’re not going on holiday with us. All parents do this out of love . Deal with it

  4. You clean the house, they find a microbe of dust

    “Honey, get the belt”

    Make dinner and finish school not so well

    “Honey, get the belt”

    Parents can be strict, you just gotta deal.

    Or kill, I prefer kill

  5. I'm a muslim girl and my parents put so much pressure on me. And is school is stressing me even more. Im depressed and nobody knows it and I wish I had a best friend to share my problems with but I don't. I feel so alone…

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