MY MUM UNSUBSCRIBED TO MY CHANNEL? Most Embarressing moment Q&A With my MOM

MY MUM UNSUBSCRIBED TO MY CHANNEL?  Most Embarressing moment Q&A With my MOM

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I vlogged my day with my mum, Forced her to record a Q&A. We answered you guys’ questions!

1. What did my mum think when I started blogging/vlogging?
2. Does my mum watch my videos
3. What does my mum think of people who dislike my videos?
4. What does my mum love about me & what do i love about my mum
5. Favourite Child
6. My most embarressing moment
7. When was my mum proudest of me?


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hello guys I'm just doing my garden what I thought I detected blogaid here because in some just go entertainer where I need to go have a look at fabrics for college and yeah looks like think that I'll be able to go to London to get them but I want to see what we have here because hopefully I'll get away with not having to go all the way to London to buy them or else I can buy some online say I just wanna have a look around and see I am Watson Dublin is not like great shops for freiburg MW which is very annoying I am so yeah yeah so I just want to break that bloody sweet they're premier up full-on and we thought that was your heritage yeah you did no he did McDowell just wants us a joke or something no I think you had been watching Rugrats in Paris and you had decided all the things he hates the time we didn't tell you otherwise we see that like he told me that purple haze' dog it was more any taste no change so we went to doggy it was like a weird thing that we braved okay like I thought it was an exotic place else far away but I was losing the road maybe if we even drove through it both be like now gosh for a date for Barney's house I'm sure it's a better house and airy just take won't let us go how come he won't they that hundred cars for him when they would be side he's just standing there move over to the side and change it to go soon as he come right there learn more about just to go he's up on the side to Anna yeah I'm flipping dawn she said it joke we know they say Kate so we're home now we're gonna do a Q&A I was going to do during your on in the carpet that we did not enough time so we're just at home and just forcing my mom today with the Q&A I didn't even tell her I just was like we're doing it Nick no I just think we're doing when she's like okay so I saved questions class earlier on did not even want me to do it and those people said yeah and then I asked for questions so I got like there's like 50 questions but most of my directing you don't know much answer it you told me we were I never the first and it's what did you think when ever started blogging think it didn't really know you do man too bad every time you big boy then I think the more sort I thought it was just quite back yet that's cuz yeah I don't think the older generation really knew seven eight no like it's not like a big thing especially here no in Oregon time stove off Wow hope your country sounds like it's a huge thing here it's not ready no certainty that wasn't I think people don't seem to take a normal thing what they do but like it's not like it's not if someone said that that was their job you wouldn't just be like okay it's not the same as for like I'm a postman I would now yeah but that's because you live with me and I said I've constantly talked with loggers to you there yeah and they talk really to you so like okay it's funny different for you there if an even your mom might sound like OPRS Mike you can grind of Sarah because she does but then then she said she is Nick okay and the next is do you watch out his videos yeah she quite always oh she asked me to be all weeks ago hey guys subscribe she said I can like your videos I would like you still watch them oh it's telling me the beatings for always watch know your subscribers thought you would subscribe and I think she I get reached subscribed for him then she went on to the phone to the Seder I read a bit and wasn't my youtube and it was like Gordon that Susie did you want to prescribe that I thought she did by mistake then it's just someone to be known by their loss we are you know it was ok and the leader the next question is what do you think of people who dislike Emma's videos people always do for aw there are these people do twinkle it's always like a percentage I don't I suppose I don't side that's what she needs okay what to you bill for a walk to you elevate your mouth my mom ie I meant to say very sensitive fascia I'm still eager to eat other people's situation yeah but I'm not the special Excel no oh no not about you stuff yeah were you sensitive to other people's feelings and situation sometimes you don't even want to talk about them because it stresses you because you're so sad for them even if I see and the other thing I really love is no it's a be faith that okay okay what's my favorite thing right here everything probably yeah no last week ago home I choose baking and ice shook and she was making flipping scones you he'll make scones wait that's big still on the cake is known eat scones because they're actually going RIT but if they were couldn't eat angel if there's something nicer we different if they're trying to Brady's they'd be gone in half an hour maybe next time my actual favorite thing but probably that your notes and you support me all the time don't you you always have to do is have my back don't mean if you're not one of those parents that if a teacher is giving a feedback like if you put me take my sites make you always to come back to me you should you actually do I do I hate people who explained most embarrassing moments in halogen could you even name Ward most embarrassing moment yes one that is good just went to my mind when you were a beige okay the video decided to cut off glass how we are live in ten minutes a lot of two questions would you rate the longer my skin's so yeah we're going again great we were on what was your most embarrassing moment for you or for me for me for you our poetry was at the poetry fish what affection school hate when you were about six I think we all have to watch and a lady said I knew unidad really she's she's really really shy so I've locked up I was a duster Angela and she walked over just doing things and I thought oh that poor shot everybody I think in the hall went of that poor child I wished I could swap places I really really did I didn't even know the poem but I still wish yes you wouldn't be able to do that was you were mortified embarrassed shy dying that's the joy I think that has to be a standard embarrassing I know you think that's embarrassing that shy so as required us to be something funny of that I would never get envira swen it's only improved to you like football you always laugh at me and your sake don't like I got angry when I thought like it symbolically as a you know drugs anymore to break the next question is most important when the early on – okay to us and if I choose your favorite trial okay no my first question was who asked this question and you said to somebody else dude it wasn't from you was it for me it was weird it said of you doesn't know me very well because there are nothing so we need to know you honey mom says out there weren't saying like match with their moms who would tell you they genuine and say I genuinely don't know they tell you they pretty stoked other kids but I've never told anybody I had a thing that's what your spirit or got back to me no I don't have a sage they're all so different as now I think I don't feel your favorites now try to teach your favorite queer bodies your favorite dog body is me when it was finished okay the last one is when was your proudest moment to them you multiple times I've been very proud first steps and first day at school I was proud and amazed that you actually went and then when you graduated from junior school she's meeting your school when you got your place in college what was your private life that was even after that that probably was me so I was very proud last year at the Fashion Show it was very like that no I was I was very proud about that too but very proud an amazed that rebellion we need it because you were so young and everything yeah I think that was probably my proudest yeah so fun hey we are not you twice it so feels like we wanted to make 30 questions yet she was wave librarians we need so much to me to let you win and I came near the town need me do it you shows it YouTube music lessons when I'm not sure

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