My mother’s wisdom Margaret Tone Newz

My mother’s wisdom Margaret Tone Newz

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Mom is 83 years old. Here’s what she learned. Wisdom from my mom.

Margaret tonews I am here today with my mother Patricia and I am going to be hearing some of her wonderful stories and some interesting stories so I will let you take it from here Patricia mom well I I've lived a long time and I've been through lots of things and I've had a lot of experiences many of which were good many of which were bad somewhere down there fatal but I've learned one thing big big one thing when I don't feel happy about something I say to myself okay it happened one can I do anything about it if the answer is no to drop it forget it put it behind you like it never happened remember the lesson but put it behind you back to number one if the answer is yes I need to get up off my chair and start working to do what it is I need to do to fix it can you shut it off thank you for watching market toners this was a wonderful interview with Patricia my mother

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