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Hey guys! Today’s video I share my breastfeeding journey so far. I share my trials and tribulations, as well as advice for new mommas. Hope you enjoy.

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hey guys welcome back to my channel so today's video is actually going to be a breast feeding video I'm gonna be sharing with you guys my experience and journey so far you will hear some noise in the background my son is playing with play-doh right here next to me and I want to keep an eye on him because you guys know kids and play-doh anyways before I hop into this video I did want to mention that it is a collaboration with another mom friend of mine here on YouTube her name is Piper she does a lot of motherhood and lifestyle vlog videos just like I do and you guys she has the most beautiful baby girl ever well she's not really a baby anymore but she is absolutely gorgeous and her name is opal like how beautiful is that name seriously she is gonna be sharing her breastfeeding journey and experience and advice over on her channel so be sure to go check out that video I'm gonna leave all of her links in the description box below okay so just a disclaimer you guys this is my personal breastfeeding journey experience things that worked for me so of course this stuff is not gonna work for everybody everybody's body is different everybody responds to different things differently so I just wanted to put that out there because I've seen other breastfeeding videos on YouTube and people in the comments are like well that didn't really work for me or this didn't work for my friend and all that stuff y'all people are different okay everybody is unique and different in their own way so we're not all gonna have the same exact things that work for us so I did just want to say that okay so I'm gonna start out by kind of sharing my journey so far if you guys are new to my channel I have a four month old baby girl and a two year old son I did share my breastfeeding experience with my son I guess that was two years ago now so I will link that down below because I don't really want to talk about that whole experience this is just gonna be like my experience with my daughter so far breastfeeding has been really hard for me I feel like I've had a lot of obstacles kind of come my way and I've had to overcome them and I feel like we've finally gotten to a plateau and then it just kind of like got hard again so let me just start from the beginning my daughter when she was born she latched almost perfectly fine she nursed really well things were great I didn't feel a whole lot of pain quite yet obviously the first day you don't feel as much pain the second and third days in my opinion are the hardest and then my daughter got jaundice because my husband and I are our blood types don't mesh well so all of our kids come out Coons positive and so my daughter got jaundice and she had it worse than my son she actually had to have like the whole little bed thing that they sit in for 24 hours um and we had to come back pretty often after we left the hospital because she still had it they just let us go home they wanted me to supplement with formula at this time because the point of getting rid of jaundice is they need to eat a lot so that they poop a lot so that they get the jaundice out of their body and she just wasn't getting enough breast milk for me at the time because obviously I was not producing a lot of milk at this point I was like one day postpartum I did end up having to give her I think it was like a total of thirty milliliters of formula but I think it caused a little bit of like nipple confusion if that's what you want to call it I don't really know but she had a harder time watching after that because she was so used to sucking on like such a little nipple at that point I wish I hadn't have done that but it is what it is now right so coming home from the hospital I had a lot of pain with breastfeeding I feel like that's pretty normal though for most moms I did get quite a few blisters that I just I just suffered through guys at this point I had already given up with my son because I couldn't handle it and I was also very young and naive with him and I just didn't really know a whole lot about breastfeeding at that time so I kind of just like stopped breastfeeding but this time I was like destined to so I suffered through the pain and I got a little bit easier there for a while she was the nursing sign everything was good and then I ended up getting mastitis I had two clogged ducts we had thrush for I want to say it was almost three months guys that we had thrush I'm not even joking like we've had a lot of obstacles our way um in each time we kind of like got over one thing it was like something else that kind of popped up out of nowhere but I just really have been suffering through um we did start supplementing with formula want to say around three months with my daughter so about a month ago um because I just wasn't producing enough and I've tried everything everything I have tried pumping every two hours for like longer than you're supposed to to get your supply up I've tried lactation cookies I've tried mothers milk tea I've tried like fenugreek and all this stuff I've tried all of that and nothing was working I just don't produce a lot of milk and some women are like that all of the women on my mom side his family are like that they just weren't able to breastfeed and so it was just kind of like a genetic thing for me I guess I don't really know but um so we do supplement still to this day she gets about eight ounces a formula a day so about two bottles for her three if you want to yeah it's just been a crazy journey for us like I feel like I've had way more obstacles then I feel like a normal person would go through but it's just kind of like made our journey like more strong I guess issue I'm having now is so babies go through a really big leap over home for months and it usually causes destruction with feedings and they're just distracted all the time it'll sleep very well she's not nursing as much during the day from me because she gets so distracted so we've been having a bottle feed her breast milk I've been pumping four times a day for that which has been really hard popping is not easy so if you exclusively pump power to you because it is hard work but now she's associating nursing with being tired so she won't nurse for me unless she's ready for a nap or it's bedtime or like all throughout the things so that's just kind of where we're at with breastfeeding right now she like I said she nurses before naps in bed Time Machine ursus all night and then she gets about 4 to 5 2 ounce bottles of pumped milk sorry I'm holding ball and about two bottles three ounces worth of formula a day I mean it's probably a little bit more I don't know I'm just ballpark and no care you guys um she doesn't eat a whole lot in one sitting um with my son I feel like he was eating like 4 ounce bottles at this point like completely she just is so drinking 2 ounce bottles every like couple hours so I mean she's gaining weight she looks perfect she's healthy the doctors not worried so that's just kind of like what's been going on with her like breastfeeding journey I am trying to boost my supply again right now I have ordered Bruzzi so I'm just waiting about to come in so I can make some lactation cookies I'm hoping that this recipe works really well I tried like a few other ones and one of them kind of helped but not really so I'm just kind of really praying this one works we'll see I'll update you guys if you want me to and the reason that I'm trying to do that is because I just want my daughter off a formula completely one it's expensive okay the formula that we give her is Earth's best organic and it's like $40 pop and she goes through one of those in like two three weeks I know it's not that much but like if we can get rid of like $100 bill every month that's that's ideal right now so trying to do that and I just I really want this you know what I mean like with breastfeeding my son I just didn't care to be honest like I feel like I was very young and naive and I didn't do my research and I just didn't care I was like well I tried it it didn't work so I'm just gonna formula feed him and I'm not saying like if you want to supplement with your child and formula P them that is sort and that is all you girl I did it it's fine it does not poison its that is best in my opinion okay I don't I'm not trying to sit here and push breastfeeding on anybody this is just like I want to hurt myself you know I want that with my daughter doing do you have your cracker do you want to come sit and talk with um so I'm not trying to like tell people like oh you need to breastfeed no okay do what you want to do to make you happy right because at the end of the day and this is my advice for any new mom or mom who wants to try breastfeeding or whatever is having a hard time mental health is in so if breastfeeding is making you like is merely causing like contributing to any anxiety or postpartum depression or you just hate it so much and you're just not happy breastfeeding don't do it seriously like if if it's that miserable for you I wish I would have just not done it with my son at all because I had some serious postpartum depression with him you guys like it was pretty bad and I just feel like mental health is the most important thing when it comes to being a mom because if you're not happy you cannot make your children happy like you can't they can send that stuff and you know a happy healthy mama is this right that's all that matters right yeah so that's a big piece of advice for me to any new moms is take care of yourself it's breastfeeding is contributing to something negative in your life I don't want to tell you not to breastfeed but like mental health is important um aside from that advice I have is just be patient not every journey is like as late as other people might have some people have it really easy and they never have any obstacles to face other people like myself were not so lucky you know I've been through a lot with my journey and you just have to be patient you just have to kind of muddle through everything is on their own time you don't mean so just keep pushing if it's something that you really want another big piece of advice I have for any new moms or breastfeeding moms is seek support and not just from your family because for me like I don't really have anyone in my family that's like up-to-date with the whole breastfeeding thing um so what I did is I joined from like nursing or breastfeeding Facebook groups and seriously guys that is the one thing I will say is get some support when it comes to breastfeeding because you're really gonna need it you're gonna have so many questions and your husband a partner mom they're not gonna be able to answer them unless they're like a lactation consultant or something but seriously like get some support because it's been so helpful like if I have a question about something I can just post on the page and literally within a minute somebody will answer me um so definitely join some Facebook groups you guys really want some suggestions just let me know in the comments and I will send you like some Facebook groups that I'm in okay I had a mood because my son is seriously being so distracting I'm so sorry and I can't even like think with him in there um but yeah get some support um definitely if you're having a really hard time reach out to a lactation consultant um don't be afraid to talk to your doctor because I wish I would have talked to a lactation consultant stare like seriously I was so stubborn and hard-headed I'm like no I can do this like just I have Google know talk to somebody who knows what they're talking about and get help because that is one thing that I wish I had done sooner it was get help sooner these are kind of like my advices I'm still kind of new to the game myself so I you know I'm learning still um I'm still on my own journey and I'm still learning a lot of things along the way I feel like I've come a long way from the beginning of Nursing I feel like I have a lot more knowledge about it than I did before oh yeah you guys if breastfeeding is something that you really want to do you can do it if you really put your mind to it and you do your research you get some support you drink your water diet has a lot to do with breastfeeding as well so just keep that in mind and you guys you can do it like if it is something that you have always wanted to do or you really just want to do it you will do it it is hard I'm not gonna lie it is hard work and those of you moms who exclusively pump that is hard work I tried exclusively pumping for a week and I was over it yeah you guys that is really it for my like journey and advice I am on my own journey still I am still learning so I probably don't have like the best advice when it comes to breastfeeding but I wanted to share my journey with you guys because I did get a lot of questions like about breastfeeding but if you guys want some more tips and advice definitely go check out Piper's video she I think her daughter is 18 months old so she probably has a little bit more like tips and tricks over on her channel so if you guys want or need more advice seriously go check her out anyways you guys I'm gonna stop rambling because this video is already probably way too long thank you guys so much for watching this video I hope that you guys enjoyed it and it helped you I'm sorry if it didn't at all but I hope that listening to my experience with son as always thank you guys so much for watching be sure to give this video a like and subscribe if you haven't already and I will see you guys in my next video you


  1. I had a lot of obstacles when I first began breastfeeding my daughter, too, so I am hoping that the second time goes more smoothly… but I am definitely feeling much more prepared this time around as far as knowing what to expect. I think a big part of the issue for new nursing moms is just a general lack of education about what could happen and how get to the help you need. So this is all good advice you've provided!

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