Must-have Baby Essentials (0-12 months) | African Mommy Blogger

Must-have Baby Essentials (0-12 months) | African Mommy Blogger

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Hey lovelies! Wanted to share with you some of my absolute must-have baby essentials so far. Thanks for watching and please remember to rate, subscribe and comment: what are some of your must-haves?

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hi welcome back to my channel thanks for tuning in so today I'm going to be sharing with you some of my favorite products that I've been using on my son Kai for the past month or two I just thought it could be quite nice to have a beauty Edition as well as a baby edition of this okay cool let's get started alright so first up is this Johnson top to toe wash but this is yeah great as you can see is a big tab and what's really nice what I love about this is the pump that has on the top I don't have to sort of tip it over and squeeze you know the product out you've been using this for I'd say maybe two months now or so so it's definitely like you know in in there with that time I don't need to use a lot and it's just um nice and like mild it's my son laughs for my son skin it's affordable is readily available so this is definitely one of my favorites okay next is this this is virgin coconut oil yeah this is just amazing I got this massive tub at the things about Indonesia the liter tab from disc am and I use this not this on Caillou just for myself as well on my hair my husband uses it on his beard the thing I love the most about coconut oil is especially for Kai is that obviously it's natural so he hasn't reacted at all to that to this and it's really great because I mean this liter first last month like this is actually the first new bottle or new towel rather that we've fought since he was born and he's turning eight-months okay so if you haven't already this is an awesome alternative for lotion if you if your baby has sensitive skin if you have sensitive skin this is great also use this on his hair for cradle crap this like completely helps to clear it up so I just this is such a great all-rounder love this love love up all right next up is this teething gel from pure beginnings I love this is a local brand in case you haven't heard of it a local friend that uses all natural products for babies and it's you know I actually tasted some of it and it's nice and sweet and this is what is it organic licorice and marshmallow flavor so the baby's teething this is nice to just put a little bit you know it's got like one of these little round tip knobs I guess you can call it and you know I just you just put that a little bit on your finger rub it on your baby's gums if they're bothering him it's just something you know especially if you're a bit concerned about some of the other more medicinal products out there this is a really nice one it's to tie I mean it didn't like knock him out so I you know I'm avoiding that kind of stuff at the moment but it just you know calms him down a little bit just to sort of least get him through the night so this is a winner love that then I've got this may be as fun for kids it's so important obviously to be using sunblock especially for babies so this is a kids one its SPF 50 we're very high because say it's especially formulated for sensitive skin baby skins it's not just for kids my grown kids what I really like about this as well is that it's not very sticky there was another sunblock that I used I can't remember the name of it but we tried that and it was just for babies it wasn't like a whole kiss rate it was just for babies and I just felt like it wasn't very clammy on Chi skin and what's nice about this is that it you know you can put it on and obviously it's like absorbs easily and it doesn't leave that sort of like sticky kind of like feeling up he messes all the time you know so I didn't something else to make it skin all de so this one for me is a keeper and it's got its a little spray nozzle as well so love that then I've got and actually staple baby wise there's so many of these out in the market this is the one that I use for Chi its pampers for sensitive skin I love this I think this is maybe the stripped or fixed brand that I've tried I love these ones because they are really wet so a couple of my other baby wipes that I've used on kind you know I take it out of the packaging and it's almost like as soon as I as soon as it hits his button it's like dry so it's not really action speed wiping anything but doing tonight is what this is that they're wet and if they stay wet I know a lot of people use those what are they called like wipe holders like a box to you know keep it um sort of wet you know especially towards the end of the pack what nice about these is that even the last one stays wet I carry these keys in the car in my you know nappy bag and just wherever whatever we are we have to carry these so yeah love that that's a good one then I've got not a toiletry but this this is more like a baby monitor let me just open it up it's a smooth up please our baby monitor and it basically detects movement so we actually kind of like got a hand-me-down they monitor for my sister like a video one but we really want to at least get something that could actually detect if God forbid he stopped breathing for some reason or something like that so what's great about this is that it clicks on pushed on to your baby's nappy and then this is a soft tip so Alex and Moshe this is silicon or something but it's a nice nice texture so it doesn't irritate him when he sleep late he sleeps so well with this like it doesn't bother him at all and it basically when you switch it on it has these three green little lights that switch on to let you know that the battery is okay that it can detect movement got like a little lungs icon and then also there's a little sort of like exclamation mark sort of like a hazard kind of icon there just in case it means to like let you know that something might be wrong so you switch it on put on your baby and then yeah if it doesn't detect any movement I think it's within 15 seconds it vibrates to see stuff you hear oh yeah they vibrate just to sort of wake your baby up a little baby a little bit and if it still doesn't detect any movement then it starts beeping like now like really really loud so this is a this has been great so we have like tested it several times my husband has gone upstairs and I've been downstairs to make sure that we can hear it but we basically use it now in conjunction with the video monitor because the sound in our video monitor isn't so great and it doesn't have any motion detection where this does obviously and so now we have the monitor on and have the user on his Maki and then we know that everything is okay I think it's a great option for those of you who might not have to budget to buy you know a full sort of motion detection kind of monitor they get very expensive so this is something that you can also take on the go you don't have to plug it into anything it comes with a battery that you just have to you know who plays and it's just yeah it's easy you know when we take him to his Grammy and grants and he has sleep over there or something you can just pop it in the bag and take it it's much more affordable so I really really just think it's a great slide okay next down I've got this nipple cream from Manson oh okay so no I don't use on okay but I thought it'd be great to include this in because I don't actually use the nipple cream on my nipples anymore this used to be my absolute hands-down best friend like you know companion struggled with me through breastfeeding you know the first few weeks of breastfeeding so it's such a great product I can not sing his praises enough but I don't really need it anymore my nipples because they're kind of like you know adjusted and I did not add paint so not painful at all actually like I never put it aside because I hadn't actually finished the tube but then my mind my lips started getting really really dry like really bad you know I suffer from really bad dry lips and usually it hits me when it's winter but it's the middle of summer and when this just went kind of crazy and I remembered this tip that a former colleague of mine gave me when I was telling her about my lips situation even before I had KY and she said use nipple cream so I've used other nipple creams on my lips but this one is the balm I mean you know it was amazing on my nipples so as soon as like you know my lips started acting up again I thought hey let me just try it so now yes in case you didn't know this is an amazing with one of them and it's so great because obviously I already bought it it's really there I'm all for multi-purpose stuff right now so this one is a surprise one but it's great awesome I'm currently testing a couple of others I thought I should preview them with you okay the first stop is this oil from Kiehl's keels launch this baby range towards end of last year and this is an urchin oil for mom and baby so I'm going to be using it on Kai and probably myself as well I mean why not use their skincare products and I think they're great so when they launched this I was so excited because you know their products are such great quality and you know if I can use that on my son as well as myself win so yeah I'm currently testing that so I'll let you know how that goes and then I'm also kind of testing another product by peel beginning this is the soothing baby lotion so I just thought that this could be quite a nice sort of like alternate option for ty with the coconut oil especially when winter comes around because I'm not sure how how well his skin is going to do with coconut oils in winter it might be a little bit too sort of a light friend so this is a little bit thicker but it's still natural so I'll definitely let you know how that goes yeah that's basically it for some of my favorite baby products that I'm currently using if you have any that you'd like to share with me and the rest of the Mamas watching please leave them in the comments box below and yeah thanks for watching and please discuss my channel if you haven't already and give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it and I will see you in the next video bye they're so cute I love it yeah I love them so much I um these were 60 ran so if you see this video in time maybe try and get a pass before they go off the shelf surface

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