MUST DO -Prenatal Foam Rolling Moves -3rd Trimester

MUST DO -Prenatal Foam Rolling Moves -3rd Trimester

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Third Trimester Prenatal fitness tips/education to stay fit and feeling good during pregnancy.

Hey ladies congratulations on your pregnancy if you're watching this video you might be in your third trimester like me I am 34 and a half weeks pregnant and excited counting down the days and you just want to share with you some tips for optimal pregnancy just to stay fit and healthy and what I have here is my travel roller deluxe acupressure kit so let's let's let's do a few exercises using the kit and show you what you can do just to maneuver your body and just to stay mobile during this last phase of it being less full Buttle okay so we have the travel ruler and what I noticed is in this last couple weeks it's just everything aches everything feels tight like when you're going up a flight of stairs and just your legs are just burning that lactic acid is just not flushing so I used my traveler to just get the tissues flushing better so and going through the main muscle groups through the calves and through the hamstrings and quads is the first thing I like to do so link to roll back and forth just small actions like this and you can do this you don't have to have a huge amount of upper-body strength you can position your leg on the roller and then apply another Lake and the Travelers quite firm so you can get really deep into those trigger point area so you want to do both sides I've been having calf cramps during the night so this really helps to recover from those knots and it's getting through the whole length from the belly really just trying to flush the the lymphatic tissue through the body and just getting that movement really is beneficial getting into the hamstrings and again we're using our core in our shoulders as we're rolling just a quick pass or repositioning if you're feeling tired and not as energized this is a really great exercise that you can do to recover getting in through the glutes oh my gosh the glutes if your pelvis is starting to shift you're definitely feeling a lot of hip pain and in through the glutes I definitely feel it on my tailbone area so the traveller is great to give them to that piriformis and the glutes they're rolling each side just in short quick stroke actions and rotating to the other side it's really good so you can easily get through the whole body making sure that when you do maneuver you are getting down to the ground properly with a good elbow and we're going to upper back oh this feels so good at the end of the night my upper back is just walking up so just giving it a good roll really really helps Oh during that third stage of the trimester okay and then getting into pigeon pose I like to go into my to be honest interior just roll the front of my shins try to get some stretching if you can't do this one just go just position on your fours like that both sides can still get in there great Kent do your best and positioning onto your quads if you need a pillow under your your belly or your core we're just ruling one side at a time weights your opposite leg supporting your body so just rolling through again we're just flashing through the tissues if you have lots of aches and kinks you might want to pause here for a longer period of time than rest but you don't want to put too much pressure on the baby and the core so I recommend just going quickly through and each each body part just again to get that one tissue flowing if that lactic acid moving notice I'm a little bit out of breath well good so that's the roller the travel roller it really gets through the whole body quickly because it's dense and you can work most of the tissues very quickly I do like to use my my acupressure balls as well so you can use those in areas like your your calves your hips I'm going to use myself off into my performance and I recommend using the travel ruler as your main go-to tool to just get through the whole body and then when you do find those spots remember them and you can pinpoint them getting into those areas and won't be in your upper traps or even the low back so they'll go back you give in position your little back remember we're not rolling the spine but we're rolling the muscles around and just getting that SI joint or in through certain areas where you feel might need relief you can go into the harder orange ball or harvest red shoulders and just get some relief in those areas and then the last thing the tropical or deluxe kit includes is your resistance band so you can do a lot of Pilates movements remember during your pregnancy the relax and muscle hormone comes in and so we're rolling and we have a lot of our joints are loosening we got to make sure that we are stabilizing as well because a lot of the pains that you might be feeling may be because it's a lack of stability and so in the meantime until you have your baby there's some few things that you can do with weights or bands that can help strengthen your body so we'll go through those now

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