Mothers And Daughters Pick Tattoos For Each Other

Mothers And Daughters Pick Tattoos For Each Other

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“Don’t cry, Mom!”

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my daughter has a much higher pain tolerance than I do I picked out a tattoo for my mom and she doesn't know what it is and she picked that one for me and I don't know what it is and we're about to get them put on our body forever this is my first tattoo ever I'm actually kind of nervous but I think it's gonna be fine it's an opportunity to do something with Candace that will be remembered forever I trust her like she she's gonna do something sweet yes I'm sure of it and it's a really big trust exercise so I feel like I will be able to trust my mom forever after this so hopefully you haven't seen it this is my kid smart when my kids were little every morning when I sent them off to school they all had kiss marks on their cheek so I want this rainbow and then I want the font from this one just like just the word somewhere going like over the rainbow any time that we were driving and that somewhere over the rainbow song came on we'd both feel like belting the song out so I just feel like any time I hear that song I think of my mom and I think of those memories I want to draw this little gift I want to say be present she's a big warrior so I want her to have this permanent reminder I wanted to get her something in my grandmother's handwriting she used to say goodnight sweet dreams I love you to her every night and then my mom passed that on to me my whole family says it so I wanted to get that on her in my grandmother's handwriting so hopefully you can do that yeah no problem cool I'm excited no no peeking thank you so hard you know I'm doing it to ask you and it hurts a little bit I mean I just can't believe this is actually happening that felt like an ice pick right in between two phones how do you take yourself to a beautiful island does it look like a penis it was plenty of pain so I'm ready for the game now oh my gosh it's a rainbow love it I really like it and those are my actual lips that's so cool my snack I love it I really do okay hold on because so far it's just a word and oh my gosh so that's hernia no that's so sweet so it now has double meaning meaning between me and Candace and me and my mom – I lost in 2011 I love it listen good idea yeah oh you like it I do actually oh good and that's that's my box in BO – did you write that I wrote that – Wow now we got hammer knees from both our moms oh that's right yeah oh my god I think oh my gosh I hadn't thought about that oh god don't cry oh good to be on the other side of never let you on the other side of the rainbow I didn't do as I thought I know that amazes me it really does cuz we had the exactly the same spot it scared me a little bit when she was like I'm a horrible jar and I drew something I do I'm kind of proud of it actually ended up I like it I love it I mean I'm very happy Nilo mine – I think it's so cute everyone in their mom should do this I think so too I think it's very much having to be able to trust and just kind of be in the moment there is it but I'm never doing that again

40 thoughts on “Mothers And Daughters Pick Tattoos For Each Other

  1. OMG I can just imagine the girl w the mom's kiss tattoo making out with a guy kissing her all over and he sees that and is like oh god I'm not kissing that… Then he never wants to go anywhere remotely near it and gets flaccid every time she takes her shirt off.

  2. My mom would put I love you to the moon and back because my dads mom who died from carbon monoxide poisoning helped her get away from my dad for reasons we were really close with would say that every day to us

  3. If I had to pick for my mom, I’d do a Sunflower cause it’s her and my favorite flower and when she had cancer, I would always buy her sunflowers to cheer her up and she always loved them. It reminds me of her

  4. My mom knows what I would want…. She has a black sun on her foot and I’m planning to get a moon there….. next she had little wings on her back and I want to get those exact wings too!

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