Mother's Love – Short Film

Mother's Love - Short Film

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1st short film and dedicated to all mothers in the world.
The characters in the film were played by real life mother and son (Thanks to them).
Storyline inspired by the song called “No Charge” by Shirley Ceasar.

Camera: Canon 60D
Lens: Sigma 30mm f1.4 and Tokina 11-16mm f2.8
Audio: Zoom H1 recorder
Editing software: Color corrected with Premiere pro CS5 using magic bullet mojo

in this past week I asked my mom for money for the things I did so I made a list for cutting the grass $5.00 meaning for cleaning my room foie gras and for cooking dinner while she was at work for $3 but taking out the trash $2 finally for getting the grades for $5 so the total is $20 my mom looking at me extending I can see the memory slashing through my mom's life my mom always has been there for me being my mom is not an easy job my mom does it partly every day no matter what with us well mom picks up the pen she wrote something on the back of my list and it says for the nine months I carry you while you were growing inside me no church for all the nights I set up with you and pray for you no church for all the trying time I supported you through the years no charge for the toy food clothes and even wiping your nose no child some when you added up the cause of my love is no Church I sure do I finally understand that what I have done is nothing compared to my mom's life so this is what I wrote in great big letters I love you mom and happy Mother's Day

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  1. No matter what plz love your mather my mather memories has been erased no i live with my uncle and unti i love my mom but she doesn't no me and she has a child and i hope for you all to ceap your happy ok 😊

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