Mums At The Table | Ep 9 | Season 8

Mums At The Table | Ep 9 | Season 8

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We’re celebrating Mother’s Day in this episode! Beauty tips for busy mums | Have you become your mum? | Elle Halliwell had to choose between starting cancer treatment or continuing her pregnancy.

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hello and welcome to mums at the table now today is our special Mother's Day episode and I am here with some pretty special ladies I gotta tell you they've been an absolute riot this morning but let me introduce you to the vibe we've shown up hi melody I am Fiona hi how are we ladies we're good we're good good hope so because it's Mother's Day now is Mother's Day a big thing in your household well one would hope so not normally for you ladies I don't know I think I'd like to think it's Mother's Day every day yeah but that's definitely not the situation the situation but I think like I think Brendan's got it locked with the girls you know doing something special for though he should yeah yeah my husband does come back for flowers and like you do like a brunch thing and then I'll be still sleeping and he'll come in with flowers and stuff like that not because I want it I also heard he bought you that dress I know well in all honesty today being Mother's Day is probably no different for several mums and women for some it's gonna be full of love admiration and soggy toast that's been sneezed on and for others it actually may be a hurtful reminder of the past present or future but to all our mums nurturing women and mums at heart we want to wish you a very blessed day with the ones that love you now on our show today we're gonna chat to Elle Halliwell who two days after finding out she had cancer also found out she was pregnant we're also looking at the topic of turning into your mum is it such a bad thing and we find out how to get your makeup ready and on in five minutes yes five minutes and one of our favourite moms Jia is back in the kitchen with her kids making dragon fruit ice cream but let's start off today with something worth smiling about our best mum moments now motherhood is the whole package when it comes to having an adventure in life the highs and lows can be extreme and while we all need time out to refresh who we are as individuals we also crave those moments that lift our maternal souls and make the journey a joy so today we are talking about our mum moments but melody what did it take for you to start feeling like a mum like was it was it when you were pregnant was that when you had Elliot I think it was when I discovered that I had tissues in my handbag tissues that could have been long before kids I don't usually have them in an ass like on you know snotty noses and everything else it's like oh yeah I need to stop packing tissues in my handbag what was what's a good memory like a good mom moment Fiona oh this there's been so many but I think what I think when I'm when I had the twins that was a wake-up call because I had like four eyes looking at me yeah and we were both looking at each other like asleep look at them so that was I've never left one behind no I think when it comes to baby number four that's when we started having issues oh that's right get the baby baby oh Oh what about you Shona give me some of your great mum moments you've had with the boys reflecting on what you asked melody and I that struggled to find myself being a good mum I think because I didn't give myself the time to reflect on being a mother honey motherhood with having a sick child and everything but when they left home and I saw them being very independent on their own and being able to run a household because they both got flooding now I went yeah I think I was a pretty good mum yeah I gave them the skills that they need it to be functioning adults I'm so glad to hear you say that and I'm so glad you actually think that cuz I think you're a great mom and when I look at me at the moment in my kids and and yes we have some great moments how long am I doing this right I think that's the hardest thing about being a moment is questioning yourself but when you get those voluntary hugs from your kids it certainly makes a difference well we all need moments to laugh at and to love but I know today can be hard on those who whose experience with their own mum hasn't been what they've expected or dreamed but we would still love to hear your memories and your stories so jump onto our social media and share your favorite mum moments with us well it was Oscar Wilde in The Importance of Being Earnest who said all women become like their mothers that is their tragedy no man does and that's his but humor aside hearing watching and noticing we become more like our mums can either be a proud moment or a nice me Fiona I'm coming to you v do you think you're a lot like your mum I'd like to think I'm walking into my mom I'm gonna own it I actually love the woman that she was and what she represented but I know I'm I won't even reach that level of standard because you hold it really high yeah I do I do hold it high regard it's the one thing that you would like to be like your mum a pop look we'd live different lives she lived straight narrow I was definitely not straight narrow well child but mom I can respect what she was trying to teach me growing up you know love for God love for family loves the education and those are things that I find that I'm pushing on my children so I definitely feel and want to move into us so it's a complement if someone says I you just like your mom they haven't said that yet people oh yeah actually I what do you say it really just kind of resonated with me because it was this love for you know love for education that I really appreciated and my mom as well as she's always had this mentor I you know let them chase their own dreams and so she's never told me oh you need to be an accountant or lawyer or whatever it is it was just do what you do what your dreams tell you – mm-hmm that's really nice so she just gave you the opportunity to have your own wings and go yeah do you think you'll do that with Elliot allow him to or we pushing the agenda never did that to me so do you find you might do your son I'm trying not to but I'm afraid my mind I think look I think my dad always says to me like you're always gonna give you kids issues but there are so many qualities in my mum that I would like to hope that I've taken on like she just went to the effort of cooking everything from scratch for us and I think that's where I got that love of it's probably not a love but that's why I do that like some of the things that she I guess ingrained in me are the things I've taken on but do you think cuz I know lots of people who will roll their eyes when they hear that someone said you like your mum why do you think it is that people are rolling their eyes do you think it's an independence thing they want to be them their own selves or maybe growing up we try so hard not to be our mums and to be our own person so yeah yeah the last thing you want is for someone to say oh gee you like you yeah because Dean your mother's not the person you want to be and for some people they're recovering from their childhood you know what I want to be as a mom like I don't want my daughters to be like I'm covering from my childhood what we want to do is revive our children empower them with whatever yeah as best as we can I think I've morphed into my mother-in-law oh I think one of the things I often ask myself is when I'm being a mom do I want my kids to turn out like me and we won't answer that question right now but whether you have become your mom or not we can't deny the impact that moms have in our lives and one practical way you can have that positive connection is in the kitchen we're gonna take you into ours here's gia and her kids making dragon fruit ice cream dragon fruit we are making dragon fruit ice cream doesn't let me make it at home for you so we've got Hannah here today and we're playing dress-up so what are you guys dressed up as are you a fairy cool and you've got your flowers over there yeah you're both stuff that flies you're both things that fly I'm a tiger I don't know what to dress up it like all their dress ups are really tiny so I wasn't gonna fit into them okay so we're gonna make dragon fruit ice cream and the reason why I love this ice cream for the kids is cuz first it's healthy second it goes pink bright pink purple because of the dragon fruit and you can buy frozen dragon fruit at in the freezer section at the supermarket or you can just buy dragon fruit now that it's in season cut it up and freeze a bunch of it so are you guys ready yeah okay let's go so we put the frozen so you just put frozen fruit I've used banana to make it sweet you push it push it in well and the dragon fruit which is down the bottom there Wow there we go so I've just got frozen fruit and the two that I've used is banana and dragon fruit cuz banana will give it a sweet flavor yeah you put the maple syrup in there you go just a touch of that not too much just gives it a little bit of sweetness you don't have to put it in because the bananas make it sweet enough and I'm gonna get you to turn this on when we're ready are you ready okay now I'm just gonna add a little bit of non-dairy milk but because we wanted an ice cream consistency we're not gonna put too much in there but we'll add some as we go depending on the consistency now I've got a high speed blender if you don't and you just have a normal blender at home you can use a food processor instead if you've got a food processor or you can use your own blender but just let it thaw out a touch okay so that it's not too hard on the place go yeah and can you turn this a bit for me turn it turn it and I'll tell you when to stop go go go this is amazing I didn't add any more milk to it because it's got that because consistency I wanted I wanted like an ice cream soft-serve consistency do you guys want to try some and you can tell the audience of what you think okay so this is what the consistency is like and look at that color the dragon fruit just brings out that brightness and the kids love it because it's big is that right even the boys like it they're like wow that's pretty bright so how about we try some well can you try it first and tell us what you think okay can you try it for me Hannah I want you to tell me what you think okay is it good can you tell it's can you tell the people how good it is it's good thumbs up see you next time I'm gonna put some sprinkles on mine to make it nice and colorful well we have a Mother's Day treat for you today as a parent morning times can be pretty crazy and tight on time so we have makeup artist Bonita here to show us how to do your makeup in five minutes welcome Bonita and thanks for joining us if it having me now we're gonna do this in five minutes what are the basic products that you need to be able to do this in such a short amount of time well I've come I've cut it down to five six but it really just takes practice so once you get the hang of it you'll be able to do it yourself but to begin with okay how did you get started with Donna my model here she's got two beautiful girls and so we'll let you sort of get going you you stay on on top of it all but walk us through what you're doing is you're doing it the first product that I like to use is tinted moisturizer okay this is like this is actually the each cosmetics CC cream and I'll pop it on using my fingers so does this then mean you don't need to use foundation or moisturizer this is a quick five-minute face so that you can quickly get it on in the morning and yet presentable for the day yep it's not like full full makeup with your eyes shadow and contouring and all that but it will get me through the school gates without people getting horrified I am just using my fingers I guess when you're at home you will use your fingers yourself you certainly could use a brush if you felt that that was easier so just a tinted moisturizer is there a certain order when you're applying makeup eye concealer rule I don't believe that there's any right or wrong way to apply the makeup it's really just easy and logistics things sometimes if you're doing a smoky eye you'd want to do the eyes first and then do the complexion but in general I generally start doing complexion first that's my way of doing things it's really a personal preference so I've just started popping that on rubbing it in with my fingers just getting it nice and even this does contain an SPF as well so for the ladies who are important in wanting to cover their skin with sun protection this is a great product perfect with other sunspots I'm getting as you can see it gives a beautiful even coverage next I'm going to apply is the concealer so I spend a little bit of time more so on the complexion than other areas because I just want it to look any want it's a blend and blended so you're gonna put the concealer on after the foundation correct correct okay so we've got that on it's got the Sun cream in it what are we hitting a xed I am using a conceal okay so you've just said that right oh and this I will apply directionally on top and on top of the eyelid and underneath the eyelid because it evens out any imperfections and redness on the eyelid so that you don't look like you have bloodshot eyes if you have redness in your eye or on your eyelid it actually makes you look even more tired right you've got that new baby screaming at 3:00 in the morning and you're still trying to look like you've got it together okay again I'm using my fingertips and in this particular case I'm using my ring finger because it's small enough to get right into the corner of the eye and and strong enough to just gently push that product directly Debbi not rubbing I'm pushing and pressing right with concealer I'm pushing and pressing just to cover it you know I don't want to rub rub rub drag the skin and make it feel uncomfortable I'm really just wanting to that's great so what what are we looking at next after that conceal around the eyes no I'm not going to do it on the eyes I'm going to put multiple stick on which is a product which you can use on the eyes lips and cheeks in this particular case I'm using it on Donna's checks now beautiful that color is know by nature stuff that you can just apply what do you think about those products that they're nude by nature you know you can use it on your mouth and you blush as a blush so eyeliner that's the same sort of principle that you've got there with that I haven't actually got that nude by nature product myself I'd only use their complexion products right we've got about one minute left how are we going well I'm quickly pop I do use I do use one two three the nude by nature powder so when you mention your by nature this is a beautiful brand that's like a finish up finish yep so if instead of five minutes I have one minute what do i why should one think I should use it's up to you because really you need to focus on what's your main concern do you have skin issues do you have eyebrow issues G hug do you love your mascara the most you don't want it yeah I guess everyone's different when they look at their face there's one thing they sort of want to you know make look good more than the others I guess if you're doing a minute yeah the whole thing really natural I find like as I'm getting older you definitely have to try more yeah much more time getting ready that's for sure okay I'm poppin how are we going they're popping the lip gloss on I was gonna say it's almost like a reveal to me because bonitas between me and Donna so I'm gonna get this exciting reveal I think in a moment so we're on our last bit certainly one one more bit with mascara and we're done Wow so we've got so don't know how you feeling this often shows natural it's lovely doesn't feel fake everyday look isn't it yep which is the ideal since they it looks natural I could see not peak there's no eye shadow here obviously I do have a product the multiple stick you could put a little bit color on the eyes if you like yeah can we um we can a look at Donna excellent very good thank you Bonet yeah lovely thank you Oh done thanks I'm glad we got there well it's good that she's been here to show us those tricks and tips to look good but now for something that's even better looking kids who love their mums I've described my mum as the love loveliest person in the world she's like nice she has the same colors tells me kind and good-looking crazy amazing hardworking and she's white like me generous loving and she makes me sandwiches and she cooks amazing food she come to me ice cream [Applause] if she cooked to the restaurant it would make me want me to order it again and again and again she gives the best hugs she does most things for me she asked me have food when I'm hungry she also brings my milk and when it's bedtime once he gets a dream on Thursday she tells me stories at night she hopes when I'm stuck on stuff she helps me with everything I won't be this slot if she didn't let me go to school and she helps me if I'm sick or worried and she gives me a lot of warm cuddles she pledged support with me when my dad wasn't around I love my mom we have fun together because swimming I love her so much and I'm very thankful that she said that she's my mom Thank You mommy for being kind to me and I will just give a thank you mum I really love you I love you I love you mom Mother's Day happy Mother's Day mom happy Mother's Day mom happy Mother's Day mom thanks mom you're the best mom in the world I could never ask for any other mom the most amazing asbestos kindest mom I would ever have if I had another mom I chucked them out the window I love you mommy years ago Australian journalist Elle Halliwell was diagnosed with a rare and life-threatening form of leukemia two days after hearing that bombshell she found out she was pregnant with her first child now today we're sitting down with Elle to talk about her story the decisions she had to make and what life is like now as a mum l welcome to mums at the table thanks so much for having me I'm really glad you're here it's a completely amazing story can you take us back to when it was just just before you were diagnosed like what was life like then it was busy yeah and I'm sure most mom still say yes we're all busy I was I was working at the the Daily Telegraph I was also juggling radio gig and a TV gig Fashion Week was coming up I was a fashion writer at the time and I was just just so stressed and so busy so health really was kind of at the bottom of my priority list it was the last thing on my mind and I went to get a bit of a routine checkup after just having a bit of a stomach bug and yeah some tests came back a little bit abnormal so I went for further tests and then you know about five weeks later that's when I went and had a check-up with a hematologist and that's when it all started to kind of come out that yeah I had a very serious illness it's very scary yeah incredible what did you do when they said this is what you have you have leukemia yeah what were your thoughts oh my gosh it's it's really a very strange sensation when you when you hear the words you know can't side because to me I don't know whether you guys know when you're watching that movie or like a movie and everything starts to go black and kind of you have this tunnel vision and that's kind of what it felt like and I could see the doctor whose mouth moving but I couldn't understand anything that he was saying I was you know in complete shock but fortunately I found out about that four days before I actually had the proper meeting with the hematologist so me and my husband could go in armed with questions and also the revelation that we also had a baby on the way as well so yeah I found that out two days after my diagnosis what was that feeling like when you found out you were pregnant it was so surreal because I was still yet to process exactly I just told all of our friends and family about my diagnosis and then I had this extra thing to deal with and it was really really scary because it you know for me that was that meant that there were two lives on the line not just my own and that was incredibly scary considering you know this baby was something that me and my husband had been you know wishing for so the treatment for the cancer that you had how did that go with the pregnancy yeah so after speaking to our hematologist he basically said look the safest way for you to you know survive the the you know the the way that you can survive that the best is for us to terminate the pregnancy put you on a fertility treatment and then you know let's go straight on these these life-saving drugs that have come on the market only a few years beforehand so really like I guess you when you kind of speaking to someone like a doctor you go okay well if you're the you're the boss you know what to do but it was my husband actually who kind of said let's just think about this we'll go off and it was terrifying decisions because unfortunately the drugs that I was to be taking you couldn't take them during pregnancy so it was a very very difficult choice and we actually went and got a second opinion down in South Australia with a world expert in the in the leukaemia that I had and it was him who kind of gave us the confidence to to kind of go okay I think this is this is meant to be this baby is meant to be in our lives essentially you had to decide between your life and your babies yeah it's because it's such a rare form of cancer there hadn't been many kind of precedents we didn't really know how the cancer was going to react with the pregnancy the title of your the title of your book was the mother's choice and that was essentially what you did wasn't it like the home mother's choice you chose your baby it was a yeah it was a very scary choice to make and one thing that I think is really important to mention as well as though is you know my situations were very unique to me and it was definitely a decision that we didn't take lightly and I think you know I I can't myself so fortunate that we ended up getting you know through the pregnancy and you know I gave birth to a beautifully healthy baby boy and so I was so fortunate but obviously not everyone you know can you know has that same outcome so I think it's really important for every woman who's in a similar situation to to make sure that they think about you know their own situation I just want to congratulate you because you found out this month that you're cancer-free yes that's right thank you so much yeah so my most recent tests came back and undetectable which is a really great sign yeah that the treatments working and so I guess having gone through a massive life change and having these massive decisions that you have to make as a family how's it impacted your life has that changed you as a person yeah it's it's fundamentally changed me I'm definitely not the same person as I was but I think it's well becoming a mother also changes you so it's hard for me to know whether it's because of my illness or motherhood or a combination of both I believe it is a combination of both I definitely feel like going through that made me tap into a strength that I never thought that I had before and I think a lot of women underestimate how strong they are until they become a mother or a faced with adversity like this so just just going back a bit like I can see the elation on your face now with you've had this month when did you allow yourself to be happy that that you were pregnant because that would have been really mixed feelings for you it really was and I think one of the most soul-crushing things was having to tell my family and friends when we were ready that I was pregnant because rather than you know hugs and elation it was very much like I'm so sorry so on my birthday which was when I was in my late second trimester we actually had a gender-reveal and we invited all of my friends and family and we cut the cake so that we could find out whether it was a boy and a girl and for me that felt like the way I should have felt when I announced that I was pregnant we got to share that joy because I was kind of so far through in my pregnancy it was just a beautiful way to kind of Mark the the special moment in our lives that's really nice I'm so glad that you get to have that it's been our Mother's Day show today and earlier we were talking about um some of our best mum moments can you tell us any of yours that you've had with your little boy oh my gosh I like the first moment that I met him was just so profound because we've both been through so much over the last few months and too it was kind of just like this mix of relief and just amazement so yeah I really felt like an incredible mum when I say you're an incredible know knowing yeah you know all of the journey to get to that point so for me yeah that's it and also isn't it the most amazing thing when you get to wake up and go into their room and say good morning and you see their little sleepy eyes you know that just makes me fall apart every day probably when you see them asleep as well I wake up with these eyeballs on thank you like you just you've shared your journey with us I think I feel blown away I feel amazed and inspired by what you've been through and what you've dealt with in it and you've done it amazingly so well done and we wish you and your family all the very best oh thank you so much and happy Mother's Day you too thank you well to the gorgeous mums I've been chatting with here today showing our melody and feet owner thank you and to the mums at heart thank you for making our homes a much better place from our table to yours we want to wish you a Happy Mother's Day see you next time

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