My mother's wisdom… and bubbles.

My mother's wisdom... and bubbles.

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Yes, I found some bubbles. So I felt inspired to make a vlog about things my mom told me when I was little. You know, like in Born this Way by Lady Gaga? Right.

hello everyone I found fossil so I was listening to Born This Way the other day and just like all about how everything her mom told her about life and accepting who you are well my mom told me something she's always eight different things and I was in office she told me just let me be they'll solve themselves me such as me having to take mine he eased them yes that's the only exam I'll have to take hey you know how pathetic that is it's only because of my absences I was absent for days and I will be yes I know is incredibly pathetic but I'm not only an Olympic athlete and I really just can't wait till junior year when I don't have to take me anymore because it's actually pretty miserable my mom is a huge Beatles fan and she was when I was little too so I noticed as I get older that a lot of her advice hydrogen with the Beatles bones that she listed you in the car well I will so let it be be yourself let's see whatever you want to be I am boom all yeah that's right you are the eggs and I under water well yeah my mom is all and her wisdom and even though in my crystal but a meal look and nails are people are always Oh both always helped me through my life what else are not theirs to do about it besides puppy before they all have your best interests at heart even though it doesn't and they like nag you or get on you but they'll bugging you wouldn't you love them too and that's the bottom line let it be whisper her declarative list then I also realized as I got older that let's be in the album this is a soundtrack of my show once I got older and started to like the nails and like you know music I realize just how awesome my album didn't mean this house you all there listen there's I'm glad my mom possibilities maybe I'll pass it down to my adopted Chester okay one nice little glow and plus they peace for now I fail these guys

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