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Welcome back to my channel, I hope you enjoy seeing my outfits this week!

I have link everything I could find, sorry – not everything is recent or available online still!

Boden Breton –
Next denim jeans –
Dungarees –
Boden Breton (similar) –
Vans –
Tahiti pink lipstick (red) –
True pink lipstick –

hi guys welcome back to my channel today's video is an outfit of the week video and I have actually done it and it hasn't just been a solid week next time I do this video I'm gonna make it a solid week but I have kind of just picked and tuesd pick it and choose picked and chosen you know what I mean I haven't done a full solid week and most of the time as well I start off my day in my gym kit and then get changed when I get home or sometimes I don't even bother getting changed sometimes I just stay in my gym kit and on those days I haven't really filmed because I've just been in literally like activewear all day and but yeah enjoy seeing what I wear and a little bit of outfit inspiration nothing is particularly new everything was like out of my wardrobe apart from this trusty little hairband which I absolutely love so yeah I hope you did see you know enjoy seeing all of my outfits and and if you're new around here then I'm Rebecca I'm feeling a bit sketchy today but it's an outfit video I'll link the outfits that I can find in the description box I upload three times a week on a Tuesday Thursday and a Sunday at 6 p.m. and I'd love you to hit subscribe so today as you can see I have on my gorgeous new Retton from Borden this was gifted to me as part of a collaboration with them and I absolutely love it I wear the Breton Borden tops Borden Rhett and house all the time and I just really love them they wash really well and this one is like felt where it says choose happy it's like felted and I just think it's really really cute and I have it on with my trusty next jeans the ones I wear all the time these are my oldest pair of them and the knees started to go on them so I just cut holes in them the other day and to just give them a little bit extra life here you can see it's kind of like worn there but yeah I just thought it would just kind of jazz them up a little bit and give them a new lease of life and I'm probably just gonna wear this with my wellies today when I head out because it is absolutely pouring down and I'm only really going out for a little walk with the kids and doing the school run so nothing made your plan today other than filming lots of videos and staying dry hi guys today I am wearing this new hairband which is from I mark and I've got a black polo like a thin polo neck on with this necklace which is from Betty and Biddy I have this really nice like ready kind of orange lipstick on which is Bobby Brown I find it and link it down below and then I've got a menu skirt let me prep you up here so you can see from Primark and I think this is gonna be such a great skirt for transitioning into really really nice material and then obviously at the moment I'm wearing it with tights and when I go out I'm gonna put my boots on but then in the spring I'll wear it with like bare legs and sandals and it's just really easy to wear and yeah it's just this really nice like rusty brown color you'll probably seen it in my Primark haul I think it was about 10 10 to 13 pounds and I just really liked it so this is today's the day hi guys welcome back to another outfit today I am wearing this really cute blouse it is an absolute bargain buy from ebay I will leave it link down below the quality is what you would expect for a bargain top of ebay but I really really like the look of it and I think it looks really cute I've got it just hues the mess all over the floor I've got it tucked into my trusty next jeans that are where all the time and this belt from us is from Primark and look can I just show you this so I haven't lost a single pound since I've been on my fitness journey but I have had to create a new belt hole the other day that's the old belt hole that I used to use and this is the new one that I've got to make so it just shows if you don't have to lose any weight to like make such a big change to your body because obviously that's that's quite a big change but I think I've actually gained something like 5 pounds since I've been on my fitness journey so yeah just shows and I'm I just thought that was quite interesting but yeah I've got so Primack bell next jeans and then this bargain by top from ebay in on this channel for a while and you probably remember a while ago I did like an eBay bargain buys to see if they were any good and I'm gonna do another one of those videos and ordering cheap stuff basically and putting it to the so yeah I really really like the look of this as I said the quality isn't that great and like it's got like very very plasticky buttons but I think overall it looks pretty cool doesn't notice it's got like slightly puffy sleeves and then I've got it tucked in and then there is like a button I'm going to show you but there's a bushing on the neck the next a bit of an odd shape but like it I think it'll probably look better with my hair like back in like okay maybe not quite like that but like back in a low pony yeah I think that looks better on the neckline doesn't it but yeah nice little cheeky eBay purchase and this is today's outfit and I'm just going to put my black chunky boots on with it I think I'm just heading to the shops for a little bitch around with meld so yeah another outfit okay today I feel like I've got a bit of a mix match outfit on but I am wearing this new hairband that I'm absolutely loving it's from Primark I forgot to include it in my last Primark haul but I bought it at the same time and I'm gonna go back and get some more because I really like it I just think it's a bit different well it won't be a bit different for long because it's in Prior so the whole of the country will be wearing it soon but I just really like it and I think it just it's a bit different for me anyway and I've got my favorite lipstick on which is the Bobbi Brown antman bought it's called but I'll find it and I'll link it down below and have my nails done yesterday so they're all looking nice and bright I've got on baldon Breton top that I've had for absolutely ages it is actually Navy but it looks black here and these don't go Risa black so it just kind of shows how dark and navy is because it doesn't clash and I've got these dungarees on excuse the mess behind me I'm in my office and we all know what a bit of reporters but I've got these dungarees on there like cropped and I wear these with my bands I haven't let you left left well I haven't left the house yet today and so I haven't put them on yet and I don't why she was in the house but that is what I put on my feet with these and then I just took on like a leather jacket and when I first brought them I didn't really know how to wear them but I think they look really kind of effortlessly edgy I'm like the most own edgy person there is but these are as edgy as it gets to me and I really like them I now kind of always wear them for traveling in just because they're super comfortable and they're linen so they're really thin they're not very warm but they're like eight quid off eBay so I'll see if I can find them I did get them a couple of years ago last year and link them down below but I have actually just gone and ordered they're like like Beijing kind of camel color which I think would look really nice with a black or white t-shirt underneath for holiday traveling spring/summer so yeah this is what I'm wearing today I'm just about to hit the road to go down to Edinburgh I'm gonna take you with me I'm not gonna vlog there but I am gonna share my outfits with you and so I'm back in this outfit again today I keep saying I feel like a bit of a librarian I think it's maybe just the polo-neck and I've done my hair straight and I'm looking for my hairband I can't find it I think I'm gonna go and add my hairband and then I've got all this polo neck which is just from Tesco tucked in and then this skirt which actually he's getting a bit big on me now even though I've only just bought it and I think cost my must because I'm working on my ABS loads that's where it's like because I don't want to say losing weight because I'm not losing weight but like toning up so everything's getting like looser around here and then I have got on my favorite boots my bargain twelve pound new look boots and I've taken these to wear like in the evenings as my heels to go with my outfits because I don't really want to do heels and city and wandering around in big high heels and so I'm just taking these instead because I think you can kind of like dress them up or down I'm hoping anyway and then I'm also going to take my band's just in case I want to wear them for like chilling and mooching around the city so yeah this is today's outfit necklace again I have already said in this video but it's from Betty and Biddy and medium Betty Betty and Biddy and their lipstick I have on today is Bobby Brown Tahiti pink this was gifted to me and it's really really lovely like really moisturizing and has a really good staying power another day another outfit I totally forgot to film my outfit of the day today but I've changed I'm ready to go out for dinner I've got on a new hairband that I bought today from Primark and I've got this jumpsuit that you guys have all seen before from new look but it was bought in the sale the same as my boots that I'm living in all the time at the moment they were new look sale and that's me oh my goodness me I am so so tired I am home sweet home after my weekend away hallo and I forgot to show you my outfit today so I'm showing you now at the end of the day on the end of the day boys so I've got my green it he's chunky jumper on H&M today let's see hairband and jeans very very boring game outfit today just because it was really can't honey Shh just cuz it was really cold in Edinburgh and I wanted to be warm but I'm home now back to the mum grind making dinner it's real time Sunday today so I'm about to go and edit this video and then get it live for you guys so hopefully not too late and I will see you all in my next record on Tuesday thanks for watching guys


  1. Love all your outfits especially the dungarees. I’m going to have to get me some. How did you find the sizing…..did you get your normal clothes size or are they quite oversized and you need to go down a size or two? X

  2. I bought those dungarees last year! I absolutely loved them til they shrank in the wash 🙈😂 Keep meaning to buy another pair but currently pregnant so not much point at the moment! Love these kind of videos x

  3. Loved all these outfits and most of your videos but a cheap eBay clothes video doesn’t sit quite at a time when we’re all trying to cut down on fast fashion. Not trying to be mean at all but would prefer something else!

  4. Love they way you’ve done this video I usually hate outfit videos that are done with just music but love this and that you’ve chatted through your outfits. Can’t wait to see the eBay video 😊.

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