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cameraman we are waiting for you man of the match and most excessive art aldo john most success about sharing by two so after that we will call a J's resident to receive the award Alba John receiving the man of the match award congratulations aldo chant for indoor ideas assistive on drew a j-3 student receiving more successive r86 arrays of century congratulations alright commiserations are from my side well paid better luck for the next time first match starts here MRC daredevils Condor vs st. Paul's College column a serie so she ate and Kabir opening the batting forum Marcy levels Achilles Korea look at the screen England versus Ireland – Matt's and as he end of subsidy first week a big fish caught in the trap celebration time for st. Paul's Kalama sherry look at the score England all-out 485 second innings in or three Ireland to not seven second innings 38 or out I know short for another one to entry for a new blend of the you were started for a kills Korea's fever ended in the side of him our seed animals and of the first it's nineteen with the loss of one wicked amazi Devils Abdul Basit from Casa good is joining me here in the committee box so a little bit of relaxation for me fine thank you for introducing me to the community walks in after the first Talwar it's 1901 in the first innings here comes the second ball first ball short test good cast in the end in the long haul in the good guys yeah another six what a batting from a new forum Marcy there was study three for one or whatever to is in action from st. Paul's caliber sherry and the school moves to 33 full run after all one point three always of the fastenings a new piece on the strikers and is at the 330 runs on six balls again that's a fine shot here from a noob after the completion of to over this course moves to a 4340 loss of one vacate the Kabir is on the strikers end and the bowler is seen on seer on one hour 24 runs to compare cash our appearance six excellent shot from the strikers the beer is most at the three balls he moves at three nine runs and the score news to 51 the school has closed and fifty runs on the board for the loss of one we could after the completion of 2.2 hours single and score most of 52 for the loss of one big Gator the fifth of all of the third dot ball a buzzworthy dot ball why this corner wasn't 53 no born six noble six last fall of the third era and the score is 60 on the board for the loss of one Vega de uhnope is on 46 just near the four runs for this cup for 50 runs Danny single after the completion of three holes but the score is 61 for the loss of one wicket back atcha Mike and I know mr. 14-9 on the board for from just 14 balls six congratulation a nope 450 of course 55 runs well played I know miss fool and the anova scored my life it was a very good couch but the couldn't make it here comes the next level football of the 2/4 award and score is 61 for the loss of one week 8 check off but yeah short cotton McElroy I know buddy I saw socks called collusive 75 for the loss of one ticket to pause remaining of the photo still are no please on the cycles and the last bowl for a passcode the score goes to 79 for after the completion of four hours for moreover the remaining of the fastenings and Kabir is on the strike consent and a loop at the non strike isn't career scoring for the Tenderloin from the four balls and I knew 65 well good innings from the alone with a good delivery a good delivery Wow line and length ball is delivering very good balls the baller is seen on the first time he has considered 24 runs but in the second hour of his spell is doing a very good job wild mushara wild Sudan Sudan to Kabir yes Shekhar Chekhov to b6 and this court moves to 86 three moles three more boards are remaining of the fifth over incidence in on to kabir against Shekhar six more runs on the scoreboard and scored monstrous 92 93 runs on the board just want they have lost with this one vacate and input 65 and come here no sir 22 on the board they're having a very good partnership walk what a delivery watch a delivery the combat ball from the scene on the last ball of the fifth novel from Sinan Sanada Kabir six the scored needs to 898 of the completion of FiOS at the non at the cycles and again I know the master blaster the a nope six over from a fraud a fraud – uh nope the leg spinner – 6 the score motion or not for school news tu-104 for the loss of one week 8 wide impaired cuchara wired super short six and the score moves to 1 1 2 for the loss of one vacate three modes remaining of the 6th over France an old score moves to 77 walk what a short in the middle lagoon region 6 two more balls remaining of the fraud over a fraud to a new four straight drive from my loop and unable to 87 jump from just 24 balls the last ball of the fraud over or were they make or defecate over the vigor from the of Rods six scoreless to offer the completion of six over the score was to 128 for the loss of one decade and still unknown but 93 and Kabir at 28 on score they have build a very good partnership in the second week 8 and will be just seven runs away from scoring a hundred and Kabir is on 28 again Achilles the Borah Oh Gilligan little beer wha-what-what tell you what he was what to tell you what he called the Kabir wicked they had lost second decade Amasa daredevil has lost the second Brigade here comes the next batch man the next batsman is Muncie once he will be with the strikers and fancier ten balls remaining of the first innings the fans here as the strike isn't a kill is the baller again six Burkinshaw six okay long m2 fancier Noah ball the ball this is free meatball free meatball can Fangio make it a six Wow six I think it's a helicopter shot it took the bat from the ground and this code means to 141 for the loss of two we get two moles remaining of the seventh over Fonzie at 12 from three balls and uh newbies 93 wide the fifth ball no ball again free hit free meatball to still two balls remaining of the cement over why'd he is giving extra runs fun again hooked up the wicked of the Khmer a GILF if da will kill over delicate Achilles coming or what the wicked to uh kill a kilt of Anzio still wide still right and this code means tu-144 for the loss of to indicate the footer is saying deliver the ball in a good lines a kill fifth of all if the world fans ear or a core white ball a core white ball Wow it just lifted the ball and to the six to the fence and his notice six and his goal was to one five deal for the philosophy we get this one boy the meaning of the Aquila bow or a king yes again forints forints one moreover easily mean that school was 142 on 56 for the loss of period of the first innings seven or was being completed 156 for 2 p.m. our CD levels can or I knew another player from to random is now on strike you at a 93 almost 99 a noob captain off you are to end room please report of the volleying captain off you are to Engram please report of the volleyer it's essentially a machine I don't take it by what a century not a man from plunder always talk to discount nage said from the first ball and coming in s1 don't batsman once again for a Massey we played in the finals of 2018 Edition I think this is the second century in indoor cricket for Anubha second century just given birth in the last role of the over and that's being done so far what a man what a player a new bra he's absolutely rolling on Jia gone again wore a short absolutely magnificent again from Anubha clean and crystal clear deserving a century just to catch self chance being put down by a fielder from st. Paul's caliber City laughter that he goes really wild shot oh Jesus all is that it's raining success again this man moves to the highest individual score of the tournament in a single match Jacob all its I know for you and one ball remaining moving to the highest scorer of the tournament by your team now a soldier and an overall might really get further in we get this two further in the second tuition coming up into the over number eight eight over complete innings completes outstanding unbeaten not from Anubha man from Trivandrum playing for canoe m RC derivates 180 – what – congratulation i know for the century is called one one nine runs from 31 just 31 was it has been many success and forces there were no singles in there I mean it will be a 2 or 3 singles in this scoresheet can highest score sit please uhnope score sheet here begins the second innings sent for scholars will but in the second innings the target is 183 from just 48 balls here we begin the second innings here come the first world six first ball six what a way to begin the second innings can I have that on the screen can I have of date on the screen I need the strikers inoculate the non-striker second ball here comes a second ball check our second boy on the state line they are Aamir is a the powerful striker to bowl children's and the bowler is Sora is opening the second innings for the Amasa Devils here comes the third ball sometimes help too wide listen look at the screen there it's an old 31 balls 119 17 sixes congratulations for that brilliant half-century second man on the day after shadi for a shark offense to JCCC to score a ton in the tournament left-hander the left-hander – Burke azshara – and his Gordon is true score goes to 17 of the completion of four balls two more balls remaining they near once double six from forty four balls they need 166 runs from the foot before balls they need some riding sixes in this hole in this course eight here comes a sort of syrup to again ask or muslin 18 it was single loss ball or the first over or sawed off a meal at the strikers end what to tell you what it is a water delivery of the last bowl of the sorrow and the score goes to 19 of the completion of first over seven more always a remaining of the second innings then he was 164 from just 42 balls I know one one nine not out from this 31.6 617 sixes has scored in his innings it was raining sixes in his innings and from Madan medalled long gone long gone he has a Chacon assumed by Heredia worship a final mozzarella Pandita when a supplier teamily and in Alana shoe Karim Anu boom I do the century 40 Akira Kiana it's up to us you can to make her to prove once again yes he's a proven cricketer water please we're having the fastest bowler competing in the tournament I shook on just like sermon he is coming up tomorrow for a shark Atlas UT sea Krait wait and watch this is a cricket a World Cup of indoor cricket I would say 2017 we had seen a team from Sri Lanka competing to tin by Kabira they had one two to three matches but couldn't make it to the quarterfinals 21 without loss we are in the second over after an chase or another two came from us who can transfer an art no of target ray shabbir the field Dust Bowl 2017 kmcc Cup kala Martin's Chamber of Commerce youth wing is conducting these 1 million cash prize all India day and night indoor cricket tournament another cooky from ash you can just say one what an over going on sugan playing for KP am RC last year entering the finals losing to India Riders cheresa last delivery another Lightning delivery to the Block Hall yesterday one surviving and keep the strike as well tour was gone 24 without loss and Paul's college Kalama Shady surely it is coming into the younger brother of Mohammed shiny beauty from shall be chance how taken after the completion of three-point on balls and the score goes to 21 for the loss of one vacate a Chacon as okay again six escort was a 33 for the loss of one brigade a kill is 22 12 runs that was an audience catch a catchy little mic point little or the colorful semana bling like Adriana asuka on us we're gonna do our this God was at 34 the new target is 149 runs from the viewer from just 27 balls 148 from 26 volts others he says my cousin is this one runs from five balls I shook on a show car door – okay just singles we won't be working hard for the st. Paul's College because they needed some riding sixes and he falls in their innings then only they can try to chase a target here comes the last ball from Ashok on to a kill it's called mr. 36 akhil it has a cycles end so God is appealing unfair signal nothing after the completion of four overs the score is just 38 rents from four more four more always a remaining of the surroundings and is called the need is one forty five to win this match was going to deliver the next time or the fifth hour are those is a striker sent just two runs from the six bolts his drawing is hard forget to hit the hit success they have begin the success but they couldn't make it in the coming always and just know this just after the completion of four overs the score is just 38 for the completion o for the rows of one wicket Vince is the brawler is the first award no very good keeping the long alkyl is a sigh concerned the left batsman is the right hand left hand batsman left turn right writing combination is going on in sir from st. Paul's College – it was a big hit but he couldn't make it into six but this two runs the score is just 41 runs for the loss of one decade after the completion of 4.3 hours the target is 140 Turin is from just 21 balls the machine has been accelerated their batting and the balling they have a note were schools made essentially four one one nine runs audience cats again a gift is waiting here comes a nice ball of the fifth over the score is 43 and avenues to akin a kill single after the completion of five overs the score is just 44 runs for the loss of one vacatur here's a second nineteen the mass number 24 is out of court is ongoing between ambassador James and st. Paul's college st. Paul's College 44 for the loss of target of the combination of 5.1 volt the really good delivery dot ball excellent delivery excellent spell the ball a space speed and good timing is swinging the ball two inside sourabh has got one vacate scovilles 2:45 for the loss of two wickets two balls remaining of sort of oval I have been at the strikers and he is facing this first ball our win check our first ball six again whatever a Dini start innings the score has moved to 51 Santa's calls cause mood cross at 50 this call is 51 for the loss of two wicked one ball remaining of the six over Albina the Soyka sent double after the completion of six hours the score is 51 for the loss of communicate they need one 132 runs from one people's 12 balls are determined Sheraton IT Miguel tewara in ELQ Romana Reggiana solji's Mela God Trivandrum and hattery Kings random severe impaired Katara Sokka sits audience case the guy who has caught the cash please come to my point to see the price for Scot is 62 runs for the loss of two wicked shabby chaparral beam I could come back by Chevy arrow you can say some few images of the last tournament kmcc captain the champions image is on the screen the dot ball the dot ball same ages has been scrolling on the screen the score is 62 for the loss of to vacate from eight ball then it just 120 to 121 transfer to win please have a look at the screen images of the last year kmcc thanks all the sponsors of the kmcc cup 2019 see we can see me ck on the screen some best moment of chem CC 2918 good girl hopefully will troll school is just 66 after the completion of 707 point 1 balls Vinicius the baller the last word of the second of the match the patterns of the game cesium via Youssef we can see we have in the image the score was a 69 for mold those are remaining of the match no ball six three eight three hit delivery what assorted is what assorted is six Morris of the feel it ball section of the freight ball but the score is 82 three boards the meaning of the match 606 score was 288 two boards remaining it has a fifth ball the last word of the match is a dot ball congratulation ambassador Devils they have did a vet salon job from batting said at the balling side and as well as Italy there have been no axial feeling from the players congratulation team a hard leg for st. Paul's college the screen you can see is calling of the few sponsors

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