My Breastfeeding Experience + Tips & Advice

My Breastfeeding Experience + Tips & Advice

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okay what do you see you know my boobs would not pump like I mean they would pump but a milk would not come out putting my boob and use this finger boom implement a point um you're really just supposed to feel like a pulling sensation but it's not supposed to hurt look oh say hi say hi say hi before we even get into anything I want y'all to ignore how big my lashes alright now I put these eyelashes on that a company sent me and these are real hot girl eyelashes not used to wear eyelashes this big but I might fly away during this video it's okay I got short hair so oh they're just so big oh no hey Leslie raises mileage and welcome back to my channel saying my name is Anna Leigh Lachey oh I think I'm a beautiful baby and if you guys are new make sure you both scroll down and hit done say what say subscribe subscribe she's annoyed with me as always and if you guys are not new then welcome back to welcome back so yall already know me so you already know me um Oh make sure you guys check out my social media will be on the screen right here cuz if you don't have my social media or you don't do it so you're doing nothing obviously so today I'm here with the longer way they're breastfeeding tips and advice video you guys you guys have been wanting this video my baby is almost nine months what see she's so problem sit down there you don't want to stand up you want to sit up anywhere anymore right it gets like this if it does okay what do you see it now you can't it no you can't do that okay so like I said my baby is almost nine months and I have been breastfeeding for nine months and she likes to grab my hair but how would you like it if I grab your hair how would you like a nice I've got my hair so okay this video is gonna be like everywhere because as you can see I had like a freaking super ninja turtle maybe that wants to get and everything so basically I've been breastfeeding the whole time she's been born and I'm just want to talk to you guys about my breastfeeding experience and she's nine months and I'm still breastfeeding right now and I'm gonna give you guys some tips and advice so I'm just gonna start from the beginning kind of go through like a story time I think Plus advice can't make sure you guys get like some chips some tea so want us to do something it's probably gonna be a pretty long video um and Aleya is still sitting down here just play with a shoe character you can continue to play with it um so basically I am la November 2nd 2018 I know why are you gonna angle it I camera you can't not go vertically why'd you throw the shoe over there okay so like I said higher November and I my state really pushes like breastfeeding and I was like healthy and stuff but on my nose is running always runs on a phone makeup so they pushed it as like me and healthy and stuff so I knew my head was ringing I knew who I wanted to breastfeed and stuff because I know sake what are you eating give me this paper I know I wanted to breastfeed and that was a goal of mine so I ended up getting like a pump and everything before she was born a company sent me one and everything was you know I was ready for it you guys I ended up having her and when I had her like we did skin her skin and right after that you guys the what does it call the lactation person get hurt she came in and she was like okay so I'm gonna show you what you should do I had no milk at you guys but they do come in like as soon as you have the baby and just kind of put the help you latch the baby I know you would never wore them okay so she keeps eye tracking me basically she was like there to help me and show me how to let her on in everything of that sort so I'm gonna just tell you guys kind of some of the stuff that she told me so basically Leila was obviously much smaller than this but this is gonna be a struggle because she's acting up right now basically this there are many different ways to breastfeed so you have this way which I use it all the time now so you hold her like this boom breastfeed are you can hold the baby this boom breastfeed I never use that one this is kind of difficult they take how's that one like the football and then you can do the same thing for each side so basically I can do her like this and breastfeed on this side or I can do her she's fighting like mommies with one life all right I can do her like a semester right now when I first had her the easiest thing for me she was like she was so small and um since she was so small I would just sit her up like do you want to act a fool so you would act a fool are you making this video harder than has to be lit up it's not funny funny it's not funny okay so I would see her this way no we're gonna show them really quick we're gonna show them everybody so I see her this way boom pull my bull out and hold it in her mouth like she was shorter than this so she was like right at my boob that's the only part I needed you for to show I just needed to show them how I did it laughs you can sit down now let me go get some toys hold her neck in her head cuz you know when the baby is smaller their neck and stuff is not really strong so I would just hold her like this and I would see her over my boob and she would eat I probably did that up until she was about like three four months when her neck got really strong inch we could do different positions and like I said now the one I really use is this one where I have her leg like this and I just switch sides it doesn't matter like if one side is fuller than the other I will switch now like I said in the beginning I did not have milk but the first night in LA was born she was eating on my boob for like four hours and I got no sleep on the first night she was born she was just wanted to suck on my boob so the next night me so the next day one of my boobs actually had milk coming in already yo that's how much she was sucking because if you guys do not know how ever much your baby takes out is how much will come in so since she was continuously sucking my body was like okay I need to get some milk coming out of here so in LA I actually made like the second day they had me pumping until I produce more milk on one side had her eating on the other side when she was first born and when I was pumping you guys I was only pumping like this much milk out and when your baby is first born they don't need that much milk so if you're not producing a lot of milk do not be worried because your baby stomach is literally like this small um the doctor told me that and the nurse told me that the like sufficient person told me that like your baby does not need that much milk and when they're first born like that little bit of that clear you know liquid that you have coming out that's enough for your baby literally they will go to sleep off the bed and Aleya when she first started first month she was like choking and if you guys already were subscribed to me and stuff you already would know that is that she was choking really bad like and I thought she couldn't breathe so um that was like something really scary so if you have a lot of letdown this is what I was told by a nurse if you have a lot of letdown this is a position that you can do to help with that so that your baby does not be taken in a whole bunch nope at one time it can choke so let's show you so this position I would lay back imagine I'm laying back on the bed boom my boob is out I'm laying back the milk is not coming up forward so it just comes out a little bit more slower so that is a good tip for if you have a lot of milk and your boobs are like really engorged and stuff so let's fast-forward I'm breastfeeding for a while breastfeeding and pumping and honestly I don't puff anymore like i said i strictly breastfeed now so yeah my boob has to always be around her and that is a good thing for me because i do work from home so a lot of time i am at home if i do leave is like to deliver packages or you know to do a little stuff that doesn't take long i stopped pumping i would say probably about for months and the reason I stopped pumping is because my boobs would not like I mean they would pump but a milk would not come out like a lot of it or enough for a bottle when I would be pumping I won't only pump like two ounces other things that will like help you produce more milk but I honestly didn't feel like doing it and I did it once whoo I didn't really care too I was like okay well my daughter can just eat for my boobs and that is what I started doing I'm gonna talk to you guys about how you suck you in a little quick I'm going to talk to you guys about how to basically put your baby on your breast so imagine promoting mother basically and this is your baby like I said I used the position where her head was sitting up and I was calling her head a easy way to do it is to use this finger right here and take your boob in on her bottom lip I'm gonna show you so imagine this is my boob and it was like weird but I'm gonna take my finger right here and her bottom lip I'm gonna push downward I will push her bottom lip downward and stick my boob in if that makes sense so it's kind of like and you have to do it pretty fast because as soon as you go right there they're gonna try to eat so basically holding my boob and use this finger boom it's a minor point and always when breastfeeding you want more than just your nipple and you want more of like your areola because if they're stand up on the wall why don't you if they're just sucking on your nipple is going to hurt and that is a big fact that a lot of people do not understand is that they're not just supposed to suffer your nipple they're also supposed to suck on more of your breasts just because your nipple was really small obviously and if they're just sucking on your nipple it's pulling and it's going to hurt like literally it's just it's gonna hurt so that is a good tip and that is what I learned from my going to breastfeeding classes before which I really recommend before I had her and um I think that's why breastfeeding has been like so smooth for me is because I knew like those little tips and tricks to like not have pain I'm going to show you guys a tip on how to take them all up your boob like if they're hurting you so say she's not latched on right and it's hurting it's not supposed to hurt um you're really just supposed to feel like a pulling sensation but it's not supposed to hurt so say is hurting and you want to take her off so what you do is imagine my boob is out and her lip is on there what you do is you take your fingers you can really they really recommend you take your pinky finger and you literally just slip it them between your nipple and her give me my pin all these toys and you want to play my pin you slip your finger between your boob and your baby's mouth boom it'll pop off do not pull away because it won't hurt because you have to think about that she's holding on tight today no bull she wants that milk so so when you pull away are you urge you she tries to pull away which she does a lot now we'll get to that it will hurt because your nipple will be pulling with her and it will just don't do just don't do it I use a line now I can kind of show you guys since she's actually eating this is what I do so yes now breastfeeding is pretty smooth I'm gonna move on to where your baby starts to get older and sitting up and everything cuz that's when like life takes a whole no turn on things you guys when your child starts to sit up it's kind of like okay what do I do now and not even really sit up I'll say more like moving around knowing to crawl they can grab things it's kind of way more difficult because they are getting into everything I'm like my daughter now she will literally be eating if her ABCs are on she will eat boom turn off the TV cut legs on my boob eat turn and like I said right before this like right now she drowned to try to look and it hurts because she's pulling away like when you when she pulls away she still has my nipple on her mouth so you guys just have to watch for that cuz sometimes if I know that she's about to turn around I'll just hurry up use that little pinky method it's like my boob they're like so many different things sometimes she'll just sit there and relax but a lot of the time if she sees something she wants she'll try to grab it she'll climb down a lot of times like she'll try to climb down off of my lap while still sucking on my boob so things get really weird and everybody is like now she's almost nine months they're like don't you think she's getting a little bit too big for that cuz she will stand up like she'll literally stand up and it's kind of um kind of weird people think she's uh she's getting too big for that but I'm still gonna breastfeed until she's nine years old I don't care what anybody has to say about it because I feel like that's the most healthy thing for my baby oh so you have to watch for the little signs as well like mother done at her and I'm like playing with her she's sucking on a move and I'm talking to her in in she'll smile and when the baby smiles honey it hurts like because you're like peach biting down our gums biting down and let's get into that as well my daughter is eight months almost nine months and she has 14 and I know that's what y'all here for honey the teeth do hurt if she bites down now when the baby is nursing or breastfeeding what you will notice is that your baby uses their tongue so they'll be like this and that's how they eat basically okay I mean I can't really I don't know I knew it but that's kind of what it looks like so the user tongue which covers up their teeth on the bottom but if they do bite down it will hurt and you just have to tell them so take them off for a second and just kind of tell them that like that's bad well that would kind of show them that no that's bad if you bite on me then you won't better eat for a little bit you know I'm saying it kind of shows them that okay I shouldn't do that he's are not like too bad but it's just like if they do bite down are they they really don't understand so they you just have to teach them as well as you can because they're still babies they really my daughters are just now starting to learn with no means so it's kind of getting better but yeah well one thing I didn't want to say is that I love breastfeeding it is bonding in since day one it had just been like so beautiful to me I love looking at my daughter washing nurses I think it's so freaking cute so I definitely definitely definitely recommend it another is try not to let your baby fall asleep on your nipple while breastfeeding because I feel like that's where I went wrong my daughter is super super super super I don't want to say spoil but she is she doesn't want me to go anywhere we're second else with breastfeeding anyways cuz you kind of get that one-on-one bond all the time in the beginning you really don't know the routine your body will only produce as much notice your baby will eat in Malaya was first born she ain't probably it just depends sometimes she would eat every 30 minutes sometimes she would eat every two hours now she eats like every four or five hours it just depends on if she had a snack which I pretty much always feed her when I'm eating so she if she has like mashed potatoes or green beans a muffins like she doesn't really eat breast milk that much anymore but she still does because that is where a lot of her nutrition comes from I really can't really think of anything else I should tell you guys Oh nipple confusion so um my daughter didn't have this my daughter didn't have this but some kids do get it nipple confusion is basically like when they confuse the bottle with their actual nipple and some people say that if you give them the bottle too soon then they will get nipple confusing my daughter started taking a bottle and one week old and she never got a nipple confusion I was breastfeeding her and feeding her out of a bottle and she never got nipple confusion but there is something to think about and there's something I was nervous about and also I will do the same here which it really doesn't have to do with breastfeeding but I started hauling a pacifier at the same day at her on the bottle which was when we go doctor or the pacifier about I'll say about three months ago but she really didn't take it or care for it thank you buddy she's holding on to me y'all she's getting so room I just can't do no you eating it a little water book I just so yeah that is pretty much all my little tips in my experience where breastfeeding if you guys do have more questions video and make noise if you guys do have any more questions about breastfeeding you can put them to conversation down below I always respond make sure you guys subscribe if you're new because we're almost at 70,000 subscribers so please people love you so much if you guys do want me to do like a updated one when she's one years old before I stopped breastfeeding with like more tips and things like that then I will excuse me so yeah thank you guys so much watching this video say bye bye say thank you for watching a video say thank you say see because she wants to play with this she wants play with this book so yeah see you guys later

37 thoughts on “My Breastfeeding Experience + Tips & Advice

  1. Girrrrl I been Beinge watching your videos! I am due in March! (Still got awhile to go ๐Ÿ˜ซ) but loving your videos itโ€™s getting me more excited for this journey to meet my Baby. Your daughter is soooo cute btw and Also I have a channel and just announced that I am Pregnant and going to filming vlogs and experience

  2. thx for this girl ๐Ÿ’– im 17 and i just found out that iโ€™m pregnant last month and i have 7 more months to go. i think iโ€™ll subscribe and watch more of your pregnancy videos. from one teen mum to another, ur baby is the cutest and u seem like an amazing mother

  3. i stop breastfeeding from the twins was 1 week cause they bite me and i didnt have much milk to feed both so now since theyre 5 months now theyve been drinking formula. love the advice!!

  4. Iโ€™m so glad Iโ€™ve subscribed lol. Im almost to my 3rd trimester and ik that plenty nurses and whatnot will explain but itโ€™s nice to hear it broken down by you. Sheโ€™s gorgeous I canโ€™t wait for my daughter โค๏ธ broke bestfriend ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿฅณ

  5. It would be nice if all her subscribers sent her $1.00 dollar to higher a care take and house keeper

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    care take and house keeper.( For Strongmommy Chrissy joseph Gordon, her husband walked on her while she's pregnant with her 9th baby ) So while she stabile up after the doctor cut the baby out. She won't have to worry about anything and she can properly heal.

  6. I'm not a mom what am I doing here!?! Anyway she's sooooooo pretty!!!๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ And she is chunky!!!! I love chunky babies!!!!๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜

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