Mum// Mom Day In The Life

Mum// Mom Day In The Life

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morning guys guys hey if Saturday even Jake he's got a friend ever up Gracie Lou dancer where are you so they that so day that's in your lamb up pajamas so today we're looking after Jacob's little friends Harper see how happy you are ready to play haven't you and you're reading a story to everybody so last night was interesting I didn't tell you this crazy so Marcus went out to see his friend for a few drinks and he took her key in I locked up and I just sat in armed I just locked up and then he came back about two o'clock and I left the keys and the back doors so she couldn't get in he tried ringing me like 20 times my phone was on silent but I thought that you could push the key out and you could still get in so yeah he wasn't very pleased because then he had to get mum to come and let him in apparently he rang the doorbell did you hear the doorbell I know but I woke up at like 3:00 a.m. and then I couldn't get back sleep so I'm a bit somber fight today I feel like I'm hungover myself so we're gonna be nice and let him have a lion and hopefully he won't be so grumpy when he picks up so you stood outside the hahaha oops well lesson them take the front door key because you can't do that with the front door king that is what we have to do now and don't put your phone on the side awkward so we're going to the library in a bit I'm gonna have some breakfast I'm thinking I'm just gonna have some Weetabix banana where's the library let the babies have a little play with all the books and I'm hoping to go to the park later but it does look like it's gonna rain so we'll see how it goes it's just some some nice three activities maybe we could go to the garden center great so they could look at the fish and stuff near that other garden centre with a little play area yeah member here good that and then yeah experts tonight so just want a nice chill today so just gonna enjoy is that cheeky do what are you doing happy you got your breakfast all over you jakey shall we wait come little bunnies at the light of you okay little people we just got back from the lab or I didn't wear Georgia yeah and if it wasn't for grazing I wouldn't have been able to do that we wouldn't have the double pushchair so it was a bit of a mission but they'll get for the first ten minutes and then I started running on them and we got them a few bucks great page on it get your book on the books that I have me you will know me I just literally just grabbed it a mother knows best doesn't shoe Paula Hawkins that it was exceptional almost unbearably tense chilling and addictive that's what I like I love a book that once you start reading it you just don't want to put down and when you have to go and do something else you just can't wait to go and read it again and I got this other one and I definitely just got this cuss of the cover I totally judged a book by its cover I was honeymoon suite my phone was really cute my Wendy hold them so make your world a brighter place pick up a windy hold and also sounds like less sunshine jokes and a heist I don't know which one to read first what do you guys think what would you go for bus I think that this one looks a bit more lighthearted oh great see what did you get I'm use it by it is apply Helen Helen the Duggar mm-hmm so yeah we'll be doing some reading once the babies are in bed this evening yeah we did that Huff is like who's that man Mackey I still mad at me funny do it again there's no oh no the six dangerous to get stuck all the mess you guys me take it gay wash baby dinner they've got sweet potato and bacon chicken courgette and better cheese and some cucumber yummy thank you sir where have they gone hey where have they gone [Applause] so Markie is watching the boxing and I don't mind what you make the main fight but I don't want to watch like all the fights leading up there and like empty dress shirt some other guy and then I was a unicorn I just wanted to see if I could watch expert so gracious martini he doesn't have an aerial plugged in which he has the itv app I don't know if you can watch it live because I don't know watch x-factor Gracie should just got a weird face she's making music please because that's what she does little time and I started to read a little member but I couldn't concentrate because like everybody on say nobody's he ages today surely come on champ that the babies were really good today like it was like having twins so respects to all you twin mummies out there this is hard work um I've changed so many nappies today but they're both forgetting go because I starting to potty train so it was Cuban Lee Louise in the potty and we high-fived uhm but yeah we went to the library and then we went to the garden center and had like a lot of soft clay there and yeah they had a really nice time yeah I'm just gonna try and do this I'm excited we are gonna watch the aghori to shame em Gracie seen it I have not are you excited so we'll leave my key towards the books thing I might go down and watch like the main fight ten it's fine I'm gonna say Gracie's playing I have to feed the weird monster and they're like half the songs already but I don't know the story thing excited so watch the greatest showman and move it off because Gracie had seen it before so I was like asking it questions throughout the film and she was like I'm not Wikipedia mum so I'm and then I watch the fight the boxing and like yeah and you know she was amazing that I mean baby I just wanted to see him if he did well maybe next time so thanks so much for watching guys don't forget flatspin if you liked it subscribe if you haven't already and Kasserine it

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