My Mom's Cooking Show

My Mom's Cooking Show

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She made me upload it, LOL.

oh no this way she did tell me because I'm dead anyway this is my chicken cacciatore mm-hmm it's gonna be very good we have to put the chicken in I had to cut the chicken it wasn't very easy to do we had big pieces of chicken bones and chicken gizzards and lizards and yucky stuff like that let's put the chicken into the pot see the chicken now we need to simmer the chicken into the pot the chicken will then cook yes I said I with cows in the glutes dogs barking if they don't stop i'll be making dog hatchet re in a minute here's a chicken leg you put them into the pot and let them simmer soon so they get all yummy and inside here we have white wine capers green peppers we're not going to tell Brian about the capers because he doesn't learn tomatoes crushed tomatoes onions and chicken I need to open up the crushed tomato shops hello hello you lost me my chosen it's over all right say goodbye mom I'm not done need to pour the sauce and wow look how good and a hand of the italian sauce because we are Italian Pollock yes yes we are isn't my daughter look Italian now you always have to suck in your gut pull your cooking so you don't look fat like my name is Rachael Ray 30-minute meals okay you get your meal am getting really annoying you sounds like well don't take on belay say goodbye mom goodbye mom

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