My Favorite Prenatal Vitamins!

My Favorite Prenatal Vitamins!

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I’ve had so many people ask about what prenatal vitamins I take that I finally decided to tell you about them! In this short video I’ll discuss why prenatal vitamins are so important and then tell you the ones that work best for me. Remember I am not a physician or dietician – always check with your doctor before making changes in your diet! This information is simply what works best for me. You can learn more and order my favorite prenatal vitamins here

hey guys it's so good to see you I'm you're probably wondering what I'm doing in my kitchen not and workout clothes as you're used to skin workout videos for me but I've had a lot of people ask about what prenatal vitamins i take since I am 20 weeks pregnant now I have been taking prenatal vitamins for quite a while so I wanted to go over those I will tell you the exact brand I take and then some other things that I find are important while I'm pregnant as well so as always you want to check with your doctor before going through anything I am just telling you what I use from the research I've done and what works really well for my body but please run it by your doctor before you change or add anything to your diet I also recommend just from a personal standpoint and again from a health care practitioner standpoint that prenatal vitamins be taken not only while you're pregnant but also if you're trying to get pregnant and so that's something to check with your doctor as well but most doctors recommend that you take prenatal vitamins before you even get pregnant so while you're trying to get pregnant now what makes a prenatal vitamin different than a regular multivitamin you might ask so I asked myself this when I was pregnant the first time which was about five years ago and I was pregnant with my daughter I was on a brand of vitamins that I adore and they didn't offer a prenatal at the time and so I didn't really want to switch because I had been on it for a long time I trusted it I knew my body did well with it so I took the recommendations from the prenatal vitamins I just looked down the list of the RDA and what they wanted in a prenatal and I compared it to the multivitamin I was taking and it was actually the exact same I was actually getting more from my preferred multi at the time so I stuck with that after checking with my doctor and then just added a little bit of iron so a lot of times is the iron and the folic acid that make a prenatal a little bit different on folic acid is hugely important research shows that it helps with spinal birth defects and in the developing fetus so you want to get an F folic acid for sure and then the iron can help you as a mama while you're pregnant you have so much more blood in your body of 50% more blood actually in your body when you're pregnant so the iron is really important to help make sure that you don't become anemic so those are the two things so like I said my multi at the time I love to gave me everything I needed when I did the research and looked at it except the iron so I had an extra iron supplement but now the vitamin that I love actually makes a prenatal well it's easy easy so I stick with that and then add a few things like I said that I'll show you you of course always want to eat a good diet as well so a vitamin will never replace a great diet but also on the flip side just because you eat really really well Organic great produce a variety of things it doesn't mean you can't supplement with a vitamin especially when you're pregnant super super important to be on those prenatal is okay so let me show you what I'm on the brand that I prefer is called USANA it's USA na and I will have the link below for you so actually let me show you these first so these are the prenatals it comes in two bottles not all prenatals are like this I'm just going to show you the ones that I use because that's what I have experience but so it comes in two bottles and you take two of one in the morning two of the other in the morning and then two at night and two at night because truly we need to spread out vitamins throughout the day is kind of like food you wouldn't eat all of your food at once so you don't necessarily want to take all of your vitamins at once so that's some of why you can't pack everything you need into just one pill usually because you want your body to be able to absorb it throughout the day so if that's different than what you're used to that's why this is a little bit different those two bottles one is your minerals one is the antioxidants but again it has everything you need from calcium iron folic acid all of your vitamins all of that great sets here okay so that's you saw on his brand of prenatal vitamins then on top of that I personally choose to also take their bio mega which is basically your Omega 3 or like your fish oil 2 and I just find again this is personal after doing my research I think it helps a lot I mean the research shows that we know Omega threes help with skin hair nails our brain development our eye development so I do it not only for myself but I do it for my growing baby as well so I take two of these a day that's just the recommended dosage you know you will get it from your avocados you'll get it from walnuts you can get it from salmon I just don't always get enough of those during the day so I supplement with an extra omega-3 and that's what this is this is USANA bio my guess is what it's called then finally on the pill front I choose to take a vitamin D again this is just my choice I researched talked to my doctor was told it's safe to take vitamin B and it helps in general for me at least to stay healthy and not get sick basically it helps me not get a cold and we're coming out of winter now it's beautiful and sunny out but it was pretty grey at the beginning of my pregnancy so I wasn't getting enough Sun to get my vitamin D so I take one of these a day it's just a vitamin D again that's just my personal choice you would want to talk to your doctor about that so I leave it to that for my supplements I'll occasionally take an extra calcium or something like that but you saw as the branch that I liked for those again it's usan a and I'm going to put the link below for a great resource of where I order my USANA vitamin because you can't necessarily get them anywhere it's all order online and sometimes you have to sign up to be like a provider and you don't necessarily want to do that so the link I'll give you below somewhere that you can just order like one or two bottles and just try it out and the other thing I know it's not a supplement at all but I'm going to put it here is coconut oil oh look I think it's backwards sorry you can still read it this is coconut oil I use this all the time and I was using it before I got pregnant I was choosing it for years but I just can't get away from it so I had to add it here as a little extra something I put it in my tea in the morning when I like my decaf tea I put it on muffins that I make I use it all the time when I was drinking coffee you can't wait to drink coffee again I put it in my coffee with G is like a bulletproof coffee and it's just a great way to get added extra healthy fast to keep yourself feeling good to give yourself some energy and to help you feel full as well which is important you want to get calories in your body when you're pregnant quickly early in the morning so I find adding a little of this to my tea helps me do that it gets my metabolism going and it gets me those calories I need before I get breakfast maybe thirty minutes later all right so hopefully that helps tell you a little bit about the prenatal vitamins I take I know there's a lot out there you can look through one thing I want to add is I sure a lot of people say that prenatal vitamins can make them really nauseous and sick to their stomachs that can come from a couple different things sometimes it's the iron if you're not used to it but I find it's actually closely related to the quality of vitamin I have never had that problem at all on the sauna I generally take it with food not always but I generally do which might help but a lot of times it's the quality of vitamins so if you're getting really nauseous from your vitamins don't give up now if you're frustrated and try another brand I think it's definitely worth it because you want to stay consistent with them but like I said you shouldn't be feeling nauseous every time you take them unless you're just feeling nauseous all the time for being pregnant in that case my heart goes out to you I'm thinking of you and I know nothing really makes you feel better just remember you're growing another life and it will be over in ten months or less and you can do this you are strong you can get through it all right so I hope that helps you guys and I will talk to you soon I

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