My Mom's car got stolen… (COPS CALLED)

My Mom's car got stolen... (COPS CALLED)

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This was insane…
So today my mom had to call the cops because her car was stolen… And we caught the guy who did it!


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If you read this far down the description I love you

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to prank my mom in a huge way and I kind of feel bad for this but the last time she pranked me she spray-painted my Lamborghini like that's a big prank okay it's not something small she made me think that my car got vandalized so I'm like okay I've been trying to think of something good something big and now is the perfect time as you can see here in my hand we have a spare key to her Mercedes if you guys don't know I actually bought her this Mercedes like six months ago and Dennis you're gonna be taking care of this one thank you basically I told my mom that I'm gonna take her to the mall and right now her car was in service and she's syncing it up right now and I found her spare key and I was waiting for the perfect time to do this so I'm actually going to over to the mall to meet my mom there because she's got the dealership and the dealership is like five minutes away so when it makes sense for her to come back here she's picking it up right now I'm gonna over there and basically Dennis she doesn't know I'm with Dennis she thinks dennis is with Brandon or at the gym dennis has the spare key we're gonna be inside the mall and you want to just tell them what you're gonna do no phone get in trouble you are getting in trouble I'm gonna take her car and hide it somewhere else and she basically got her car stolen he's gonna steal my mom's car park it somewhere far to where she can't see so when we leave the mall she's not gonna see her car and dennis is gonna be parked in his car kind of far like when dennis is gonna be recording our reactions and to make this more believable I was thinking if I should vlog with my mom while I'm at the mall but I'm like I'm actually not going to vlog with her to make it more believable kind of just like a mother-son outing without the camera just shopping shopping for her and that's gonna make it more believable so what I'm gonna be doing is recording audio from my phone I'm gonna sync it up with what Dennis is recording so you guys can hear her reaction up close I'm kind of scared for this but I feel like this is gonna be one of the more believable pranks but can I still back can i back out no it's too late I'm about to go meet without them all okay and you're gonna follow the uber cuz like you're gonna close to me so you're gonna know when we go inside the mall I'm gonna text him anyways bug guys this is a stolen car prank on mamma rug I hope you guys do enjoy and I hope we execute this perfect I hope she doesn't call the cops we will they arrest me mmm second professional deplore but it was so Dennis is actually gonna be taking over the vlog because I'm not gonna be recording anymore I'm gonna be with my mom no cameras no nothing nothing suspicious all right guys pulling up to them alright now I'm trying to find the car so I can park somewhere and get a good angle of it Brian's right here and here anyone inside the mall with mom or rod so right now we're just trying to find her cars we got a good angle of it oh wait look her car's right there blue cars right there shoot I have to find a good angle alright guys so I just parked up so I can see her car from here but she won't be able to see me and I'm not to go right now and actually take the car so Brian's inside right now with her and I'll bring guys with me to go and actually get her car well people can see me still the door buddy I'm scared obviously oh how I can you fit its there oh my guts my first time stealing a car I'm still scared you know I'm not to move it and then I'll show you guys where I move the car shopping with me I feel bad for him alright guys so I parked her car all Dover here then was parked only down there before so now I'm gonna go back and get into my car so now I'm back in my car and I'm literally gonna just wait for Bryan's texted something they're coming out and I'll start to clip again our guys Bryan just texted me saying they're walking out oh let's do this I'm so scared right now so hard what the hell don't we parked further is there right here no over here all right where is it Weiss where you parked right here literally right over here why are you joking did you park here do you hear it let me see let me see let me see no let me use the theme what's right here I swear I know now I remember it was parked right here what the hell where's my part did you do anything Brian no I'm not recording or anything I have to go when I'm sick hold on wait what should we do should we go inside here let's wait what hold on no ask for a camera are you sure mom you just got your car back I know : Simon asked for cameras do they have cameras in the parking lot mom you parked right over there what are you talking about yes you park you park right there okay where do we go to Sears or no go to Sears how is it mean I came to the mall with you excuse me um do you guys have cameras at the parking lot no my car was in and it's nowhere to be found yeah yeah it's like her car got taken and we don't know where I parked it exactly and I can't find it you can have no cameras on the parking lot like even red Robins or anything should we go check Red Robin thank you so much no I have my steps inside the car go with Nick can you do something to track it call the Mercedes dealer something oh yeah do they have a track bar okay where should we go I'll come to read wrong with me I'm gonna go get I'm gonna put it back exactly where the car was excuse me do you guys have cameras at the parking lot someone stole her car I don't think they know call the cops call the cops they have no cameras our guys have to run back to my car they were the County Fair Mall Tyrol wait mom is that is that it right there next to the van I'm sorry wait what wait that's your car mom what the hell I didn't do anything I didn't how would I do anything yes it was right here wait check if it got stolen check if anything inside got stolen I guess is there anyone around be careful wait hold on isn't that Dennis's car right there go go go I'm so sorry hold on no Brian who was it what's all right I think we got you what you should have seen I wish I could have recorded in the store but I was recording boys she was like shaking like you can tell from her voice how did you not notice Dennis's car right there I mean obviously probably wouldn't even be thinking about that ya know I'd be worried about my car because I came there was no parking close by and then I'm a that's a lot of dirt we're sorry mom we love you I know that's why I wanted to do it because you just got it back after not having it for a week I'll see you at home okay let's go that is good shit imagine mama rug with the backfire she hired someone else hands in the other car moving to imagine okay guys we are back home after the prank mom you came back in your car do you think like what was going through your head cuz it's gone it's gone because I was sure where I parked it I was sure it was there and it wasn't there anymore so so many things came to my mind but some points were like I was thinking it's a prank how I wasn't blogging I wasn't doing any of that but but it's you I know guys I wish you could have seen her face at some of the parts but then it was like a black screen because Dennis couldn't record it was crazy oh yeah she actually called the cops but right when I heard her talking to them I'm like hey I have to let her know what the prank so we actually spotted her car they were gonna send someone now but oh man that's no joke though but I had to end the prank there luckily we saw the car but anyways guys I'm gonna end the video there I hope you all did enjoy if you did please be sure to drop a like this was one of my bigger pranks on mamma rug and I tried making it as believable as possible like I said I wish we had more camera angles like inside the store and stuff like that but I think that's what made it more believable please subscribe if you are new smash that like button let me know what you guys thought about this prank and other than that it's been drugs lumber ugh and we are out hey

34 thoughts on “My Mom's car got stolen… (COPS CALLED)

  1. Please don't let your mom call the cops again. There was no point other than to get views. there were more things that could have gotten dealt with in San Diego

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