My Advice for New Moms!

My Advice for New Moms!

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hi guys long time no talk I feel like I haven't done a vlog like a sit-down plug in a really long time so so I was just walking around my house the other day and I randomly started thinking about things that I wish people had told me like before I had kids like the enema pregnancy or when Lillian was just born just a couple little tips that would have been nice that I had so I came up with five tips or advice that I have to new moms or moms to be out there so my first piece of advice is research everything prior to having kids I pretty much thought everything was like black and white with like a few exceptions I thought that if your mom told you something or your doctor told you something that that was a period end of story there wasn't any other choices it wasn't until I really got onto YouTube actually involved in a bunch of different like decisions for your kids that I saw that there was so many different options for so many different things question everything just because your mom your best friend your doctor tells you something doesn't necessarily mean that that's what works for you and your family for you and your child specifically things like circumcision car seat safety vaccines breastfeeding things that I all that I thought were like the norm may not necessarily be the norm or may not necessarily be right for you so I just advise you to look into it and research it yourself don't go off of what other people say what's right for one person may not be right for you it's not limited of course to those few things that I mentioned there is just just everything so anything that's mentioned to you testing during your pregnancy for your children anything that is presented to you really look into it yourself and make a decision that you feel is right for your family piece of advice number two go with your gut feeling you know your child better than anybody else you know your child better than the most qualified doctor you know your child better than anybody and if you feel something is wrong with your child or you feel like something needs to be done or something doesn't need to be done that's your decision too and I found not being a mom for going on five years now 99% of the time your gut feeling is right piece of advice number three don't stress about feeling ready regardless of your age whether you're 18 or you're 36 nobody's ever ready to have a baby you can read all the books you want you can get all the advice from me from anybody in your life you will still never never be ready nobody has it down beforehand nobody has it down before you actually have your baby it's a learning process for yourself and it's a learning process with your child because so you can think that you have it down but in reality when that baby is in your hands nobody's actually ready for that moment until that moment happens my fourth piece of advice if you're offered help take it this was something that I really struggled with because I didn't want help anybody and I certainly didn't want to ask for help this reminds me of that saying it takes a village to raise a child and I mean that's really kind of true it's not to say that you can't do it alone because if you're a good mom you can absolutely do it on your own but that doesn't mean that you have to if a friend or a family member offers to help you even if it's something like doing a lot of laundry or making a warm dinner or holding your sleeping baby who refuses to sleep in his crib so you could take a shower like just little things like you never realized how much little things like that truly helped and I wish I had taken more help in the beginning cause I felt like I had to prove something like I had to do it myself when in reality even super moms need help so my piece of advice to you is that if you're offered help absolutely hang up on that offer and my last piece of advice for this video is don't be afraid to shop secondhand I have always been a fan of like garage saleing and thrift stores but I know a lot of people feel like they have to give their babies like the best of the best only buying new things well you're not proving anything to anybody we're good buying like these extremely expensive outfits that you can find it at their store for fifty cents if you want to shop new obviously that's your choice but you can save so much money by shopping secondhand and spend on things like groceries or the necessities of life babies are expensive and 99% of the time if you have had a baby you know that you have so many cute outfits and in reality your baby actually wears those cute outfits maybe once or twice before they grow out of it so if you're shopping second hand are you gonna hand me down you go to a garage sale something like that the chances are it's practically new so don't be ashamed to shop second hands so that is it for this video I hope this is helpful for you guys you share this video with moms to be or new moms that you think might need some advice if you're already mom and you have some tips that you'd love to share definitely post some tips in the comment section below if you need those tips go ahead and look in the comment section below because I'm sure between all of us moms we can come up with a really good list of advice for new moms so that is it for this video I hope you guys enjoyed watching and I will talk to you guys for my next one bye look at that murrow's No

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