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The creators of the Mumsnet website, Justine Roberts and Carrie Longton, talk about the Mumsnet philosophy and the Mumsnet books. is the largest social networking site for parents in the UK, with 2.5 million monthly visitors and over a million unique monthly users, and over 100,000 subscribers to the weekly e-newsletter. Fans of Mumsnet include India Knight, Sarah Brown, Dr Tanya Byron and Prime Minister David Cameron.

what mumsnet gives is not just some brilliant ideas on how to cope and a plan which is what we need but also the fact that you know you're not the worst parent in the world because your toddler's behaving like this that your child isn't going to turn into evil evil psycho killer because he's behaving like this so it's empathy and it's the fact this sense that we're all in it together and that you're going to get through it and you're going to get through as your life and importantly that you can offer Pena will have a smile I think that's absolutely crucial there's lots of humor in the book because it actually is quite it's bizarre living with the toddler it's bizarre being a pair of heart so I CERN it's absurd and it's weird and it's funny and it's capturing the humor sometimes quite dark humor of living with a toddler and being a parent the thing about the mumsnet guides that coming out mumsnet books is the parenting manual just grown up it's changed it used to be all about experts tell you exactly what to do it's very prescriptive the feel of all the mumsnet books is going to be we're all in this together it's a device for a million mums and there's more than one way of doing it you have all that wonderful anecdotal wisdom that comes from the mumsnet site which is full of you know a million funny witty clever mum sharing their thoughts and a plan on okay it happened to me this is what I did you know this is how you deal with it and more than one plan because you've got lots of people and its democratic and modern it's not like the old fashioned manual where you have one way of doing it and if you don't manage to do it right then you're a failure and you're miserable well I think also it's quite hard to describe what a mumsnet ER is I because there are so many of them i mean we're talking about a million over a million visitors every month to mumsnet who contribute to this whole collective so there's not one way of doing these there's not one voice but what there is is a sense of community spirit of the absurdity of parenting the absurdity of life let's have a laugh about it but let's also give some common sense answers you know it's common sense down to earth mother's wisdom it's been real it's not pink and fluffy and oh isn't it all very easy it's very realistic sometimes it's quite certainly on the site there are times when it's actually quite sad and quite painful people but that's the same time it's very funny so you know you get the whole gamut of emotions and you get that sense that it's it's about real it's know people aren't covering up what parenting that is the parenting frontline and this story is really like we're now go back to the beginning and doing pregnancy babies and then food and recipes i think we are family eating and the absurdities parity bits in the past yeah have been a little bit oh I bet not that anyone see me looking at that this is what you can be proud of because it speaks up to you not down to it doesn't tell you do it like this or you're a failure it says this is absurd we share your pain we've all been there here's some ways you can that you can deal with that and you can choose the one that suits you your family and your child

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  1. My ex-wife had honesty issues, she spoke a load of tripe about me on mumsnet, they all rallied around her and told her to leave me. I found the bastards forum chat about me. I spoke up for myself and told them my side. They banned me.

  2. fucking dirty forum full of bitches that like to blame men for everything .DLT should sue them for allowing the slags to slander Travis so badly 

    todays win, proves most women lie about been raped as they now hope to get rich from it 

    mumsnet  is a disgusting site  full of hairy assholed women who do not worship their men enough and force us to fuck off to Bangkok etc for a right good dirty woman  for a few days 
    and most mums net women are fat overweight bitches 

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